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125 Funny And Cute Nicknames For Daniel

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Do you have a friend or relative called Daniel that you would like to find the perfect nickname for? But you may want to stay away from some of the more traditional nicknames such as Dan.

In this article, we have put together some of our favorite nicknames for Daniel. Some may be uncommon and probably came about from personal experience rather than from being a traditional nickname.

But before we get to some of our favorite nicknames, let’s take a quick look at where the name Daniel comes from and its meaning.

The Meaning Of Daniel

Daniel is a strong, traditional name as well as being a biblical name. It can be traced back to the Old Testament and means God is my judge in Hebrew.

In the Old Testament, Daniel is known for remaining loyal to the God of Israel despite being persecuted and in danger.

The Bible states that Daniel was thrown into a lion’s den for refusing to worship the king, but he was protected by God. Daniel was also able to interpret dreams.

Popular Nicknames For Daniel

  1. Danny boy
  2. Niel
  3. Danno
  4. DJ
  5. Danyal
  6. Dan
  7. Dan the Man
  8. Danilo
  9. Danny
  10. Daneal
  11. Danyel
  12. Daniel-San
  13. Dee
  14. Dannie
  15. Danial
  16. Dane
  17. Neel
  18. Nelly
  19. Duke
  20. Dazz
  21. Dano
  22. Dee Dee
  23. Dn
  24. Denn

Funny Nicknames For Daniel

  1. Danny Kinz
  2. Dizzy
  3. Dancer
  4. Danibetes
  5. Dant
  6. Danno
  7. Dan-U-Be
  8. D-Dog
  9. Danyer
  10. Dang
  11. Danisnotonfire
  12. Grand Dan
  13. Danny Whizz-Bang
  14. Danzilla
  15. Danny-annie
  16. Kiss Daniel
  17. Danny Whammy
  18. Dangle
  19. Dani California
  20. Danarchy
  21. LaRusso
  22. Danny from the block
  23. Daniellon
  24. Daniel Craig
  25. Dan Shan
  26. Dannystroyer
  27. Dantastic
  28. Boone
  29. Daniel the Maniel
  30. Daniel Saurus Rex
  31. DannyDroid
  32. Daniamals
  33. D-Dawg
  34. Manual Danual
  35. Dannibal
  36. Dirty Dan
  37. Lieutenant Dan
  38. Double N
  39. Danosaur
  40. SuperDan
  41. Dannywho
  42. Danchuco
  43. Danielboom
  44. Danko
  45. Danny Whammy
  46. Dannie-annie
  47. Kiss Daniel
  48. Daniellon
  49. Danny from the block
  50. Dannywho

Feminine Nicknames For Daniel

125 Beautiful Middle Names For Nevaeh

  1. Daenerys
  2. Dana
  3. Danette
  4. Dani
  5. Dania
  6. Daniela
  7. Daniella
  8. Danielle
  9. Danita
  10. Danitza
  11. Danjiela
  12. Danka
  13. Danuse
  14. Danushka
  15. Danuska
  16. Dranka
  17. Naniela
  18. Nelida

Cute Nicknames For Daniel

  1. Dannio
  2. Dannyboo
  3. Danicake
  4. Dannay
  5. Dane
  6. D-Nice
  7. Dan-O
  8. Big D
  9. Danielson
  10. Danone
  11. D-Boy
  12. DanE
  13. Dizzle
  14. Dandy Dan
  15. Little Dan
  16. Baby Dan
  17. Dazzle
  18. Dan the Man
  19. Dee
  20. Dizzle
  21. Tali-Dan
  22. Li’l D
  23. Din din
  24. Doodle
  25. Delish
  26. Doughnut
  27. Darlin’D
  28. Dimsum
  29. My-niel
  30. Dearo
  31. Dewball
  32. Nie Nie
  33. Doe
  34. Pie-niel
  35. Doy
  36. DEwberry
  37. Dodo
  38. D’amour
  39. Daffodil
  40. Ani

Famous People Named Daniel

It will not surprise you that a name that has been in the top 20 names since the 1970s has some famous namesakes. Here are some of those famous Daniels from past and present.

  • Daniel Boone – One of America’s pioneers and the founder of the state of Kentucky.
  • Daniel Mendoza – One of the greatest English boxing heavyweights of all time.
  • Daniel Webster – American statesman and Secretary of State who served under not 1 but 3 presidents.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis – Oscar-winning English actor for his portrayal in the movie Lincoln.
  • Daniel Tosh – Stand-up comedian.
  • Daniel Craig – The most recent British actor to take on the role of James Bond 007.
  • Daniel Radcliffe – Young British actor who rose to fame through his portrayal of Harry Potter in the movie adaptation.

International Variations Of Daniel

There are variations of Daniel used all over the globe. Here are some of our favorite variations of Daniel from other languages all over the world.

These international variations could also be used as an alternative nickname.

  1. Danjal – Faroese
  2. Danielius – Lithuanian
  3. Deiniol – Welsh
  4. Danihel – Biblical Latin
  5. Danilo – Italian
  6. Tatu – Finnish
  7. Danylo – Ukrainian
  8. Danel – Spanish
  9. Daniyyel – Biblical Hebrew
  10. Danya – Russian
  11. Daniels – Latvian
  12. Danail – Bulgarian
  13. Daniel – Irish
  14. Deniel – Breton
  15. Daniil – Russian
  16. Daniyehl – Czech
  17. Taneli – Finnish
  18. Dancho – Bulgarian
  19. Danco – Macedonian
  20. Daniilu – Old Church Slavic

The Final Thought

There are some great options for some super cute nicknames for Daniel on our list. We have also included some funny options just in case you want to add a bit of humor.

But remember that nicknames do tend to have a personal element to them and are usually the result of a funny story or event.

Nicknames often reflect the depth of your friendship or relationship with that person. This means that you may have a Daniel in your life with a completely unique nickname that actually has very little to do with his name.

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