46 Shy Girl Names – Cute, Quiet, or Timid

46 Shy Girl Names - Cute, Quiet, or Timid

There are endless options when it comes to choosing a name for your baby. There are hundreds of different names available, all with their own meaning and heritage.

Most parents want their baby’s name to be special and to have a positive meaning. Quiet people tend to observe and decide, rather than jumping to conclusions and this is what makes them stand out from the crowds.

This can only be a positive trait to have so why not give your child a name that will set them on the right path from the beginning. We have compiled a list of some beautiful, unique, and unusual names for baby girls that mean shy, timid, quiet, or cute.

Girls Names That Mean Shy or Quiet


Ankhosig – A name that means ‘quiet.’


Ballari – This name means ‘walking quietly’ or ‘one who walks softly.’


Concord – A name with various meanings, one of which is ‘quiet.’

Celaine – A name that means ‘quiet cute girl.’


Darshinika – A name that means ‘seeing quietly.’

Dianthe – A name that means ‘quiet and introspective.’

Diara – A name that means ‘a gift.’ They’re quiet and a commander.


Ecgtheow – A name that means ‘peace,’ ‘quiet,’ and ‘harmony.’


Galena – The one who is quiet and peaceful.

Galene – The one who is relaxing and quiet.

Galina – A name that means ‘spirit of quiet oceans.’

Golnar/Grania/Gwladys – Those with this name have a deep inner need for quiet.

Gonilda – Quiet and reserved people who want to live alone.

cute baby girl


Hien – A name that means ‘gentle,’ ‘nice,’ ‘quiet,’ and ‘persevering.’

Hilja – A name that means ‘silence,’ ‘quiet,’ and ‘calm.’

Hudan – A woman who is quiet.


Imajuik – She who is meek and quiet.


Jheel – Lake that is so calm and quiet.

Joan – People with this name have a deep need for quiet.

Jolina – These people remain quiet and keep on analyzing the people and places where they live.


Kafi – A name that means ‘quiet.’

Kaimalie – Hawaiian origin and means ‘calm sea, quiet sea’.


Laqueta – A woman who is silent, quiet, and calm.

Li Jing – A name that has many meanings one of which is quiet.

Longo – A name that means ‘quiet.’


Mikaela – A bright and beautiful female filled with quiet and loving nature.


Nyein – A name that means ‘quiet’ and ‘calmness.’


Ovia – A quiet and simple being.


Placida – A quiet and calm woman.


Ramineh – A woman of a quiet and peaceful personality.

Ramzia – A name for a reserved, quiet girl.

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Shye – A shy and quiet woman.

Susu – A very slight sound. A quiet person.


Tacita – The female variant of Tacitus that means ‘quiet.’

Tihana – A quiet person, a saint.

Tihomira – The female form of Tihomir. It means a quiet and peaceful world.


Wening – A name that means ‘quiet.’

Girls Names That Mean Cute

You will not find any names that mean cute but there are some fantastic girls’ names that mean beautiful.


Bella – A name that means ‘beautiful.’

Belinda – A name that means pretty one or very beautiful.

Bonnie – A name that means ‘beautiful’ and ‘cheerful.’ It is derived from Scotland where they actually use the word in place of pretty.


Calista – A name of Greek origin and means ‘most beautiful.’

Calliope – A name of Greek origin, Calliope was the Greek muse who presided over eloquence and poetry. The name means ‘beautiful voice.’


Linda – Like Bonnie, this name comes from a word that means ‘pretty’ in its Spanish origin.

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Mabel – A name of Latin origins. It means ‘beautiful’, ‘loving’, and  ‘lovable.’


Naomi – This Hebrew name means ‘beautiful’, ‘pleasant’, and ‘delightful.’


Venus – The Roman Goddess of beauty and love.

The Final Thought

Whether you choose a name that means quiet or a name that means shy, your baby’s name will be special because you have taken the time to find a name that is perfect for them!

I hope that our list gives you some inspiration so that you can find that perfect name for your little one.

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