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250 Amazing Boys Names That Start With F

Finding the perfect name for your little boy can be a challenge and one that often causes new parents huge amounts of stress.

But do not worry we have put together some of our favorite boy names both trendy and unique that start with the letter F. Hopefully there is the perfect name in amongst our list.

Trendy Boy Names That Start With The Letter F  

Fabian – He who farms beans.

Fairleigh – One who is from the ram meadow.

Fallon – A supreme person.

Farley – Means from the bulls meadow and is of English origin.

Fay – An Irish name that means raven.

Feliks – The Russian and Polish form of Felix which means lucky.

Felix – This name is of Latin origin and means happy or lucky.

Fionn – A name of Gaelic origin that means handsome.

Fletcher – This is an occupational name, arrow maker, and is of

Flin – A Gaelic name meaning son of the red-haired one.

Francis – Saint Francis of Assisi was an Italian priest who founded the Franciscan order.

Francesco – Italian origin meaning free.

Franco – Franco is the cool older brother of Francis, Frank, and Francisco.

Frank – An English name meaning free man.

Frankie – A diminutive of Frank and means free.

Franklin – A name of English origin meaning free man or landholder.

Franky – An English name that is a diminutive of Frank.

Fred – From the old English and Germanic meaning strong peace.

Freddy – Means peaceful ruler and is of German origin.

Frederick – Son of British royal George III.

Fredrik – Scandinavian origin and means peaceful ruler. 

Quirky Boy Names Starting With The F 

Fa – A Chinese name meaning a new beginning. 

Faaiz – A victorious, triumphant man.

Faber – A German form of Fabius.

Fabiano – A man who grows beans.

Fabio – Italian and Spanish origin meaning bean grower.

Fable – A short tale to teach a moral lesson.

Fabre – A young blacksmith.

Faegan – A joyful person.

Faer – This is a name of English origin that means traveler.

Fai – A Chinese boy’s name meaning growth.

Fain – English origin and means joyful.

Faine – A name of English origin that means good-natured.

Fairlee – Meadow of the sheep.

Fairleigh – Meadow of the bull.

Fairley – A variant of Farley.

Fairlie – One who is from the bull’s pasture.

Fal – A descendant of a leader.

Falaah – Quranic name meaning salvation.

Falan – A fertile land.

Falco – A name related to falconry.

Falcon – A falcon bird.

Falta – A name of English origin.

Fan – Short for Francis.

Fane – One who is very happy.

Farah – Of Arabic origin meaning joy or merriness.

Faraz – Means above and is of Persian origin.

Faris – From the English meaning Iron strong.

Farrah – Ironsmith.

Farrel – Means brave and is of Celtic origin.

Farrin – An Irish name that means the land.

Farris – This is a Greek name that means rock.

Feleti – Name from Tonga.

Felician – Of Latin origin and means happy.

Felton – Means from the settlement in the field and is of English origin.

Boy portrait winter outdoor

Fender – From the defender.

Fenix – Dark red.

Fenris – A mythical monster wolf. Norse origin.

Fenton – Means marsh town or swamp town.

Feo – Short form of Maffeo or Feodora.

Feri – This is a name of Latin origin that means free.

Fergus – Of Celtic origin and means man of Vigor.

Fernando – This name conveys a sense of spirit and adventure.

Ferrando – An Italian equivalent of Ferdinand.

Ferrin – The land, thunder.

Fidal – Of Latin origin and means faithful.

Finn – Irish origin meaning fair.

Finnbar – Means blond and is of Celtic origin.

Fisher – Fisherman.

Flint – Flint stone produces a spark of fire when struck with steel. English origin.

Flynn – Means the son of a red-haired man and is of Irish origin.

Francisco – This is the Spanish version of Francis.

Francois – A French name meaning free.

Frasco – Spanish origin.

Fraser – A name of Scottish origin. Possibly the name of a major Scottish clan.

Frasier – A variant of Fraser of the forest men. Scottish origin.

Freyr – The god of weather.

Frisco – A name of Spanish origin.

Fonzell – An abbreviation of Alfonso with German and Latin origin.

