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Naty By Nature Babycare Diaper Review in 2024

Naty By Nature Babycare Diapers provide the perfect alternative for moms that want to stay environmentally friendly, but need the convenience of a disposable diaper during the night or while out running errands.

They are eco-friendly diapers, and free of toxic chemicals that are often included for fragrance. These diapers seem like a dream come true, but are they?

What You Should Know About Naty By Nature Babycare Diapers 

These diapers are known for being wonderful for the environment. They are compostable disposable diapers, which makes them even better for the planet.

On top of that, they are perfect for babies that have sensitive skin. If your little one can’t seem to tolerate other disposable diapers, it’s worth looking into Naty By Nature diapers.

However, it’s important to consider both the pros and cons of Naty By Nature Babycare Diapers before buying them. 


Affordable, Environmentally Friendly Diaper

When compared to other leading brands of eco-friendly diapers, Naty By Nature Babycare Diapers is the most affordable brand on the market. Brands like Earth’s Best and other popular brands are still great, but they are going to cost more. 

Made From Renewable Sources

One of the many things that I love about these diapers is that they are made from renewable sources.

Instead of depleting the resources that we have on Earth, this company is working towards using more and more materials that can easily be replaced on Earth. 

Naty By Nature Diapers Are Great For Sensitive Skin

These environmentally friendly diapers contain no fragrance, no chlorine, no latex and they are hypoallergenic. You simply don’t find that in a lot of other disposable diapers!

That means that your little one is less likely to have a rash or not be able to tolerate these diapers. If your baby has sensitive skin, these are definitely worth considering. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Granted most of us don’t put as much thought into this, but for those of us that do, it’s worth noting that these diapers have a really nice design.

They are primarily white with light grey designs. They will instantly match any outfit, look great under a dress and you’re not going to wrinkle your nose at the sight of them. 


The Tabs Tear Easily

These diapers are not made like stretchy Huggies diapers. They have a small amount of stretch to them, but you’re going to discover that this is in the diaper itself, not the tabs.

The tabs on the diapers are known for tearing easily, so you’ll need to be careful when putting them on your little one. 

Naty By Nature Babycare Diapers Aren’t As Soft

While they are cheaper, you seem to pay for that with the softness of the diaper. The outside of the diaper can be a bit rough. The inside, which is the part that will come in contact with your baby is soft, but not as soft as other leading brands. 

They Are Only Commercially Compostable

While most claim that these diapers are compostable, and they are, it needs to be noted that these diapers are commercially compostable.

That means that they cannot be used in your home for compost. While they are biodegradable, you also need to note that most things that go to landfills do not break down, even if they are biodegradable.

This is because they are so tightly packed in a landfill. That means that you will need to take the diapers to a commercial diaper composting facility in order to enjoy this benefit.

Most larger cities have them, but smaller cities do not. It can take quite a bit more than you realize to help the environment using these instead of cloth diapers. This can be inconvenient for a lot of people. 

While that inconvenience is a major downside, it should also be noted that most diapers are not suitable for home compost because of the toxins that are found in human waste. 

These Environmentally Friendly Diapers Do Not Have A Wetness Indicator

Leading brands of disposable diapers are known for their convenience. A quick look is all it takes to determine if the stripe down the front is blue or green.

Naty By Nature Diapers do not have a wetness indicator. However, they also tend to fit better so it might be easier to tell when your little one is wet than with other diapers. 

Things To Remember About Naty By Nature Diapers

Shipping Is Restricted In California

Some customers in California have had problems with new state restrictions.

When attempting to order these diapers, they receive an email stating that they can’t be shipped due to state restrictions. If you’re in California, this is worth looking into before your heart is set on these eco-friendly diapers. 

They Don’t Biodegrade If You Throw Them In A Trashcan

This applies to a lot of diapers. In fact, it can apply to almost everything biodegradable. That’s because there is not enough oxygen getting to the things that are thrown in landfills for them to properly decompose.

Most people purchase eco-friendly diapers like this thinking that they will not take up space in landfills. However, if you throw them in the trash can, they will more than likely be in that landfill for much longer than you realize. 

Naty By Nature Diapers Have A Sodium Polyacrylate Fill

Most disposable diapers have this. It’s one of the only unnatural things about Naty By Nature Babycare Diapers. This is viewed as both a good and a bad thing. 

On the plus side, it means that these diapers are more absorbent. You’re less likely to experience leaks in the middle of the night and they might be able to handle a horrible diaper blowout.

Diapers that have a sodium polyacrylate fill are considered safe by all standards, and there are no babies that have had a reaction to this. 

On the downside, this means that the diapers are not completely natural. This material has also been linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome when used in tampons. This has led some in the feminine hygiene industry to opt for other materials to use. 

Some are not comfortable with this being so close to their baby’s genital area, which is understandable. However, most diapers do contain the exact same thing. If this bothers you, consider using a cloth alternative. 

Naty By Nature Sizing Is Different

It’s important to read the information on the size of diapers before you buy them. For example, a size three is as little as nine pounds and goes up to twenty pounds.

When you compare this to other brands, like Huggies, you’ll notice that size three can start at fifteen pounds and sometimes goes up to thirty pounds. This isn’t an advantage nor a downside, but it’s something you’ll need to keep in mind. 

In Conclusion

Naty By Nature Babycare Diapers are a great idea for both your baby and the environment.

While they are only commercially compostable, just buying them in place of other disposable diapers can help the planet because they are made of renewable materials. These are definitely worth the low price!