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100+ Edgy Emo Boy Names and Their Meanings

If you are a fan of Halloween and all things dark and spooky then maybe an emo-inspired name for your little prince of darkness is right up your street.

Inspired by Gothic literature, goth music, and even dark and nocturnal artwork, these names have some amazing hidden meanings as well as a romantic twist to them.

We have put together some of our favorite edgy emo boy names as well as their meanings to help you find the perfect name for your little man.

Edgy Emo Boy Names

Abbadon – Of Hebrew origin and is the name given to the demon of destruction.

Adalricus – A name that refers to a noble ruler. A great choice for your budding leader.

Ahriman – The devil or evil God in Zoroastrianism.

Akeldama – A popular Gothic name of Hebrew origin and means field of blood.

Alaric – A gothic name that means all-powerful ruler.

Alfonzo – A stylish variation on Alfonso and means noble and ready.

Amalric – This name means a person born to rule with all the power. Amalric is derived from Gothic reeks tribal names Amal and Ric.

Anubis – Egyptian God of embalming and death.

Arch – Of English origin and is a diminutive of the name Archer or Archibald.

Ascelin – Means from the moon and is sure to set your son on a journey to reach new heights.

Ash – English in origin and means from the ash tree.

Ashlee – The name is said to mean meadow of ash trees but it could also be a reference to ashes and dust.

Auberon – A gothic name that means associated with noble. It is also a variant of the name Aubrey.

Astaroth – Both unique and edgy according to Christian mythology the name means a demon.

Azazel – The name of the demon who taught humanity weaponry and cosmetics.

Azrael – Of Hebrew origin and is the name of the Angel of death.

Balor – Means one-eyed giant according to Irish mythology. It could be a catchy Gothic name.

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Belial – Hebrew in origin and means a demon or the devil.

Blackwell – A name of English origin and means black, dark stream.

Blade – Of English origin and means knife, sword.

Blaze – English in origin and means flame.

Bowie – Means yellow haired and is of Irish origin.

Bram – A name that means one who is the father of many children. The name is popular in the Netherland, Scotland, and Australia.

Bran – One of the Celtic Gods of the underworld.

Brander – Gothic name that means sword of fire.

Burton – A name of English origin and means town of the fortress.

Cadell – The name reflects the idea of battle spirit and is popular in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Caine – Hebrew in origin and means possessed,

Cambria – Described as a place name as it is a village in California. It could also give you some really cute nickname options such as Cam.

Carrabba – The surname of Dashboard Confessional singer Chris Carrabba. Another great way to pay tribute to the emo vibe.

Chimaera – A mythological name that refers to a beast that is made up of different animals.

Corbin – Originating from a French surname which means a person who had dark hair color. It also refers to a raven.

Crow – Refers to the bird of the same name.

Cynfael – The name means chief prince and is surely an apt name for your prince.

Dade – Gaelic in origin and means the dark one.

Daemon – A dark Gothic name that means servant of the devil.

Damien – Of Russian origin and means to tame.

Davorian – From Slavic mythology and refers to the God of war.

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Dexter – Old Latin in origin and means one who is right-handed.

Dorian – In recent years Dorian has become a popular name choice. The name is derived from Greek and has an association with Dorian Gray the Philosophical character by Oscar Wilde.

Draco – Means dragon and is a great name if you want your son to be fearless.

Drusus – A name that means strong and sturdy.

Dyrk – A sweet and simple Gothic name that means a person who admires nightlife.

Edgar – This name refers to rich and prosperous and is also the name of popular Gothic writer Edgar Allen Poe.

Elatha – The name of the golden haired Prince of Darkness.

Emo – Emo is a word that for a generation is associated with black hair, side-swept bangs, and depressing and emotional music. It is of German origin and means serious.

Endymion – Of Greek origin and is the name of a handsome boy from Greek mythology.

Etienne – Comes from a French word that means crown.

Fenrir – Derived from Norse legends and means fen-dweller.

Gabriel – Hebrew in origin and is the name of an angelic servant and means God is my strength.

Gerard – Frontman and singer of emo band My Chemical Romance – Gerard Way. He was leading the way in the emo look often wearing all black everything as well as heavy black guy-liner. Gerard also means spear strength.

Giovanni – Of Italian origin and means God is gracious.

Golgotha – The name comes from a Hebrew word that refers to a skull.

