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GroVia All-in-Review for 2024

When you have a baby, you know diapers are a must. But, what you may not know is that there are so many to choose from, and we’re not just talking about brands.

As a parent, you need to decide whether you’re going to take the disposable or cloth route when it comes to diapers.

Before you make your decision, it’s important to have all the facts. When it comes to cloth diapers, you would be surprised at all the choices.

The GroVia All-in-One is just one of several on the market. An all-in-one cloth diaper resembles a disposable diaper the most out of all the cloth options. There is nothing to fold or stuff and you can usually buy them in adjustable sizes.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why people choose cloth diapers over the disposable option as well as what you can expect with the GroVia All-in-One.

Why Choose Cloth Diapers?

Better for the Planet

Many people choose cloth diapers because they are better for the planet. Since cloth diapers are reusable, there’s less waste. With disposable diapers, fewer diapers are ending up in a landfill which is good for the environment.

But, you do need to wash cloth diapers, so you are adding more laundry to your pile and using more water to clean them. So, it really depends on which way you look at it.

Natural Ingredients

Another reason why people choose cloth diapers is that many are made with natural products. Some parents don’t like disposable diapers because of some of the materials and ingredients that go into making them.

folded cloth diapers

This can be an issue for some babies with sensitive skin. The use of natural ingredients is one reason why many people turn to the GroVia All-in-One since it is made with 100% organic cotton.

Air Flow

Cloth diapers usually have more breathability than disposable diapers. This means more air can circulate which can help to keep their skin drier. This can help to prevent diaper rashes as well.


Cost is another factor. Although the price of one cloth diaper may seem high, you’re not replacing them as often as you would if you were buying disposable diapers every week.

You’ll only need to replace cloth diapers if they start to wear out or if your baby has a major blowout that you don’t even want to try to clean.

Things to Look for in a Cloth Diaper

As you shop for a cloth diaper, there are several things to look for. These include:

Waterproof Outer Layer

A waterproof outer layer will prevent leakage.

Solid Elastic

You want to check out the elastic that’s going to go around your baby’s legs. While you want it to be tight enough so there’ll be no leaks, you don’t want it so tight that it’s hurting your baby.


Check to see how the diapers are going to close. You want to make sure that it’s secure enough that it will stay on no matter what.


Let’s be honest; no one wants to wash cloth diapers by hand. Look for machine-washable all the way!


When you’re buying cloth diapers, always make sure you have enough. Although you will be doing laundry frequently, having a stash of 12 cloth diapers is always a good idea.

How to Clean Cloth Diapers

Caring for your clean diapers is going to take some TLC. Here are some cloth diaper cleaning tips that we’ve uncovered.

  • Remove inserts from pocket diapers.
  • Use the highest water level allowed by your washer before you begin with a cold rinse. Don’t use detergent at first.
  • After the cold rinse, run a regular wash cycle on hot, using 1/4 cup detergent. 
  • Use an extra rinse on cold to make sure everything is rinsed thoroughly.
  • Dry on hot.

When you’re cleaning cloth diapers, you also need to consider whether you’re going to use a dry or wet pail to dispose of them. If you put them in a dry pail, it’s just like putting your clothes in a hamper.

If you choose a wet pail, it allows you to pre-soak the diapers to eliminate stains. Many parents choose the wet pail because it makes the laundry process easier.

GroVia All-in-One Review

GroVia Reusable All in One Snap Baby Cloth Diaper (AIO) (Waverly)

If you’ve been doing your cloth diaper homework, chances are the GroVia All-in-One has come up a handful of times as an option. This is because it checks many of the boxes of things to look for when choosing a cloth diaper.

Let’s start with the design. GroVia All-in-Ones are made with a waterproof outer layer and ultra-absorbent certified organic cotton inner soaker that is sewn together.

They also have an inner liner that is made with a TPU waterproof lining. This is more sustainable than the PUL that is used in many other cloth diapers. 

These diapers are made to fit babies from 10 to 35 pounds comfortably. They have a trim adjustable fit with stretch sides. They’re easy to put on your baby, you just snap them on and go. There’s no folding or stuffing required. 

The GroVia All-in-One Disposable Diaper is machine washable. It’s recommended to wash in hot water with detergent and tumble dry 5-6 times before the first use.

The diapers will gain absorbency with more washing. When you do wash them, remove as much dirtiness as possible before throwing them in the washing machine. Bleach and fabric softeners are not recommended.

Many parents have used the GroVia All-in-One cloth diaper because it is super absorbent and virtually leak and blowout-free. We all know there can be some exceptions to this rule since babies are so unpredictable.

Parents who have used this diaper also comment on its slim fit. Although it is still bulkier than using a disposable diaper, it’s not huge like some other cloth diapers.

There’s no bunching in the front and the side snaps are smooth. The stretchy tabs on the side not only allow for a secure fit but also make it easier to use the GroVia all-in-ones as a “pull-up” style training pant when babies get older.

When it comes to cleaning, they’re also easier to rinse because there’s no folding or stuffing. They also dry relatively quickly. Pricewise, the GroVia All-in-Ones are in line with other cloth diapers on the market.


  • User-friendly design
  • Relatively easy-to-clean
  • Reasonably priced
  • Made from organic cotton
  • Adjustable fit with stretchy sides
  • Comes in a variety of colors and prints


  • Can be bulky
  • Babies may grow out of them quickly depending on their size
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The Bottom Line

When it comes to cloth diapers the GroVia All-in-One is a solid choice because it has a lot going for it. It’s made of materials that are good for the environment and are reasonably priced.

The design makes it comfortable for babies to wear and easy for parents to get on. The stretchy sides and adjustable fit makes it a good choice for babies of different sizes.

It also comes in a variety of prints and colors which is appealing to many parents. The GroVia All-in-Ones also have a waterproof layer and are machine-washable which is a huge plus.

If you’ve decided to take the cloth diaper route, the GroVia All-in-One is one to put on your list if you’re looking for a reliable diaper that won’t break the bank.