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125 Prince Names That Are Royally Awesome

Royal baby names are usually picked for their meaning. They have strength, beauty, and some historical significance.

So if you are looking for a name that will stand the test of time and has a great history then why not follow in the footsteps of a royal baby.

We have put together some of our favorite royal baby boy names. Many have their own place in history in royal families from all over the world while others only appear in works of fiction.

Either way, there are some amazing names that would be great for your own little prince.


Adam – A name of Hebrew origin meaning earth. It is a character of the Prince who became man at the time of need mentioned in the book ‘Masters of the Universe.’

Adar – This is a name of Hebrew origin meaning noble prince.

Adrian – This strong name goes back centuries and is derived from the name of the Roman emperor Hadrian, who had his army build a huge wall in Britain. This name has also been held by many popes.

Aeneas – In Greco-Roman mythology, Aeneas was the son of Prince Anchises and the goddess Venus. He is an important Trojan hero.

Ahmed – A name of Arabian origin meaning most praised. This is the name of a fictional prince who owned a magical mat.

Akbar – This is a name of Arabic origin meaning great. Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar was his full name and was from the Mughal dynasty.

Albert – This German name means noble, bright, and famous. This name became popular in the 19th century thanks to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, husband of Britain’s Queen Victoria.

Alex – The crown prince of Lilaria in “The Royals” series.

princely baby

Alexander – The name Alexander means defending warrior and has been a popular boy’s name for centuries thanks to Alexander the Great who conquered much of Asia. 

Alfred – King Alfred the Great famously ruled Great Britain during the times of the Vikings.

Amir – This Hebrew name means prince and is a term for a high-ranking and powerful official in the Muslim world.

Anatole – A name of Greek origin that means sunrise. He was a fictional handsome prince in Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace’.

Andrew – Many saints and Hungarian kings have held this name, which means manly in Greek. Andrew was one of the names of the British sovereign Edward VIII (later called Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor) who’s full name was Edward Christian George Andrew Patrick David.

Antony – This is a name of Latin origin that means ‘from the Antonius family’. Antony was the name of a Roman prince.

Aragon – A name of Spanish origin meaning people of Aragon. He is the fictional character of the Prince in English folklore.

Archie – Based on the German name Archibald which is a combination of words meaning genuine and bold. This name has also been used by many British noblemen.

Armel – This is a name of Welsh origin meaning bear prince.

Arsalan – A name of Arabic origin meaning lion. He is a princely character in ‘The Heroic Legend of Arsalan’.

Arthur – While it’s not certain whether King Arthur was a real person or simply a legend, the name Arthur certainly has a warrior-king ring to it.

Ashfaq – This is a name of Arabic origin meaning kind prince.

Ashoka – A name of Indian origin meaning no sorrow. Grandson of Chandragupta Maurya.

Augustus – Augustus was the first emperor of the Roman Empire and succeeded Julius Caesar. Three kings of Poland also had this powerful name, which means exalted in Latin.                            


baby with crown

Balthazar – A name of Arabic origin meaning protecting the king. 

Basil – This is a name of Arabic origin meaning royal.

Baudouin – A name of French origin meaning bold. He was King of the Belgians from 1951 until his death in 1993.

Bayard – Bayard comes with the handy short form, Bay. There’s something dashing about this name, maybe because history gives us a celebrated sixteenth-century knight called the Chevalier de Bayard.

Brice – This is the family name of famed Scottish king Robert, who led the country to independence from England in 1320.


Carl – With German origins, the name Carl means free man. Many kings of Sweden have held this name. The English variant Charles is also a popular royal name, as is the Spanish variant of the name, Carlos.

Caspian – Caspian is the King of Narnia and Emperor of The Lone Island in the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis.

Charles – From the old German name Karl, Charles means free man. Carolus Magnus was a powerful German leader, King Charles I and II were 27th-century monarchs and Prince Charles of Wales is the longest-serving heir in British history, having held the title since 1952.

Cheri – From the French fairy tale inspired by Giovanni Francesco Straparola’s, “Princess Belle-Etoile.”

Christian – Among the Danes, 10 kings have held this name, which is not only a royal favorite for boys but also for baby girls, making it an appealing gender-neutral name.

