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The NoseFrida 2024 Review – Is It Safe To Clean Baby’s Nose?

Your beautiful new baby with sparkly eyes and chubby cheeks also comes with a snotty nose. Yes, I know it came as a bit of a shock to me too.

But this also means that they need our help to get rid of this snot and congestion as they are way too small to learn how to blow their nose!

So in the realm of disgusting things that we have to do as parents, cleaning the snot from our baby’s nose is up there on that list. But to be fair we do some gross things for our kids anyway.

The real question for most parents is not how gross it is but does it actually work effectively. And this is where we step in, we have reviewed the NoseFrida aspirator from Frida has a simple design that works well so let’s take a closer look at it.

Why Should You Clean Your Baby’s Nose?

When you have a runny nose, you know exactly what to do. But young babies still have not mastered the art of blowing their noses.

So when you suspect that your little one has a cold or that their airflow is being blocked by some snot the best way to clean their nose is with an aspirator such as the NoseFrida.

After all, having a blocked and congested nose is going to make your little one fussy and unhappy.

Another reason to clean your baby’s nose according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is that if your baby’s nose is blocked with mucus, they may also struggle to eat and this is a recipe for a very unhappy little one.

How Often Should You Clean Your Baby’s Nose?

Most babies do not require their nose cleaned every day unless they are particularly congested or sick.

But if they do that is not a problem and most medical professionals recommend that you do not clean your baby’s nose more than three or four times a day.

This is to prevent creating inflammation or nosebleeds from irritation – your baby’s nose is delicate and they have an awful lot of small capillaries very close to the surface inside their nose meaning that they are easily damaged.

NoseFrida Review

The NoseFrida was invented by a Swedish pediatric ear, nose, and throat doctor. And although its design is simple it really does do the job of sucking snot well!

Baby Nasal Aspirator NoseFrida the Snotsucker by Frida Baby

How Does The NoseFrida Work?

The NoseFrida is made up of a mouthpiece, a long thin tube, and a suction bulb with an attached disposable filter. The tube is a clear/blue color allowing you to see what you have sucked out from your little one’s nose. 

Here’s how it works:

  • First, you need to place the large tube against your baby’s nostril but not inside – this creates a seal. If your baby is a bit squirmy you may need to enlist the help of another person.
  • Place the red mouthpiece in your mouth and suck out the snot.
  • After you have finished suctioning your baby’s nose ensure that you dispose of the filter – this filter stops the snot and mucus from getting in your mouth, meaning that you never have direct contact with it. This means that it is safe and effective as well as affordable.

Another plus of the NoseFrida is how quick and easy it is to clean: the blue tube, red mouthpiece, and filter cap are all dishwasher safe. You can even use regular soap and water to clean it so it gives you options.

Is The NoseFrida Safe For Babies?

The NoseFrida is definitely safe for use on your babies. The disposable filter ensures that bacteria can not be transferred to your baby, or to you.

As the NoseFrida never actually enters your baby’s nose and is only gently placed against their nostril creating a seal, there is no risk of you damaging the delicate internal nose structure.

It is also a step up from the old-style bulb syringes which are virtually impossible to clean.

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Other Remedies To Clear Baby’s Nose

The NoseFrida is not the only option available for clearing your little ones’ noses. Here are some other remedies that can help to minimize congestion to begin with.

Use a humidifier or steam treatment

Humidifiers are a great way to help break up mucus. They can usually be left running all day but especially need to be on while your baby is sleeping.

Give them a bath

When your little one is all blocked up and stuff a warm bath may help to reduce nasal congestion. It can also be extremely relaxing.


The trick is to keep that nasal mucus thin enough so that you can easily clean it out. This can be accomplished by keeping your baby well hydrated.

The problem is that if your baby is all stuffy they will likely have trouble feeding and so not be able to keep hydrated. So before they feed whether they are breast or bottle-fed, just ensure that their nose is clear so that they can drink as much as possible.

Breast Milk Drops

Breastmilk is an amazing thing in that it not only feeds and nourishes your baby but can also help to clear congestion. Use a dropper to insert a couple of drops directly into your baby’s nose.

In the same way that saline drops work, breast milk can help break up the mucus and it also has great antiviral properties.


How do you clean the NoseFrida?

To clean the NoseFrida wash the large tube with warm soap and water. Clean the thin tube with a few drops of rubbing alcohol and leave all the to air dry naturally.

How long after using a nasal spray before I could suck it out?

The manufacturers recommend that you wait between 15-30 seconds so that nasal spray can loosen any stubborn snot.

Does NoseFrida pass germs?

The manufacturers state that the filter in NoseFRida is clinically proven to prevent germs from passing from your baby to you while operating the NoseFrida.

Is there an age limit on the NoseFrida?

There is no age limit on the NoseFrida and even when your little one is old enough to blow their nose you may still need to go back in to really get the job done.

The Final Thought

Yes, snotty noses are gross and disgusting but there are a variety of smart solutions available to make things easier for parents and babies alike. With the right tools in your hand, you will quickly become a snot-removing pro!

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