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101 Names That Mean Rose For Your Kiddo

Naming your child can be a minefield. Then you find one you love but your partner or relative comments their opinion and bam you are right back to where you started.  

Many articles and baby books list many different names, some with different spellings, meanings, and pronunciations.

It is at this time that you realize that the choice you make now will be with them for the rest of their life so the pressure is on to not get this wrong. You love the name Rose but maybe you want something that is a little bit more modern? Or maybe you want a name that means Rose?

Every year we see an influx in baby names and it is apparent that the names once deemed ‘old fashioned’ are now back with an added spring in their step.

In this article, we are looking at the name Rose. It became popular around the middle ages when parents thought the name ‘Rose’ signified beauty and elegance much like the flower itself.

Many saints and famous actresses have been blessed with this name and with a heritage like this, there is no wonder that the name is becoming more popular once more.

Names That Mean Rose

Altansarnai – from a Mongolian heritage this name means ‘golden rose’ which is very rare just like the uniqueness of the name. 

Bellerose – meaning ‘beautiful rose’ two names beautifully matched with a name of a previous queen and a New York neighborhood.

Chloris – Originated from Greece this is the name given to the Greek goddess of roses.

Golzar – Means ‘red cheeked beautiful girl’, originated from Persian origins. 

Gulruckh – Wonderful translation to ‘rose-faced,’ this name has Urdu connections

Golnar – Popular in Persian countries this name refers to red rose-like flowers.

Kaly – Meaning ‘Rosebud’ and beloved associated with Arabic origins.

Kalyna – Not as popular but this  Ukrainian name refers to a certain species of rose known as ‘Guelder’ 

Malai – A wonderful Thai name meaning ‘rose garland’.

Mariene – With its French connections this name ties itself to a biblical meaning or Marie or Virgin Mary. This significance lends itself with the rose meaning.

Maryam – This name comes from a Hebrew origin. Its meaning conveys ‘beloved child’ and due to the biblical reference of being the name of Moses’ sister it has the significance of the rose.

Melrose – A mix-up between Melanie and rose this Scottish beauty speaks for itself.

Mawr– This name translates from Indonesian to English as rose.

Nasrin – Meaning ‘wild rose’ it could be perfect for a busy child, originated from Arabic culture. 

Nitzan – With Hebrew origins this name means ‘rosebud.’

Nazgul – A unique name meaning ‘flower’ with Kazakh origins. 

Primrose – derived from the Latin name ‘prima rosa’ meaning first Rose. 

Petal – This name speaks for itself and can be related to ‘the soft petals of a rose.’

Primula – the Latin origin of this name speculates the meaning of ‘first rose.’

Ros – originated from English origins, meaning ‘Rose’

Rosa – beautiful name meaning ‘little rose’ originated from the 19th century strongly associated with the Virgin Mary.

Rosabel – Latin origin meaning meaning ‘beautiful rose’, ‘charming kind of beauty.’

Rosana – a mix of popular names Rose and Anna.  Holds strong Christian significance in the English heritage. 

Roseann – beautiful name meaning ‘graceful rose.’ It suggests that this name is known to be God’s favor on a newborn. 

Rosetta – English origins meaning ‘little rose.’

Rosita – meaning ‘queen of roses’, this name has associations of honor fame, and kindness.   

Rouzia – Addition to the English names, associated with a risk-taking nature and enjoyment of adventure. 

Rozy – Refers to English ‘rose like beauty’ also believed to bring the bearer good luck. 

Radda – Stemming with Yiddish Origins it beautifully translates to Rose.

Raisa – An old Jewish fashion statement meaning rose that could once again be resurrected in years to come. 

Raizel – Translates to Rose from Yiddish heritage.

Raysel – Another form of Raizel.

Roisin – Beautiful Irish characteristics meaning ‘little rose’, also has connections to delicate.

Roos – This name means ‘blossoming rose’, a wonderful Dutch meaning.

Rosabelle – This name lends itself to the Latin culture also meaning ‘blossoming rose.’

Rosamond – With its German roots this name can depict any newborn meaning ‘pure.’

Rosel – A Swedish name that means rose.

Rosana – From Hebrew origins. Meaning ‘Graceful rose.’

Rosemarie – A French term meaning ‘bitter rose.’

Roza – Translates into rose in many Slavic languages.

Rozenn – With its Breton heritage this name refers to a ‘rose with spikes.’

Sabrina – A wonderful traditional Arabic name meaning ‘white rose’.