Christopher – From a Greek name that means bearing Christ, Christopher has been the name of three kings of Denmark. It was also a very popular name in England, Wales, and the United States in the 20th century.

Claudius – Claudius was Roman emperor from 41 to 55AD and was the first Roman emperor to be born outside of Italy. 

Corin – A name of Latin origin meaning spear. Corin is a character who is a fierce fighter and a faithful friend.

Cosmio – This is a name of Italian origin meaning decency. In a tragic story penned by Cornelia Funke, ‘Inkheart Trilogy’, Cosmio is the name of the prince.

cute baby boy1

Cuthbert – An eight-year-old prince and heir apparent of the small kingdom of Kippernium in “Jane and the Dragon”.

Cyrus – This is a name of Persian origin meaning sun. He was the ruler of Persia.


Darius – A name of Persian origin meaning Kingly.

David – The Hebrew name David means beloved and was the name of the second king of ancient Israel, who famously defeated Goliath as recounted in the Old Testament. Two Scottish kings also held this name, which was popular in Great Britain throughout the Middle Ages. The name still ranks as one of the most popular boy names in many countries.

Dolph – This is a name of German origin referring to the clipped form of the word Randolph.


Eadric – A name of English origin meaning wealthy. The fictional Prince is mentioned in ‘The Frog and Princess’ by E.D.Becker.

Earl – Earl Charles Spencer is the late Princess Diana’s younger brother. Queen Elizabeth is his godmother.

Edgar – King Edgar the Peaceful of England and King Edgar of Scotland have given royal oomph to this name, which can be made even cuter when you shorten it to Eddie.

Edla – This is a name of Nordic origin meaning royal child.

Edmund – Going way back in the history books, you’ll discover King Edmund who was the king of England from 939-46. He took the Viking invaders, subduing the wild Norseman in Cumbria and extending his rule as far as southern Scotland.

Edward – This name has been a classic throughout the history of English royals. In fact, eight English kings have held this name, which means rich guard.

Egon – Egon means sword or blade and is of Polish origin. It is mostly associated with Prince Egon Von Furstenburg; the first husband of the fashion designer Diane.

Emmanuel – A Hebrew name meaning God is with us. In the Bible, it is the name given to the promised Messiah. Prince Emmanuel Leopold Guillaume Francoise Marie is currently third in line to the throne of Belgium.

Erin – This is a name of Irish origin meaning Ireland. He was a prince in a fairytale penned by Jeremiah Curtin.

cute baby boy1

Ernest – A name of old English origin meaning vigor. Name of the king of Hanover.

Esteban – Steve is an ordinary guy, familiar from “Blue’s Clues” to “Minecraft”. But Esteban is an import, the Spanish version of the name. The name means crown and feels distinctive enough to be a fairytale prince’s name.


Felipe – A Spanish name meaning lover of horses. Felipe, Prince of Asturias is now King Felipe VI of Spain, after his father Juan Carlos abdicated in 2014.

Felix – A name of Latin origin meaning happy and fortunate. Felix was originally a Roman surname but was adopted as a nickname by ancient Roman Sulla, who believed that he was especially blessed with luck by the gods. It is the name of four popes and sixty-seven saints. In the Bible, Felix is a Roman procurator of Judea.

Ferdinand – A German name meaning bold voyager. Ferdinand Maximilian Karl Leopold Maria was the ruler of Bulgaria until 1918.

Florian – Means powerful and is of Roman origin. It is a fictional prince name in ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ by Disney.

Frederick – This German name means peaceful ruler. Frederick the Great was the enlightened King of Prussia who transformed it into the powerful Prussian empire.


Galien – Anglo-Norman English produced some fascinating names, Some stuck, while others faded away. Gallienus was Emperor of Rome in the third century.

Garibaldo – This is a name of German origin meaning bold prince.

George – From the Greek georgos, the name George means farmer or earth worker. Prince George of Cambridge is the eldest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton and third in line to the British throne.

Gervase – Saint Gervase was an early martyr. Gervais is the French form though it is nearly extinct in France today.

Griffith – A name of Welsh origin meaning lord.

Guillaume – This is the French version of William meaning resolute protection. Prince Guillaume is the youngest child of the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg. 

