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100 Names That Mean Stone or Rock

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After getting over the shock and excitement of being pregnant, the next big decision is the baby’s name. There is such a huge choice of names available to parents from the traditional to the more unusual, it can be a difficult decision to make. 

So to help you to start exploring what’s available we have put together some of our favorite names that mean stone or rock. 

Girls Names

Alaina – This is a name of German origin meaning ‘a precious rock’.

Ashma – Of Indian origin and means ‘rock’.

Chantal – Means ‘stone’ and is of European origin.

Cybele – Means ‘stone’ and is also the name of the Phrygian mother goddess associated with fertility and nature.

Eterna – A name of Latin origin that means ‘eternal’.

Gaia – Greek origin and means ‘rock from the earth’. In Greek Mythology, Gaia or Gaea was the personification of the earth.

Gemma – This is a name of Italian origin that means ‘precious stone’.

Halle – Of Old Norse origin and means ‘rock’.

Iolite – Means ‘violet-colored stone’ and is of Greek origin.

Itziar – From the name of a basque village that contains an important shrine to the Virgin Mary. Possibly meaning ‘old stone’.

Jetta – A name of Danish origin that means ‘stone from Gagai’.

Lapis – Persian origin and means ‘blue colored gemstone’. 

Lorelai – This is a name of Irish or Gaelic origin and means ‘a lurking rock’.

Meena – Of Indian origin and means ‘gem’.

Nelka – Means ‘stone’ and is of Polish origin.

Nell – A name of English origin that means ‘stone of a river’.

Nilaratna – Sanskrit origin and means ‘blue rock’.

Onila – This is a name of Spanish origin meaning ‘small rock’.

Parnel – Of French origin and means ‘rock’.

Pedra – Means ‘rock’ and is of Spanish origin.

Perrin – A name of English origin that means ‘little rock’.

Pernella – This is a name of French origin that means ‘rock’.

Petronilla – Of German origin and means ‘rock’.

Pierrette – Means ‘rock’ and is of French origin.

Pinja – Of Finnish origin and means ‘stone pine’.

Pratima – A name of Indian origin meaning ‘statue’.

Rochelle – French origin and means ‘a little rock’.

Sela – This is a name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘rock’.

Seneca – Of Latin origin and means ‘rocks’. This is also the name of a major philosophical figure of the Roman Imperial Period.

Sharon – Means ‘rocks of a fertile land’ and is of Hebrew origin.

Shashimani – A name of Indian origin meaning ‘a precious stone’.

Shila – Indian origin and means ‘rock’.

Taniksha – This is a name of Indian origin that means ‘golden stone’.

Terra – Of Latin origin and means ‘rock’.

Tinna – Means ‘stone’ and is of Scandinavian origin.

Yu – This is a name of Chinese origin that means ‘precious stone’.

Vala – A name of Welsh origin meaning ‘rock’.

Boys Names 

Ackley – English origin and means ‘stone’.

Ailin – This is a name of Mapuche origin and means ‘rock’.

Alan – Means ‘little rock’ and is of Scottish origin.

Albion – Of Celtic origin and means ‘a white rock’.

Arkaitz – A name of Basque origin meaning ‘rock’.

Buxton – Means ‘brewing stones’ and is of English origin.

Cairn – A name of Scottish or Celtic origin meaning ‘mound of stones’.

Carnelian – Latin origin and means ‘dark red colored rock’.

Carrick – This is a name of Welsh or Celtic origin meaning ‘rock’.

Cephas – Of Aramaic origin and means ‘stone’.

Clive – Means ‘rock’ and is of Old English origin.

Craig – A name of Scottish origin meaning ‘rock’.

Dunstan – English origin and means ‘brown stone’.

Ealhstan – Derived from the old English element ‘ealh’ meaning ‘temple’ and ‘stan’ meaning ‘stone’.

Eben – This is a name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘stone of help’.

Ebenezer – Means ‘stone of help’ and is of Hebrew origin.