Fonzo – An abbreviation of Alfonso with Latin and Spanish origin.

Forba – Means headstrong and is of Irish origin.

Fynbar – Celtic origin and means blond.

Unique Boy Names Starting With F 

Faadhil – A generous, praiseworthy man.

Faalgun – A name of a month in the Hindu calendar.

Faarees – One who is a knight, a good horseman.

Fabert – A French form of Fabius.

Fabius – The cultivator of beans.

Fabian – A name of Latin origin that means bean farmer. Derived from the Roman clan name Fabius.

Fabriano – Works with the hands.

Fabrice – A crafty man who works with his hands.

Fabumi – A name of African origin that means gift of God.

Facca – The sheep in the pasture.

Fachnan – The name of a saint.

Factor – Businessman.

Faddei – A boy who is brave and valiant.

Fadey – A man who is bold and very brave.

Fadeyka – Means brave and is of Ukrainian origin.

Fadhiler – A man of virtue and excellence.

Fadil – An Arabic name meaning virtuous, excellence, superior and distinguished.

Fadri – One who rules in peace.

Fadyenka – Means divine gift and is of Teutonic origin.

Faelen – Irish and Gaelic and means wolf. 

Faeerleah – From the bull’s pasture.

Faerwald – Of English origin and means powerful traveler.

Faeq – One who has the ability to surpass anyone, excellent.

Fafner – This is the name of a mythical dragon and is of Norse origin.

Fahad – Panther or Leopard.

Faid – One who has an advantage.

Faidh – A favorable one.

Faik – One who is morally superior.

Fairbanks – A bank along the pathway.

Fairfax – One with blond hair.

Fairoze – The name of a turquoise stone.

Faisal – Resolute. 

Faishah – A chief or leader.

Faisi – One who is greatly abundant.

Faivish – Someone with a bright and radiant personality.

Faiyaz – An artistic boy.

Faizan – One who is charitable.

Faizerabbani – One who has a divine talent.

Faizulanwar – One who is full of grace.

Fakahat – He who is good-natured.

Fakaruddin – One who takes pride in his religion.

Fakeeh – A boy with a cheerful disposition.

Fakhir – This is a name of Arabic origin meaning proud or honorary.

Fakhiri – One who is very proud.

Fakht – Moonlight, moonbeam, or radiance of the moon.

Fakih – A smart, intelligent man.

Fakir – A saintly person, wise and noble.

Falaagam – Producer of fruit.

Falak – A path of the galaxies.

Falakiko – A form of Francis, means Frenchman.

Falatun – He who is very powerful.

Falca – A versatile, desirable, and generous human being.

Falcon – Relating to falconry with an English origin.

Falconer – A falcon keeper.

Falconner – One who trains falcons.

Faleeq – The powerful creator.

Falere – Greenlandic variant of Valere. Means to be strong.

Falgu – A lovely boy.

Falguna – A name of a Hindu month.

Falih – One with great success.

Falito – Healing God.

Fallon – Of Irish origin and means in charge.

Fallamhain – Ruler.

Fallow – The fallow field.

Fanakar – One who is snake like.

Faneel – Sea waves.

Fanibhushan – One of the many names of Lord Shiva.

Fanindra – The Cosmic Serpent Shesh, lord of serpents.

Fang – Means wind.

Faodhagan – Gaelic origin meaning ardent.

Faolan – Little wolf.

Farag – To cure.

Faramond – Traveller’s protection.

Faran – Advances.

Farhad – Means handsome youth and id of Persian origin.

Farid – Means one of a kind and is of Arabic origin.

Faris – Of Arabic origin and means knight or horseback rider.

Farnham – English origin and means from the fern land or home.

Farnlee – Field with ferns, fern meadow.

Faro – Handsome servant.

Farold – Mighty voyager.

Farouk – This is a name of Arabic origin that means wise, one who distinguishes truth from falsehood.

Farquhar – A name of Gaelic origin meaning very dear.

Farquharson – Means son of the dear one and is of Scottish origin.

Farran – Arabic origin and means baker.

Farren – An Irish name that means adventurous.

Farrokh – This is a Persian name that means happy or fortunate.

