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100 Unique Vietnamese Girl Names With Meanings

Vietnam is a country filled with wonder and stunning scenery. It’s no surprise that the baby names that they use are equally amazing. The vast majority of Vietnamese people use their middle name.

This is because their last name usually matches the name of the emperor at the time to show loyalty. Check out our list of some of our favorite Vietnamese baby girl names and their meanings below. 

Vietnamese Baby Girl Names Derived From Nature

Vietnam is known for its amazing awe-inspiring scenery and biodiversity. So it’s easy to see why they have so many gorgeous names inspired and derived from nature. Many of these names are timeless and cross time and history.

A’nh – It means ‘light ray,’ a meaning suitable for your baby who’s your own personal ray of light.

Cam – For a little girl that emanates warmth, this name is perfect as it means ‘orange or a mountain sunset.’

Ca,nh – A name that means ‘scenery.’ It’s typically associated with Vietnam’s eye-catching and beautiful scenery.

Chi – A name that means ‘tree branch, twig.’

Diep – The name means ‘leaves.’

Dong – It means ‘winter.’

Giang – This name means ‘river,’ but is pronounced as ‘yaahng’ in the south and ‘zaahng’ in the north of Vietnam.

Ha – It’s another name that translates ‘to the river.’

Lam – This means ‘jungle, dense forest,’ and is actually of Chinese origin.

Lieu – It means ‘willow.’

Nam Ha – This means ‘South River.’

Suong – This name translates to ‘fog.’

Thu – It can mean ‘autumn or poem.’

Thuy – A name that translates to water.

Van – This light and airy name mean ‘cloud.’

Xuan – This name translates to ‘spring.’

vietnam streets

Baby Girl Names Inspired By Food

Vietnamese food is inspired by a variety of different flavors and textures. Vietnamese fruit is just as inspired as their food.

The names that are associated with the indigenous food of Vietnam can and do provide great inspiration for some fantastic baby girl names.

Cam – This name means ‘sweet citrus.’

Da’o – This name means ‘peach blossom.’ It just sounds so juicy and scrumptious.

Lang – This name means ‘sweet potato.’

Le – The name means ‘pear.’

Hanh – This name has several different meanings one of which is ‘apricot tree.’

Hong Hanh – This name is longer than the usual single-syllable names and means ‘pink apricot blossom.’

Mai – This name translates to ‘cherry blossom.’

Thom – This name can have several different meanings. It can mean ‘sweet-smelling’ but sometimes it can mean ‘pineapple’ or even refer to other exotic fruit.

Baby Girl Names Associated With Personality Attributes

Vietnamese names are often derived from or associated with qualities that we would want our children to embody.

Ai’ – This name means ‘beloved and gentle.’ A great name for a girl who is compassionate and loved.

An – This is a name that can be suitable for either boys or girls and translates as ‘peace.’ It’s perfect for a little girl who is peaceful and who strives for a peaceful world.

An Dung – This means a ‘peaceful hero.’ A great name if you hope for your baby girl to be someone who is patient and kind while always wanting the world to be a better place.

Anh – Another name that is great for either boys or girls. It means ‘intellectual’ and is associated with brightness.

Bao – It means ‘protection.’ This implies that the protection goes both ways, that your little girl will be protected but will also protect others.

Bi’nh – This name translates to ‘peace.’

Cadeo – This is actually a folk song in Vietnamese. It’s a beautiful name for a little songstress.

C’ng – The name means ‘skillful or industrious.’

Vietnamese girl

Cais – A name that means ‘a person who rejoices.’

Diu – This name means ‘gentle, tender, and mellow.’

Do’an Vien – It translates to ‘a happy reunion.’

Han – The name means ‘faithful and moral.’ A brilliant choice for a little girl who is a truly good person.

Hie’n – This means ‘gentle, nice, and quiet.’ It is another name that can be suitable for either a boy or a girl, but it is more commonly used for a girl.

Ke’t Nien – This name means ‘a year of unity.’

Kie’u – A name that translates to ‘graceful or beloved.’ The name is featured as the name of the heroine in the book A Tale of Kieu by Nguyen Du.

La’nh – A name that translates to ‘gentle.’

Le – A name that translates to ‘shyness and humbleness.’

Linh – A name that means a ‘gentle spirit.’

Tam – A super sweet name that means ‘heart.’

Tha’m – This name translates to ‘discreet grace’ and is associated with being humble.

Thao – A name that means ‘grass,’ but can also mean ‘kind, sweet, and nice.’

Thi – A name that means ‘poem.’

Thuy – This means ‘friendly and gentle.’

Trang – A name that means an ‘intelligent or serious person.’

Trinh – A name that means ‘one who is pure, virtuous, and virginal.’

Tu – This name means ‘luxurious, elegant, and outstanding.’