Gustav – A name of Swedish origin meaning staff of Gods. Gustav II Adolf ruled Sweden for twenty-one years and made it a European superpower.

cute prince boy


Hamlet – A name of English origin meaning little home. The main character and prince in Shakespeare’s play ‘Hamlet’.

Harry – Meaning home ruler, the name Harry has grown in popularity in recent years thanks to the nickname of Prince Harry (His real name being Henry)

Henry – A German name meaning estate ruler. Henry has a long pedigree as a royal name including the infamous Henry the Eighth, while the Grand Duke of Luxembourg is named Henri.

Herod – This is a name of Greek origin meaning hero.

Hilarion –  A name of Greek origin meaning happy. He was described as the Prince of Isle in ‘Knot Gneiss’.

Humayun – This is a name of Persian origin meaning blessed. Humayun was the son of Babur and the Emperor of the Mughal Empire.

Humphrey – If we go right back to the 1300s, we’ll find this quirky royal moniker. Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester was the youngest son and the fourth of the six children of King Henry IV of England and his first wife Mary de Bohun.


Ian – From the Scottish fairytale collected by John Francis Campbell titled “How Ian Direach got the Blue Falcon”

Indulf – This unusual moniker is the English version of the medieval Gaelic name ‘Ildulb’. Indulf mac Causantin was king of the Scots.

Ivan – He is one of the main protagonists of the Russian folktales collected by Alexander Afanasyev in Narodnye russkie skazki.


James – The most well-known James in royal circles is probably King James VI and I. He was originally the king of Scotland but later became the first King of England and Ireland as well, forming the kingdom of Great Britain. If that isn’t enough, he also authorized a famous translation of the Bible.

John –The biblical name John has Latin, Greek, and Hebrew roots and means Yahweh (God) is gracious. Byzantine emperors were the first to popularize this name, after which it spread throughout the world with local variations.

cute baby boy2


Kenneth – King Kenneth MacAlpin is considered by some to be the founding father of Scotland in the ninth century.

Khelder – Also known as Silk, he is the prince of Drasnia, the nephew of King Rhodar and Queen Porenn in “The Belgariad” series.

Kumar – A name of Indian origin meaning prince.

Kunwar – This is a name of Indian origin referring to a title to the princely Indian group, the Rajputs.


Leopold – Meaning brave people is an aristocratic German name. Variants include Leo, Leon, and Leonard.

Lir – A name of Irish origin meaning Irish God of Sea. The name is mentioned in the Shakespearean play ‘King Lear’.

Louis – Meaning renowned warrior, Louis is a classic royal name. The name’s most famous bearer was King Louis XVI, husband of Marie Antoinette, who ruled as King of France for 18 years. Prince Louis of Cambridge is the youngest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and fifth in line to the British throne.

Lucas – Lucas Cranch was an important German Renaissance painter and printmaker; Lucas Samaras is an eccentric contemporary artist.


Magnus – A Latin name meaning greatest, it also dates back to Carolus Magus (Charles the Great). The name is very popular amongst royals in Scandinavia, being the name of six early kings of Norway and four of Sweden.

Malcolm – If you are looking for a strong, unique, but less common royal name, consider Malcolm, which belonged to four kings of Scotland including the king who murdered Macbeth. Shakespeare’s tragic play is based on this legendary story. 

Maxon – The son and heir of King Clarkson and Queen Amberly Schreave in “The Selection” series.

Meiji – A name of Japanese origin meaning enlightened. He was the first to transform modern japan and took it to the status of a superpower.

Michael – This Hebrew name continues to be a classic boy’s royal name that never seems to go out of style. Byzantine emperors as well as rulers of Russia, Romania, Portugal, and Poland have held this name over the years.

red prince boy

Muhammad – In Arabic, this name means praised or commendable. It was the name of the Prophet Muhammad, who founded the Islamic religion. Sultans of the Ottoman Empire and many African kings have held this dignified name.


Nicholas – The Greek name means people of victory and is a classic name that stems from Nike, the goddess of victory. Nicholas or Nikoli II Alexandrovich Romanov was the latest Emperor of All Russia, ruling from 1894 until his forced abdication in 1917.