Farrs – Means son of Farr and is of English origin.

Farruco – A name of Spanish origin.

Farryll – Hero, man of courage.

Faruq – Discerning truth from falsehood.

Farvardian – This is the first month of the Iranian calendar and is of Persian origin.

Farzad Of Persian origin and means splendid birth.

Fateh – Success.

Faust – Fortunate, enjoying good luck.

Favian – A name of Latin origin.

Favour – Means fay or fairy.

Feandan – From the narrow glen.

Fearghas – Supreme man, highest choice.

Fedele – Means faithful and is of Latin origin.

Federico – Italian and Spanish origin meaning peaceful ruler.

Fedyenka – A name of Russian origin.

Feirefiz – Amulatto heathen who became Christian.

Felabeorbt – Brilliant.

Feldon – From the field estate.

Felim – Ever good.

Fell – A name of Norse origin meaning from the rough hill.

Feodor – Divine gift, God’s gift.

Ferd – Bold voyager.

Ferehar – Mythical son of Uisineeh.

Ferke – This is a name of Latin origin that means free.

Ferris – Possibly derived from Fergus, Celtic origin and means rock.

Ferrol – Spanish place name.

Ferron – Iron-worker.

Fiacre – Saint Fiacre was an Irish saint who built a hospice in France. Celtic origin.

Fidelis – Fidel comes from Latin originally.

Fidello – A name of Latin origin that means faithful.

Filbert – Very bright.

Filip – A variation of Phillip meaning lover of horses.

Fillmore – Very famous.

Filomeno – Loving.

Findlay – This is a name of Gaelic origin meaning small blond soldier.

Finian – Irish origin and means fair.

Finlay – Means small blond soldier and is of Gaelic origin.

Finneen – Beautiful child.

Finnley – Variant of Finlay which means white or fair warrior.

Fintan – From Irish mythology meaning white fire.

Fionan – This is a name of Irish origin that means handsome.

Fionnbarr – Means handsome and is of Irish origin.

Fionnlagh – Is of Gaelic origin and means small blond soldier.

Fiorello – Italian origin and means little flower.

Firman – English origin and means traveler.

Firth – Arm of the sea.

Fsseha – Happiness, joy.

Flainn – This is an Irish name that means ruddy.

Flannan – Means ruddy and is of Irish origin.

Flannery – A name of Irish origin that means red-haired.

Flavian – Of Latin origin and means golden or blond.

Florian – This is a name of Latin origin meaning flowering or blooming.

Floyd – Celtic origin meaning grey.

Forest – Hails from old French origins and means woodsman.

Forrester – Means keeps the forest and is of English origin.

Forseti – Of Norse origin and means son of Balder.

Fortino – A name of Latin origin that means strong or fortunate.

Fortune – French origin meaning luck or fortune.

Fox – After the animal and is of English origin.

Francizek – The Italian version of the name Francis meaning free one.

Frandscus – This is a name of Teutonic origin that means free.

Frang – The Greek version of Frank.

Frannsaidh – The Gaelic version of Frank.

Frans – Of Danish and Swedish origin and means free.

Franz – The German version of Frank and in Danish means free.

Fredek – The Hungarian form of Frederick. Means peaceful ruler in Swedish.

Freowine – Means noble friend and is of English origin.

Frewyn – A name of English origin that means noble friend.

Freydolf – Peaceful wolf.

Frici – This is a name of Teutonic origin that means peaceful ruler.

Fridolf – Means peaceful wolf and is of Scandinavian origin.

Friedman – A free man, one freed from bound servitude to an overload.

Frigyes – Teutonic origin meaning peaceful ruler.

Fryderyk – Polish version of Frederick.

Fulaton – From the people’s estate.

Fulbert – Very bright.

Fuller – One who shrinks clothes.

Fulton – Settlement of the fowl

Fyodor – A name of Russian origin.

Fyren – Wicked.

Fyrsil – The Welsh form of Virgil.

The Final Thought

That is the end of our list and we hope that you have found the perfect name for your little boy. If not, do not despair there are plenty of names still out there waiting to be discovered.

Hopefully, we have given you some great inspiration to keep hunting for that perfect name.