Vie’t – This means ‘to write.’

Vinh – A name that means ‘glory.’

Yen – A name that translates to ‘peace, safe, and standstill.’

Vietnamese Girl Names Inspired By Precious Treasures

This selection is inspired by beautiful precious stones and other treasures. 

Be’ – A name that means ‘baby’ in Vietnamese.

Be – A name that translates to ‘a doll.’ This is a lovely short name.

Vietnamese woman

Bi’ch – A name that means ‘jade’ in Vietnamese, which is an ornamental and valuable mineral.

Chau – Another example of a great unisex name that translates to ‘pearls and precious stones.’

Ha’i – This is an old name for ‘fairy shoes.’

Khanh – A name that means ‘precious stone for a precious baby.’

My – A name that means ‘pretty.’

Ngoc – Another name that means ‘jade.’ It also means ‘precious stone.’ Vietnam is often called the Land of Jade.

Ngoc Bich – A name that translates to ‘sapphire jade.’ It is a beautiful color and a very valuable jewel.

Nhung – A name that means ‘velvet.’

Qu’y – A name that means ‘precious.’ It’s an example of a great unisex name.

Girl Names With A Hint Of Color

Colors can be used to symbolize a person’s mood or personality. Vietnamese colors are renowned for being bright, vibrant, and rich. Check out what colors these Vietnamese names are inspired by.

O’ng – A name that translates to ‘rose pink.’

Hy’unh – This name means ‘yellow.’

Huyen – A name that means ‘jet black.’

Kim – A name that means ‘gold or golden.’

Thanh Ha – This name translates to ‘teal river.’

Tuyet – A name that translates to ‘snow white.’

Baby Girl Names That Have Floral Meanings

From the national flower of Vietnam to other beautiful flora, they have all inspired some of the most unique and beautiful baby girl names. Check out our list below to see if there are any that make you bloom.

Cuc – This name means ‘chrysanthemum.’ These flowers are native to East Asia and North-Eastern Europe. They come in a wide variety of colors.

Hoa – This is a type of flower and it is pronounced Hwa.

Hue – A name that means ‘lily flower, intelligence, and enlightenment.’

Hung – A name that means ‘pink rose.’

Huong – A name means the ‘scent of a flower.’

Kim Cu’c – This name means ‘yellow chrysanthemum.’

Vietnamese girl in a stroller

Lan – This name translates to ‘orchid.’

Lien – A name that translates to ‘lotus.’ This is actually the national flower of Vietnam and is a symbol of purity. It is also a sacred plant.

Celestial Vietnamese Girl Names

Names that are associated with the sky, stars, or the heavens are almost always beautiful. There is a vast ocean of Vietnamese names to choose from that have been inspired celestially.

Am – This name means ‘lunar.’ This would be perfect for a baby born when the moon is at its highest.

Hai – A name that means the ‘living ocean or sea.’

Ha’ng – This name means ‘angel in the full moon.’

Hanh Phu’c – A name that means ‘blessing from above and happiness.’

Nguyet – This means ‘moon.’

Nhu – A name that translates to ‘gentle, peaceful, like a calming wave.’

Phuong – A name that means ‘orientation’ in terms of geometry.

Thanh – This word has many associations such as blue sky, and elegant looking. It actually means ‘bright, sunny, light, or pleasing to the ear.’

Thien – This name translates to ‘heavenly.’

Tien – This name means ‘fairy, spirit, or angel.’

Truc – This name translates to ‘wish.’

Tuyen – A name that means ‘angel’ and is a variation of the name Tien.

Tuye’n – This name translates to ‘line’ or it can mean ‘ray.’

Uoc – This name means ‘wishes.’

Vietnamese Girl Names That Have Animals Meanings

Choosing a name that has been inspired by an animal can be a little tricky as some animals have some less than desirable qualities. But there are also some amazing creatures on this earth that really have some of the most beautiful qualities.

Ly – This name means ‘lion.’ It signifies a girl that is strong, mighty, and may even be a little wild sometimes.

Phuong – This name translates to ‘phoenix’ which represents a bird that can rise from the ashes.

Vietnamese women

Qui – This name means ‘turtle, slow and steady will win the race.’

Long – This name translates to ‘dragon.’ It signifies that your little girl will be fierce, patient, and powerful.

Ho ng Yen – A name that means ‘pink swallow bird.’

Kim-Ly – This name means ‘golden lion.’

Loan – It means ‘lucky bird’ in Chinese myth.

Ye’n – A name that signifies a swallow bird.

The Final Thought

Vietnam is a country that is steeped in history and culture. Their names date back many centuries and are very much inspired by the world around them.

If you do happen to choose one of these beautiful Vietnamese names, you won’t go wrong. Happy choosing!