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50+ Names Meaning Sand or Desert

Coming up with a unique and beautiful baby name can be tricky and this is why parents often look in some unusual places.

Baby-names that mean sand or the desert are a versatile group of names spanning from the obvious desert names such as Sahara and Gobi to some extremely rare and unique names translated from a wealth of languages.

Here are some of our favorite baby names that mean sand or desert.

Boys Names That Mean Sand or Desert

Aurgelmir – From Norse mythology and means gravel, sand, clay.

Cargan – Of Celtic origin and means from the small rock. The name is not commonly used as a baby boy name.

Cho’lbosh – Uzbek in origin and means desert, head, summit, tip, source.

Daku – With origins in Indigenous Australia and means sand hill in Diyari.

Dykuma – Of Lithuanian origin and means desert.

Dyssodia – This is another great desert plant name.

Emathion – Meaning sandy and with origins in Greek mythology.

Forsaken – Of English Puritan origin and means abandoned desert. It was also the name given to a ‘bastard’ child.

Gobi – A little obvious but still a great option for a desert-inspired name.

Hammada – Means a rocky desert.

Javil – A Hebrew name that means strip of sand.

Marudeva – Of Indian origin and means Lord of the desert.

Oasis – Means desert and is of Indian origin.

Ramil – Indonesian in origin and derived from Arabic meaning sand.

Reti –  Of Indian origin and means Lord, sand.

Teenage boy having fun at desert

Sahara – This is a name with a variety of different meanings including Lord Shiva, wilderness and it is the name of a desert. Sahara is of Indian origin.

Sahroboy – Derived from the Uzbek sahro meaning desert.

Saichi – Japanese in origin and means sand and one.

Sinai – A name of Hebrew origin and means from the clay desert.

Sofian – Muslim in origin and means sand storm.

Thachi – An Aboriginal name that means sand goanna.

Girls Names That Mean Sand or Desert

Agasa – Means second Asia, bud, sprout, shoot, and sand. Agasa is of Japanese origin.

Alba – A name of Aboriginal origin and means a sand hill.

Aran – Kurdish in origin and means desert, wilderness.

Arava – A modern Hebrew name that means willow tree and desert.

Baluka – Of Indian origin and means sand.

Boo – Means a desert plant and is of Indian origin.

Cleopatra – The Ancient Queen of Egypt, this is the ultimate name inspired by the desert. The name is actually of Greek origin and means glory of the father.

Eremita – Of Spanish origin and means desert.

Hateya – Means footprint in the sand and is of Native American origin.

Leikanglei – Of Manipuri origin and means desert flower in Meitei.

Mavhu – Shona in origin and means sand.

Merisa – Of Japanese origin and means love, affection, pear, and sand.

Road to the sea

Noya – Means sand and is of Cherokee origin.

Renu – A name of Assamese origin and means atom, grain of sand.

Sahra – From Arabic and means desert. Although it is a variant of Zahrah which means flower.

Sahrogul – Derived from Uzbek sahro meaning desert and gul meaning rose, flower.

Saya – Of Japanese origin and means sand.

Sharen – English in origin and means desert plain.

Sharina – Means desert plain and is of  English origin.

Sharne – Of Hebrew origin and means desert plain.

Sikata – Oriya in origin and means sand.

Valuka – Means sand and is of Indian origin.

Waris – A name of Somali origin and means desert flower.

Zabrina – Of American origin and means fruitful desert flower.

Unisex Names That Mean Sand or Desert

Arizona – A name of Basque origin and means good oak. US state name. 

Kids with camels at desert

Dune – Derived from the English word dune meaning a ridge of sand formed by the wind.

Kazusa – Japanese in origin and means one sand. 

Nagisa –Means beach, shore and is of Japanese origin.

Pyla – The largest sand dune in Europe.

Rotem – Hebrew in origin and comes from the name of a desert plant species Retama raetam.

The Final Thought

coming up with a baby name that is both beautiful and inspirational is extremely difficult for parents. Nobody wants their son or daughter to be the seventh one in their class with the same name.

Hopefully, our list has given you some very unique options that will ensure that your little one stands out in the crowd.