Fihr – A name of Arabic origin meaning ‘stone pestle’.

Halvard – Of Norwegian origin and means ‘flat stone’.

Harlow – Means ‘rock’ and is of English origin.

Hermes – Possibly derived from the Greek word ‘herma’ meaning ‘pile of stones, boundary marker’. This is also the name of the Greek god associated with speed and good luck.

Kalju – Means ‘rock, boulder’ in Estonian.

Kamen – This is a translation of the Greek name ‘Petros’. Means ‘stone’ in Bulgarian.

Kumilican – A name of Araucanian origin meaning ‘half red rock’.

Lei – From the Chinese ‘lei’ meaning ‘pile of stones’.     

Mason – From the English surname meaning ‘stoneworker’ from an old French word of Germanic origin.

Parkins – English origin and means ‘rock’.

Peetu – This is a name of Old Greek origin meaning ‘rock’.

Pero – Of Croatian origin and means ‘rock’ or ‘stone’.

Peter – Means ‘stone’ or ‘rock’ and is of Greek origin. This is also the name of one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ.

Pierre – A name of French origin that means ‘stone’.

Piers – English origin and means ‘stone’ or ‘rock’.

Piet – This is a name of Dutch origin that means ‘rock’.

Pitivo – Of Hungarian origin and means ‘rock’.

Punka – Means ‘rock’ and is of Bulgarian origin.

Roark – A name of Scottish and Celtic origin that means ‘rock’.

Rochester – English origin and means ‘rock’ or ‘fortress’. This is also the name of a famous city in New York City.

Sakhr – Means ‘solid rock’ and is of Arabis origin. 

Sixten – From the Old Norse name ‘Sigesteinn’ which was derived from the words ‘sigr’ meaning ‘victory’ and ‘steinn’ meaning ‘stone’.

Stanford – This is a name of English origin that means ‘the stony ford’. This is an easy to remember name due to the Ivy League University of the same name.

Stanley – Of Old English origin and means ‘stone’.

Stein – Means ‘rock’ or ‘stone’ and is of German origin.

Sten – Derived from the Old Norse name ‘Steinn’ meaning ‘stone’.

Stone – From the English vocabulary word.

Silu – A name of Indian origin that means ‘rock’.

Torma – Tibetan origin and means ‘magic rock’.

Torsten – This is a name of Scandinavian origin that means ‘Thor’s stone’          

Ultman – Of German origin and means ‘noble stone’.

Upal – Means ‘stone’ and is of Indian origin.

Winston – A name of Old English origin that means ‘joy stone’.

Wystan – From the Old English name ‘Wigstan’ which is composed of the elements ‘wig’ meaning ‘battle’ and ‘stan’ meaning ‘stone’.

Wolfstan – Old English origin and means ‘the wolf’s stone’.     

Unisex Names 

Beaumont – This is a name of French origin that means ‘a beautiful mountain of stones’.

Callen – Of Irish or Gaelic origin and means ‘rock’.

Ferris – Means ‘rock of the highest choice’ and is of Celtic origin.

Kaya – A name of Scandinavian origin meaning ‘rock’ or ‘cliff’.

Lave – Italian origin meaning ‘burning rock’.          

Perry – This is a name of English origin that means ‘small rock’.

Pierce – Of English origin and means ‘rock’.

Rockwell – Means ‘spring rocks’ and is of British origin. Rockwell is the name of one of the largest neighborhoods in Manila, Philippines.

Tappen – A name of English origin meaning ‘top of a huge rock’.

Tarin – Irish origin and means ‘rocky hill’.

Ujarak – A Greenlandic name meaning ‘rock’.

Zuriel – This is a name of Hebrew origin and means ‘lord of my rock’.

If you are still looking for a baby name that has a more solid meaning such as metal or steel or sword or blade then check out our other articles.

The Final Thought

That brings us to the end of our list of names that mean stone or rock. Hopefully, you have found the perfect name for your little one but if not there is still plenty of time. Just remember that you can always choose a name that has a great or unusual meaning.

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