Gray – Means black mixed with white and is of English origin.

Griffin – A cool Gothic name that means Lord who has good control over everything around him.

Grimoire – Derived from folktales about spirits and incantations.

Hades – Of Greek origin from Greek mythology and is the name of the King of the underworld.

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Hawk – Refers to the bird of the same name.

Hellebore – Ancient Latin in origin and means to injure.

Hyde – You can not get any more emo than the name of the split personalities of Jekyll and Hyde. 

Iblis – This is one of the many names given to Satan in Islamic folklore.

Idris – The name of the legendary Welsh giant after whom Idris Fort is named.

Jacopo – Jacopo Bassano was an Italian painter famous for his dark nocturnal paintings. The name is of Hebrew origin and means supplanter.

Jasper – Of English origin and means treasurer.

Jett – English in origin and means jet black.

Kalon – A distinctive name that refers to the sky.

Leviathan – Of Hebrew origin and is the name of a monstrous sea monster found in the Bible.

Loki – From Norse mythology, a cunning shape-shifting God. Also a tribute to any Marvel fans.

Lycidas – An uncommon Gothic name that will surely make your son stand out in the crowd. It has its roots in the Greek language.

Malachi – Of Hebrew origin and means messenger of God.

Manfred – German in origin and means strength, peace.

Morpheus – Means God of dreams and is of Greek origin.

Nicolo – In honor of artist Lorenzo di Niccolo who was an artist in the early Renaissance period but still stuck fast to his Gothic style. An Italian form of Nicholas that means victory of the people.

Night – Gender-neutral name that means evening and is of American origin.

Oberon – The name refers to elf ruler. It was also the name of the king of the fairies in Shakespeare’s famous comedy A Mid Summers Night Dream.

Obsidian – A cool name to give to your little man, Obsidian is a gemstone that is formed from lava.

Onyx – Of English origin and means black gemstone.

Orion – Legendary hunter from Greek mythology. The name also means rising star.

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Orpheus – Of Greek origin and is the name of a legendary Greek musician and poet that made trees dance.

Oswald – English in origin and means God rule.

Ozul – Classy and unique Gothic name that refers to a shadow.

Perseus – The name of an ancient Greek hero, it’s also a word used to meaning avenger or destroyer.

Quillon – Of French origin and means crossed swords. It is also the name of a town in Chile.

Rainer – A gender-neutral name that is a nod to the band Rainer Maria. The name is believed to mean warrior or wise army.

Reign – English in origin and means rule, sovereign.

Rook – A popular masculine Gothic name that means one who looks like a raven.

Saber – Of French origin and means sword.

Sealin – A cute Gothic name for your little prince.

Shadow – Unisex name that means dark.

Shiva – Another great unisex name that means destruction and resurrection.

Stone – English in origin and means dweller by the stone or rocks.

Storm – Means a storm and is of American origin.

Styx – Refers to the mythological Greek river of hate.

Sullen – Sullen refers to someone who has a bad temper or miserable demeanor.

Summanus – Roman name of the God of night thunder.

Taos – Of Native American origin and means a place of red willows.

Teuer – A gothic name that refers to something expensive.

Thanatos – The name of the Greek God of death.

Thorn – The name comes from the English surname Thorne and means thorn thicket.

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Tierney – Means regal so would make a fantastic name choice for your little prince.

Travis – Another musician who rocked the emo look was Travis Barker of Blink 182. He is also considered one of the best drummers of recent history.

Tristan – Welsh in origin and means tumult.

Vesper – The name means a night star and would make a wonderful name for your son. 

Victor – Of Latin origin and means conqueror.

Wentz – Fall Out Boy member Pete Wentz loved his shaggy hair and black guy-liner.

Wilde – Another nod to the Irish writer Oscar Wilde and his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray that is the epitome of Gothic.

Wolfe – Of German origin and means traveling wolf or beast.

Xanthus – Derived from Greek and means golden-haired. It is a cool and catchy name choice.

Xenos – A dynamic name that means a stranger.

Ywain – Means a young warrior and would really bring out the strength in your son.

Zacchaeus – This fabulous name means pure and clear.

Zephyr – A stylish yet unique name that means wind.

The Final Thought

So that brings us to the end of our emo inspired names for your little man. We hope that you are inspired to choose a name that is a little more unique. If you are still looking for some inspiration why not check out our Gothic Baby Names or Names that mean anger.