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65 Best Armenian Boy and Girl Names With Meanings

Do you have a baby on the way and are looking for a name from Armenian culture? Armenia is a country located in Southwestern Asia and with 3000 years of history, there are plenty of Armenian names to choose from.

Armenia is known as the first Christian country and many Armenian names have biblical origins. As well as names with biblical meanings, many Armenian names have been borrowed from other cultures and others originate directly from Armenia. 

There are many popular Armenian boys names with powerful, brave, and courageous meanings. For baby girls, Armenian names have meanings relating to beauty, sensitivity, humbleness, and womanhood.

Whether you are looking for a baby boy or baby girl name from Armenia, we have put together a list of 65 names and their meanings. 

Armenian Baby Boys Names With Meanings

Many Armenian boy names have meanings that are derived from nature, religion, and strong personality traits like bravery and power.

Whether you are looking for an Armenian name with a powerful meaning or something that is rooted in the natural world, there should be plenty of options for you in this list.

1. Abaven – This is a strong Armenian name for a baby boy and it means powerful.

2. Acher – This is a Hebrew name meaning the eyes. 

3. Adis – This name is an abbreviation of the Armenian boy’s name Avedis and it means good news.

4. Alex – This is an example of an Armenian boy’s name that is also popular in other countries and cultures. Alex means protector of men and has origins from Greek and Russian cultures. 

5. Andranik – This is a national Armenia name meaning the first. In Armenian history, there was a man called Andranik who was the leader of military forces. There is a statue of this Andranik located in Yerevan and the name is popular amongst first-born sons. 

6. Apkar – This is a strong Armenian name and its meaning comes from an Armenian king of Edessa

7. Ara – This is an Armenian King’s name. Ara means forest but there was also a legendary Armenian hero called Ara

8. Arakel – Another Armenian name with a biblical meaning, Arakel means a disciple of Jesus.

9. Aram – This is a baby boy name with links to nature and the weather, Aram means son of the sun.

10. Ararat – This is an Armenian boy’s name with biblical origins. Ararat is a symbolic name and comes from the biblical mountain Ararat

11. Arek – This name was borrowed from Hebrew and means sun, another name with its meaning rooted in the weather and nature.

12. Arka – This name is taken from Sanskrit and it means king and light.

13. Arpiar – If you are looking for a name with its roots in nature and the weather, you may like Arpiar for your baby boys. Arpiar means sunny.

14.Arman – An Armenian name for a future hard worker, Arman means will and purpose.

15.Asdvadsadour – This name is of Armenian origins and means gift from God. The name Asdvadsadour can be shortened to Adour. 

16. Barkev – Is your baby the greatest gift you’ve had in your life? If so, Barkev is a great name as it means gift

17. Berj – This Armenian boy’s name means superb, abundant, and luxurious. 

18. Boghos – This name is derived from the Latin name Paulus. Boghos means small/humble/scarce and is an Armenian version of the popular boy’s name Paul. 

19.Carnig – This name is derived from Scottish culture and it means small lamb, a very sweet name for your baby boy. 

20. Chan – A lovely name for a baby boy, Chan means soul or soulful

21. Christapor – This is the Armenian version of the name Christopher. A famous Armenian freedom fighter was called Christapor.

22. Daron – This Armenian boy’s name means great. Daron originates from Armenia but is also popular in Kurdish and Persian cultures and the meaning of Daron in these countries is feelings of the heart

23. Davit – There is some controversy surrounding the name Davit as it has been argued it is not an Armenian name. However, research shows Davit is an Armenian boy’s name and it is their version of the name David. Parents who choose the name Davit often do so thanks to Davit Sassoun from the legendary epic. 

24. Dir – This Armenian boy’s name originates from the mythological god of Armenian letters, sciences, arts, and eloquence.

25. Erik – The name Erik comes from Norse origins and it means eternal ruler or fit for a king

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26.Garo – This name comes from Armenian culture and means looming and desire.

27. Gor – A great name for your courageous little boy, Gor means brave and proud.

28.Hagop – Hagop is the Armenian version of the popular boy’s name James.

