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75 Cool Assassin Names With Meanings For Males and Females

Assassins are hired killers who will murder a person for important political or religious reasons. Many people think that these trained killers are only found in the likes of fiction and movies.

But the truth is there are a surprising number of assassins out there.

Obviously, we can not get definite numbers as it is not an occupation that you pop on your tax return, especially in countries such as the US where the police and laws that govern such work are very clear that it is actually against the law.

However, in countries where this is not the case or where they do not have police or government structures in place then these hitmen or hired killers do still exist.

If you are just looking for a cool name for a character you are writing about or for a game that you are playing then we have some great names on our list. We have even covered some real-life assassins for further inspiration.

Check out our list and see if there is anything that takes your fancy.

Assassin Names For Boys

Adrian – A name of Italian origin and means a person from Northern Italy.

Angel – Of Greek origin and means a messenger of God.

Aspen – American in origin and means quaking tree.

Beckett – English in origin and means dweller of the brook.

Blaze – A name of English origin and means flame.

Drake – Of English origin and means dragon.

Echo – Greek in origin and means reverberating sound.

Ezra – The name means help and is of Hebrew origin.

Gabriel – Of Hebrew origin and means God is my strength.

Jackson – A name of English origin and means son of Jack or John.

Jasper – English in origin and means treasurer.

Jaxon – Means son of Jack and is of American origin.

Soldier aiming assault rifle laser sight

Nyx – A name of Greek origin and means night.

Seth – Hebrew in origin and means appointed.

Victor – Of Latin origin and means winner or conqueror.

Vlad – A name of Slavic origin and means prince.

Xavier – means the new house and is of Latin origin.

Zander – Of Greek origin and means defender of the people.

Zane – This is a respelling of the Arabic name Zain and means God is gracious.

Zed – A name of English origin and means God is righteousness.

Assassin Names For Girls

Aurra Sing – Born in the slums of Nar Shadaa, she was alone until she was 9. After being taken in by a Jedi who then died. She now hunts Jedi for sport and keeps their lightsaber hilts as trophies.

Barb Wire – A bounty hunter and bar owner in a town called Steel Harbor.

Bombshell – An assassin who is an expert juggler and specializes in explosives.

Bonny Hoffman – One part of the Body Doubles.

Bounty – A Marvel Universe character who works as a space bounty hunter.

Carmen Leno – One part of the Body Doubles.

Cheshire – One of the deadliest assassins in the DC Universe.

Cinnamon – A gun slinging western heroine who partnered with the Rough Bunch.

Elektra – The scarlet assassin and Daredevil’s former lover and now most fearsome enemy.

Ezra – A hired mercenary who has had clashes with Batgirl.

Fire Knives – A mercenary who tried to kill Melita Garner.

Lady Bullseye – An assassin who works for the Hand. A former sex slave who escaped when Bullseye slaughtered the gang. She was inspired by his martial arts skills.

Lady Deadpool – Female version of Deadpool from Earth 3010.

Lady Shiva – The deadliest assassin in the DC universe. She has trained Batman and the third Robin. Her daughter became the second Batgirl.

Lady Vic – Descended from wealthy English aristocratic mercenaries. Her weapons of choice are heirlooms of her descendants.

Lien Neville – Known as the Sexy Avenger of the shadows.

Model girl with long red curly hair

Mara Jade – She was ordered to kill Luke Skywalker, but later became his lover and then-wife. She also trained as a Jedi Master.

Mejai – An Egyptian gypsy sent to assassinate the Scorpian.

Mercy Dante – She watched a contract killer brutally murder both her parents and when her sister committed suicide at 16 she became a killer herself. 

Scarab – A lethal female assassin with full armor.

Shadow Stalker – She tries to kill Wolverine’s girlfriend.

Sintas Vel – A Kiffar bounty hunter.

Snapdragon – She is a martial arts master, mercenary, and assassin. She has clashed with the Black Widow and Captain America.

Suspiria – Italian government operative and former freelance detective.

Zam Wesell – A Clawdite bounty hunter.

Assassin Names Inspired By Fiction

Many of your favorite assassin names are no doubt inspired by the works of fiction. Here are a few of our favorites.

Agent 47 – The famous assassin from the video game character hitman.

Akuma – A feared street fighter.

Ayane – Character from Dead or Alive.

Jason Bourne – Inspired by the novels by Robert Ludlum. These were later adapted to movies starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.

Boba Fett – One of the most feared bounty hunter of the galaxy. He was the genetic clone of his father, bounty hunter Jango Fett.

Juri – A character made popular in Street Fighter.

Gender Neutral Assassin Names

Here are some cool assassin names that are gender-neutral and suitable for any character.

Ashanti – A name that means warlike and is of African origin.

Asta – The name means bright as a star and is of Latin origin.

Alessandra – Of Italian origin and means defender of the people.

Aloysius – A name of Latin origin and means fame warrior.

Aoife – Irish in origin and means beautiful and radiant.

Valkyrie warrior, woman with golden armor iron coat

Audrina – A diminutive form of Audrey that means noble strength.

Bruna – Portuguese origin and means brown one.

Bree – The name means strength or exalted one.

Dalit – Of Hebrew origin and means to draw water.

Elke – A name of Dutch origin and means noble, kind.

Elin – Means the touch of light.

Emiliana – Of Spanish origin and means to strive or excel or rival.

Karyan – The name means dark.

Kerra – A name of Irish origin and means dark.

Kerry – Irish in origin and means dark.

Lotte – Of German origin and means free.

Lark – The name of a songbird.

Melania – A name of Greek origin that means dark-skinned.

Naeva – French in origin and means born at night.

Saden – The name means black-hearted.

Shideh – It means radiant.

Silvana – Of Latin origin and means forest.

Stealth – The perfect name for an assassin with great moves and who is undetectable.

Umbrielle – This name means one in the shadow.

Veronica – A name of Greek origin and means truth.

Valencia – Spanish in origin and means valor and health.

Famous Real-Life Assassins

Assassins do not just feature in comics, fiction, and movies. They have played a huge part in the history of many countries and no more so than the United States of America.

John Wilkes Booth – He killed the 16th president of the United States Abraham Lincoln.

Charles J. Guiteau – Killed James Aram Garfield, the 20th president of the United States.

Lee Harvey Oswald – Responsible for killing the 35th president of the United States JFK or John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Michael Townley – Chilean ambassador to the United States.

Sniper with beard in black holding gun. Studio shot.

Leon Czolgosz – Killed the 25th president of the United States William McKinley.

Sirhan Sirhan – He killed the 64th United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

Gavrilo Princip – Killed Archduke Ferdinand in 1914.

Rafael Simon – He killed the president of Venezuela Carlos Roman Delgado Chalbaud Gomez n 1950.

The Final Thought

So that is the end of our list and whether you are here looking for inspiration for the name of a character, player avatar, or even just researching assassins, hopefully, you found some inspiration.