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88 Shy Girl Names – Cute, Quiet, or Timid

There are endless options when it comes to choosing a name for your baby. With tens of thousands of different names available, all with their own meaning and heritage, it shouldn’t be too hard to pick some shy girl names.

46 Shy Girl Names - Cute, Quiet, or Timid

Most parents want their baby’s name to be special and to have a positive meaning. Quiet people tend to observe and decide, rather than jumping to conclusions and this is what makes them stand out from the crowds.

This can only be a positive trait to have so why not give your child a name that will set them on the right path from the beginning. We have compiled a list of some beautiful, unique, and unusual names for baby girls that mean shy, timid, quiet, or cute.

Girls Names That Mean Shy or Quiet


Amity – A name of ancient Middle English origin and means harmony.

Ankhosig – A name that means ‘quiet.’

Aquene – Of Native American origin and translates to peace. The name is pronounced aa-key-neh

Arcadia – Greek in origin and means a reign of peace and prosperity.


Ballari – This name means ‘walking quietly’ or ‘one who walks softly.’


Celaine – A name that means ‘quiet cute girl.’

Clementine – Of French origin and means the one who shows mercy. The name is derived from clemens.

Concord – A name with various meanings, one of which is ‘quiet.’


Darshinika – A name that means ‘seeing quietly.’

Dianthe – A name that means ‘quiet and introspective.’

Diara – A name that means ‘a gift.’ They’re quiet and a commander.

Dove – The bird that symbolizes peace and the Holy Spirit.


Ecgtheow – A name that means ‘peace,’ ‘quiet,’ and ‘harmony.’


Frida – Of English origin and means peace. It is also the feminine version of Frederick.


Galena – The one who is quiet and peaceful.

Galene – The one who is relaxing and quiet.

Galina – A name that means ‘spirit of quiet oceans.’

Golnar/Grania/Gwladys – Those with this name have a deep inner need for quiet.

Gonilda – Quiet and reserved people who want to live alone.

cute baby girl


Halinka – Of Greek origin and means tranquil or silent.

Hien – A name that means ‘gentle,’ ‘nice,’ ‘quiet,’ and ‘persevering.’

Hilja – A name that means ‘silence,’ ‘quiet,’ and ‘calm.’

Hudan – A woman who is quiet.


Imajuik – She who is meek and quiet.

Irene – Derived from Eirene who was the Greek goddess of peace, the name is of Greek origin.


Jaylen – Of Greek origin and is derived from Galen which denotes someone who is tranquil.

Jheel – Lake that is so calm and quiet.

Joan – People with this name have a deep need for quiet.

Jolina – These people remain quiet and keep on analyzing the people and places where they live.


Kafi – A name that means ‘quiet.’

Kaimalie – Hawaiian origin and means ‘calm sea, quiet sea’.


Laqueta – A woman who is silent, quiet, and calm.

Li Jing – A name that has many meanings one of which is quiet.

Longo – A name that means ‘quiet.’


Mikaela – A bright and beautiful female filled with quiet and loving nature.

Mikalah – Of English origin and is the name given to a shy and beautiful girl.

Mira – Slavic in origin and means peace. The name is derived from Mir.

Mirela – A name of Romanian origin and means peace, it is derived from Mirella.


Nalani – Of Hawaiian origin and means divine skies.

Nyein – A name that means ‘quiet’ and ‘calmness.’


Olivia – The French feminine version of Oliver. The name represents an olive branch which in itself is a symbol of peace and forgiveness.

Ovia – A quiet and simple being.


Pacifica – a name derived from the Pacific Ocean and is of Spanish origin meaning peaceful.

Paloma – Of Spanish origin and represents the dove who is the messenger of peace.

Paxton – Latin in origin and means peaceful town.

Placida – A quiet and calm woman.


Ramineh – A woman of a quiet and peaceful personality.

Ramzia – A name for a reserved, quiet girl.

cute baby girl


Sakina – The name is of Arabic origin and is derived from the word sukun meaning tranquility and peacefulness.

Salem – Hebrew in origin and means peace.

Sayna – Of Arabic origin and means silent.

Serena – Latin in origin and means serene or calm.

Shye – A shy and quiet woman.

Susu – A very slight sound. A quiet person.


Tacey – Of Latin origin and means to be silent.

Tacita – The female variant of Tacitus that means ‘quiet.’

Tihana – A quiet person, a saint.

Tihomira – The female form of Tihomir. It means a quiet and peaceful world.

Tiombe – African in origin and means someone who is shy.

Tullia – A name of Romanian origin and means silent or peaceful.


Wening – A name that means ‘quiet.’


Yasu – Japanese in origin and means peaceful and calm.

Yen – A name of Vietnamese origin and means serene.

Girls Names That Mean Cute

You will not find any names that mean cute but there are some fantastic girls’ names that mean beautiful.


Alana – An Irish variation of Alan and means handsome, cheerful.

Alina – Of Slavic origin and means bright and beautiful.

Amara – This name is of mixed origin in Igbo, Sanskrit, and Arabic meaning grace, immortal, and tribe.

Aoife – Both Irish and Gaelic origin and means beautiful and radiant.

Arabella – A name of Latin origin and means yielding to prayer.

Astrid – Of Scandinavian origin and means divinely beautiful.


Bella – A name that means ‘beautiful.’

Belle – Of French origin and is the short form of Isabelle and means beautiful.

Belinda – A name that means pretty one or very beautiful.

Bonnie – A name that means ‘beautiful’ and ‘cheerful.’ It is derived from Scotland where they actually use the word in place of pretty.


Calista – A name of Greek origin and means ‘most beautiful.’

Calla – Of Greek origin and means beautiful.

Callie – Greek diminutive and means beautiful.

Calliope – A name of Greek origin, Calliope was the Greek muse who presided over eloquence and poetry. The name means ‘beautiful voice.’

Caoimhe – Of Irish and Scottish origin and means beautiful.

Cosima – Italian in origin and means order, beauty.


Fritha – Of Norse origin and means fair, beautiful.


Ingrid – Of Norse origin and means fair; Ing is beautiful.


Linda – Like Bonnie, this name comes from a word that means ‘pretty’ in its Spanish origin.

cute baby girl


Mabel – A name of Latin origins. It means ‘beautiful’, ‘loving’, and  ‘lovable.’

Mika – Of Japanese origin and means beautiful fragrance.


Naomi – This Hebrew name means ‘beautiful’, ‘pleasant’, and ‘delightful.’


Rosalind – Of Latin origin and means pretty rose.

Rumi – Japanese in origin and means beauty, flow, lapis lazuli.


Venus – The Roman Goddess of beauty and love.

The Final Thought

Whether you choose a name that means quiet or a name that means shy, your baby’s name will be special because you have taken the time to find a name that is perfect for them!

I hope that our list gives you some inspiration so that you can find that perfect name for your little one.