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Hospital Bag Checklist for Dad – 25 Things to Pack

While we all know moms-to-be need to have their hospital bag full of the essentials, dads also need to pack a bag, especially if they’re going to be staying at the hospital.

You don’t want dad to stuff his things in your bag because you have enough to pack for you and your baby.

Keeping dad’s things separate is a better idea because it will eliminate some of the chaos that goes along with having a baby! Dad will have what he needs and can get it when he needs it. Sound like a plan? 

But, what should be included in a hospital bag for dad? We’ve got you covered with this hospital bag checklist that will keep everyone sane!

Hospital Bag Checklist for Dad

1. State Issued ID Card

While this may sound like a no-brainer, when you’re rushing around to get to the hospital, something like this can be easily forgotten.

Have your partner keep it near his keys or in a place where he’s sure to see it when he’s running out.

2. Insurance Card

This is also a good item to have when going to the hospital. Although the hospital likely has your insurance information, having the dad-to-be have the card on him is always a good idea. 

3. Birth Plan

Some couples devise a birth plan that carefully lays out their wishes for when their baby is born. While things may not always go as planned, it’s a good idea to have a copy with you.

4. Money

Although he may have his credit or debit card with him, it’s always good to have a few dollars for the vending machine or if something else pops up.

5. Glasses and/or Contacts

If he wears glasses or contacts be sure to bring them along. He’s going to want to see every bit of his new baby clearly.

6. Smartphone and Charger

You’re going to want everyone to know when your baby is born. You’re not going to be able to do this if someone doesn’t have a phone or if it’s dead.

You’ll be a little busy to start texting and calling everyone. That’s what dad is for! 

7. Duffel Bag

As you think about your hospital bag checklist for dad, you’ll want to make sure there is a solid duffel bag to put everything in. We like this duffel bag from Canway.

It has ample room for everything dad is going to need plus a separate compartment for laundry and shoes. It’s inexpensive and lightweight too.

8. Comfy T-shirt

A comfy, simple t-shirt is a must for dad. It needs to be soft and lightweight for the ultimate comfort.

These shirts from Hanes do the trick because they’re soft, inexpensive, and come in a two-pack for when the baby spits up because we all know it’s going to happen.

9. Sweatshirt

It’s bound to get a little chilly at times in the hospital. It’s a good idea to have a comfy sweatshirt so dad doesn’t get cold.

We like this one from Gildan because it’s fleece which will keep dad nice and warm. It also comes in many different colors so there’s something for everyone.

10. Comfy Pants

Comfort is king when you’re hanging out in the hospital. Dad will want to be cozy as he’s sitting around the hospital, especially if he’s spending the night. These Amazon Essentials Men’s Flannel Pants should do the trick. They’re roomy and have a drawstring closure so they can be adjusted.

11. Underwear

A couple of pairs of underwear are essential if dad is planning to spend a few nights at the hospital.

Boxers may be a good idea because they’re generally more comfortable. These from Gildan come in a 5-pack, so one purchase is more than enough.

12. Travel Pillow

It’s not going to be like a pillow from home, but a travel pillow is a good idea especially if dad is sleeping in a chair for a few nights. At least, there’s some neck support so it shouldn’t be too bad.

The MLVOC Travel Pillow is 100% memory foam, making it more comfortable. This one also comes with an eye mask which is a nice bonus!

13. Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are a must if dad wants to watch a video on his tablet or phone while you’re trying to get some rest. The Boltune Wireless Earbuds are a solid choice because they charge quickly and give 40 hours of playing time.

14. Slipper Socks

Slipper socks are a great idea because dad can walk around the room without his shoes and not have to worry about falling or walking barefoot on the yucky floor. Plus, if it’s cold, they’ll keep his feet warm.

These unenow Unisex Non-grip socks come in a four-pack, so he can even have a pair at home.

15. Shower Shoes

If dad is going to use the hospital shower, he’s going to want to bring a pair of shoes for the shower. This isn’t your shower at home! The Xomiboe Shower Shoes dry quickly and get the job done. He can even save them for a day at the pool.

16. Blanket

Dad may get cold when he’s sleeping or just relaxing. A blanket will help keep him nice and warm. The Goldenlinens Ultra Soft Cozy Plush Fleece blanket is a good choice because it’s cozy and won’t take up too much space in dad’s hospital bag.

17. Toiletry Set

Toiletries are a must for dad’s hospital bag. Convenience Kits International Men’s Premium 15-piece travel kit has all the essentials. It comes with a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, a comb, shampoo, and much more.

The best thing is that it fits compactly in the case so he can just throw it in his bag and not worry.

18. Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks are a must so dad is not raiding the vending machine 24/7. A nice variety is a good idea. Be sure he brings along enough for you too!

The Snacks Variety Pack for Adults  includes Stacy’s Pita Thins, Popchips Bold and Crunchy Ridges, Rice Crisps, Veggie Straws, Skinny Pop, and Popchips. 

19. Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is a good idea to put on your hospital bag checklist for dad. It will keep his water cold so he doesn’t have to keep asking for ice.

This Triple-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle is a good choice because it keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and can keep beverages hot for up to 12 hours.

20. Camera

While we all have cell phone cameras, many parents like to have a real camera with them to capture clearer pictures of their newborn.

Some parents splurge for what the pros use. Others just go for a step up from their cell phone camera. The Kodak Pixpro is a solid choice if you want quality photos. It has an optical zoom and LCD screen.

21. Painkillers

A headache is inevitable with so much going on. Make sure dad has some over-the-counter painkillers with them if he gets some aches and pains while at the hospital.

While the nurses can give you medicine for any of your pains, they won’t be able to give anything to your partner.

22. Gum

Something as simple as a few packs of gum is always a good idea. Just have him throw some in his bag. You may want some too while you’re at the hospital.

23. Candy

Hospital air can get dry which can lead to a dry throat. Having some candy to suck on can help. Some Jolly Ranchers or another candy of choice is a good idea to have on hand.

24. Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer

These days everyone seems to have hand sanitizer on them so make sure it’s on dad’s hospital bag checklist. While it’s great to be able to wash your hands, sometimes it’s not possible. Having some hand sanitizer is a good second choice.

25. Massage Oil

Last, but certainly not least, massage oil should be in dad’s hospital bag so he can massage your shoulders and back while you’re in the hospital. Labor is tough and your body is going to feel it.

A light massage with soothing oil will help! Majestic Pure Lavender Massage Oil will help you feel relaxed and it smells good too!

Just be sure to ask the hospital staff if it’s okay to use it. You want to make sure it’s safe for you and you also don’t want the smell to bother someone else.


When it comes to your hospital bag checklist for dad, this rundown of things to get should be able to help you get organized. He’ll have everything he needs so that he can concentrate on you and your new baby!