29. Hayk – The name Hayk originates in Armenian mythology. Hayk The Great from the Armenian legend was also known as Hayk Nahapet and he was the forefather of the Armenian people. 

30. Hazar – This name has Armenian and Islamic origins and means a thousand.

31. Heros – The perfect name for your little hero. Heros has Greek and Armenian origins and it means hero.

32. Hoki – Another soulful Armenian name, Hoki means soul and spirit. 

33. Ishkhan – An Armenian name fit for royalty, Ishkhan means prince. 

34. Jirair– Jirair (or Jiro) originates in Armenia and means an active man.

35. Kach – This is another Armenian name for your strong and courageous little one, Kach means brave.

36. Kami – This is a unisex Armenian name with Indian origins and it means strong wind.

37. Levon – A Greek and Armenian name with its meaning originating from the animal kingdom. Levon means lion.

38. Shen – A lovely short Armenian name for your happy little boy, Shen means joyful and cheerful.

39. Viken – A strong name originating from Latin, Viken means ‘victorious’.

Armenian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

There are many Armenian girl’s names to choose from. As Armenia is a country full of different cultures, many of these names come from Greek mythology, Islam, Hebrew, and Arabic as well as originating directly from Armenian culture.

Like the Armenian boy’s names, many of these names have meanings rooted in the natural world and as well as referring to aspirational characteristics like happiness and charm.

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40. Aida  – This girl’s name has Arabic origins and means prosperous and happy.  

41. Aiki – Armenia is home to some of the oldest vineyards in the world and the name Aiki means vineyard.

42. Aleni – This is a variation of the Greek name Eleni and has a mythical meaning. Aleni means mermaid.

43. Alis – This is the modern version of the Armenian name Alediz and is sometimes changed to Alisa or Alisia.  

44. Alidz – An Armenian girl’s name for your happy little baby, Alidz means joyous, merry, and gentle.

45. Almasd – A lovely name for your little lady, this Armenian girl’s name means diamond.

46. Amalia, Amala (Armenian origin) meaning ‘industrious one’.

47. Amar (Armenian origin) this translates to ‘summer’ in Armenian.

48.  Anahit – A strong name for your baby girl, Anahit means Goddess of healing, water, and wisdom.

49.  Ani – This is a short Armenian girl’s name that comes from the medieval capital of Armenia, Ani.

50.  Anna – This Armenian girl’s name has Greek and Hebrew origins and means favor and grace.

51. Ano – Another name for your little Goddess. Ano comes from Armenian mythology and the Goddess Ano represents family and fertility.

52. Anush – A lovely name for your lovely little girl, Anush means sweet and nice. 

53. Ardemis – This name originates from the Greek Goddess Artemis, who is associated with nature.

54. Arev – An Armenian girl’s name rooted in nature, Arev means sun.

55. Dalita – This name originates in Armenia and means pure.

56. Decille – A lovely sounding Armenian girl’s name that means vision.

57.  Dzia – This Armenian name is short for Dziadzan and means rainbow.

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58. Dirouhi – The perfect name for your little princess, Dirouhi means lady or princess.

59. Dzirani – A sweet name if you like names that mean colors, Dzirani means the color of apricot.

60. Gateel – This is an Armenian girl’s name that has its roots in nature, Gateel means raindrop or drop of water.

61. Gasia – Another Armenian girl name referencing the natural world, Gasia means cinnamon tree.

62. Gayane – The name Gayane comes from Ancient times and originates from the martyred Nun Gayane, who the Church of Gayane is named after. 

63. Hera – Another name from Greek mythology. Hera is the Greek goddess of family and marriage.

64. Lena – This name comes from Latin, Arabic, and Greek origins and means charming woman.

65. Yeva – Yeva is the Armenian version of the name Eve, originating from the biblical story of Adam and Eve. 

The Final Thought

Armenia is built of many different cultures and this is reflected in the diverse name choices available for both boys and girls.

You can find Armenian names that are born from Greek Mythology or religion but there are also many beautiful names that reference nature and the animal kingdom.

If you are looking for an Armenian name that has an interesting meaning, we have listed the best 65 Armenian baby names with meanings for boys and girls in this article. We hope you are now feeling inspired and have found a name that you love. 

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