Octavius – Royal families would give this name to the eighth child as with Prince Octavius, eighth son of King George III.

Oscar – Oscar has Irish and Norse roots. In Irish legend, Oscar was one of the mightiest warriors of his generation.

Othello – A name of Hebrew origin meaning having the sound of God. The protagonist in the play ‘ Othello’ lived in Venice.

Otto – Otto I was the founder of the Holy Roman Empire. Otto means wealth and prosperity.


Patrick – A name of Latin origin meaning nobleman. King Edward VIII, who renounced his crown, bore the name Patrick. 

Paul – This is a name of Roman origin meaning small. The young prince heir to the Baronia empire in the ‘Secret Series’ books by Enid Blyton.

Peter – A name of Greek origin meaning rock. He founded the Russian Empire.

Philip – Kings of Macedon, France, and Spain have held this traditional name, which means lover of horses in Greek.

Prigio – A name of Italian origin meaning worth. A character in the comic fairy tale by Gordon Brownie.


Quincy – Derived from the Latin word ‘quintus’ this was the name of rebel leader Saer de Quincy, 1st Earl of Winchester.

young prince


Rainier – This name is a variant of the old Norse name Ragner and German name Raynor and means a judgment or deciding warrior. It has been popularised by Prince Rainier III of Monaco, husband of Grace Kelly and father of the current ruler, Albert II.

Reagan A name of Irish origin meaning little king.

Rhun – The prince of the Isle of Mona and the son of King Rhuddlem and Queen Telleria in “The Chronicles of Prydain.”

Richard – If you hope your son will have the heart of a lion, pick Richard as a name, after King Richard I of England, who was also known as Lion Heart. This is a strong royal name that means brave ruler.

Rollo – A jaunty name with a real royal precedent in the Viking chief who became the first duke of Normandy, Rollo makes this list thanks to the young hero of Hans Christian Andersons “The Princess and the Pea”

Romeo – This Italian name means a citizen of Rome. The name has romantic connotations thanks to Romeo being one of the title characters in Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Rupert – A popular name of rulers and their offspring in Germany in previous centuries. Rupert means bright fame.

Ruslan – A name of Turkish origin meaning lion. He was a knight in the fairy tale penned by Alexander Pushkin.

Ryan – This is a name of Irish meaning little king.


Saphir – This is a name of Hebrew origin meaning sapphire. The prince has been described as a villainous, brave character in the animated series ‘Sailor Moon’.

Shahzad – This is a name of Persian origin meaning son of a king. The name is widely used in the Muslim community.

Sorab – A name of English origin meaning illustrious. He was a famous Persian Prince.

Stephen – From the Greek word for crown or wreath, Stephen is a strong name that has been the moniker of multiple kings of England, Serbia, and Poland, among others. King Stephen was also the Hungarian nation’s first Christian king.

Suleiman – This is a name of Arabic origin meaning man of peace.


Theo – Theo first made an impact as the name of the only son on ‘The Crosby Show’, earlier it was associated with Vincent Van Gogh’s supportive brother Theo.

Theodred – Theodred or Theo for short is a fictional character in ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ He is the only son and heir of King Theoden of Rohan. It is related to the name Theodore meaning God’s gift.

boy wearing crown

Thomas – Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, had disputes with King Henry II and was killed by his men.

Timur – A name of Mongolian origin meaning iron. He founded Timur Dynasty.


Umberto – This elegant and dignified name is the Italian version of the name Humbert, which means bright warrior. Two kings of Italy have held this name, including the last reigning king of Italy before the monarchy was abolished in 1946.


Victor – A name of Latin origin meaning conqueror. He was the last King of Italy after which the monarchy ended.


William – This name means a strong-willed warrior. If you want your son to have a royal name that has traditional roots yet also has a modern flavor, this could be the right choice for you. The name belonged to four previous kings of England.


Xanth – This is a name of Greek origin meaning golden.

Xavier – St.Francis Xavier was one of the first Jesuit missionaries and devoted his life to taking Roman Catholicism to Asia.


Zeid – Perfect for a born leader, the name represents a person who encourages progression in himself and others.

The Final Thought

That brings us to the end of our list of awesome royal names. Hopefully, you have found the perfect name for your little boy but if not there are plenty more options out there.