Sarnai – Mongolian origin, translates to rose.

Sivard – A classic Armenian name meaning ‘love rose’.

Susanne – A more popular name nowadays with its Greek origin it refers to the biblical reference of roses and lilies.

Vardan – among the precious Armenian names meaning rose.

Vardo – Becoming popular in many other nationalities this name with a Georgian origin means rose.

Varduhi – Armenian meaning ‘rose lady.’

Warda– another Arabic beauty meaning ‘flower’.

Zahra – With its unique spelling this name is becoming more fashionable, meaning ‘flower’ it lends itself to its Arabic heritage. 

Zetta – Much like you during pregnancy this Hebrew name means ‘rose blossom.’

Woman in a rose garden

Now we assume that many names related to Rose would usually be female but there are many male names that can have similar meanings. If you are desperate to name your child after a family member but feel you want something more masculine, check out the names below:

Arnit – A Hindi name meaning ‘beautiful flower.’

Basilio – This royal French name lends itself to the royals, many Royals had roses as their family symbol. 

Cole – An English name that is still around references to the ‘Prince of red roses’

Rhodes – Another English name meaning ‘garden of roses.’

Roslyn – A German name that is unisex.

Ross – Popular in the ’80s this Scottish name translates to ‘rose’ or ‘person with red hair’

Roswold – A German horse name that applies itself to a ‘field of roses.’

Roswell – Refers to ‘blossoming roses in the spring’

Samy – Arabic name meaning ‘roses found near caves’

Vered – Another for the Hebrew collection meaning rose.

Still not set on a name? what about looking at other names with flower meanings? 

Acacia – A Greek name meaning ‘Thorny Tree.’

Alyssa – Another Greek beauty refers to the alyssum flower, believed to have healing powers.

Amaryllis – Greek heritage this name captures the wonder of the flower that blooms with vitality.

Azalea – A beautiful Greek name meaning ‘everlasting beauty.’

Briony – Refers to a Greek climbing plant.

Calla – Formally representing the calla lily this name has a wonderful Greek feel.

Camellia – Latina name meaning ‘helper to a priest.’

Celinda – Similar to the name Jasmin this English version celebrates the Celinda flower. 

Clover – Formally found in English Meadows.

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Crisanta – Spanish from Greek and means golden flower, chrysanthemum.

Daffodil – National flower of Wales, with a Dutch origin.

Dahlia – A Swedish Autumn flower could be the perfect name for a little one born in this season. 

Daisy – More popular nowadays the English name means day’s eye.

Daphne – Greek origin this name symbolizes the Laurel tree.

Flora – A Latin name for flower.

Hazel – Another English beauty referring to witch-hazel

Iris – A Greek flower meaning rainbow.

Jasmine – Refers to the sweet smell of Jasmine flowers.

Juniper – Latin name. Known to refer to an evergreen tree.

Lavender – Beautiful sweet-smelling plants with a French Origin.

Leilani – A Hawaiian name meaning heavenly flower.

Lily – A beautiful name for a baby girl. This gorgeous Greek name means ‘pure, passion and rebirth.’

Lotus – A symbol of purity in the Buddhism faith.

Lolanthe – meaning violet flower this name is unique in its own right.

Lily-Rose – A mash of two beautiful names. Popular amongst several actors.

Liana – French name translates to ‘climbing like a vine.’

Margaret – Greek name meaning pearl. 

Marigold – An English name meaning golden flower.

Myrtle – A Greek plant that is associated with love, peace, fertility, and youth.

Nydia – Rare English name meaning flower nest.

Orchid – A plant that carries itself with sophistication and beauty.

Peony – This Greek name associates itself with healing properties.

Petunia – Refers to the English trumpet-shaped flower.

Posy – A bunch of flowers, everyone loves flowers right?

Shoshana – Meaning Lily in Hebrew.

Senna – From its Arabic origin, this name symbolizes light.

Violet – From the Latin culture, it lends itself to the meaning purple flower.

Willow – Symbolizes Freedom.

Zaynab – ‘Fragrant flower’ with Arabic origin.

Zinna – A German name lending itself to the sunflower family.

The Final Thought

Hopefully, after this extensive list you have come across one or two names that you love, but please remember not to stress too much about choosing a name before your baby arrives.

Use the time to enjoy researching the many different names and cultures from which they come from. If you are still searching for that perfect name then why not check out our ultimate guide to choosing a baby name here.

Good luck and hope you find the perfect name for you and your baby!