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Best Baby Boy Names Starting with Bhu

Are you struggling to think of a name for your baby boy? Choosing a name for a baby is a really difficult decision and it can be hard to know where to start when there are millions of names to choose from.

If you are finding it hard to think of a baby boy’s name, looking to your culture, heritage, and family history can be a good starting place. 

If you are looking for a boy name beginning with ‘Bhu’, there are many names from Indian culture, Hinduism, and Sanskrit that may be the one for your baby boy.

Many names derived from South-Asian cultures have meanings rooted in nature and the elements. There are many names beginning with Bhu that would make an interesting and unique name for your baby boy. 

Best Baby Boy Names Starting With Bhu

We have compiled a list of the best baby boy names beginning with Bhu. You can find the origin and meaning of each baby boy’s name here too, we hope you find a name you love. 

Bhubandeep – Sanskrit – Goes towards the sun

Bhubhrta – Hindu – Supporter of the earth

Bhudev – Sanskrit – Lord of earth

Bhudhar – Hindu – One of the many names of Lord Vishnu

Bhudhara – Hindu – Supporter of the Earth/Lord Krishna/Shiva

Bhudhav – Sanskrit – Lord Vishnu 

Bhugarbha – Hindu – Womb of the earth 

Bhujaketu – Hindu – Holding a banner with a victorious arm 

Bhujang – Hindu – Serpent/Shive/King of the Earth

Bhujavirya – Hindu – Strong armed

Bhuji – Hindu – Granting favours

Bhulpreet – Hindu – Unforgettable love

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Bhuman – Sanskrit – Earth/all encompassing

Bhumat – Sanskrit – Possessing the earth/Ruler 

Bhumidhar – Hindu – Lord of the Earth

Bhumija – Hindu – Produced from the Earth

Bhumik – Sanskrit – Land Lord

Bhumin – Hindu – Son of the Earth/Defender of the Earth 

Bhuminder – Hindu – Lord of the Earth

Bhumisaya – Hindu – Sleeping on the earth

Bhumit – Sanskrit – Friend of Land 

Bhupad – Sanskrit – Firm 

Bhupal – Sanskrit – King

Bhupat – Sanskrit  – Lord of the Earth 

Bhupathi – Sanskrit – The hero of stunts 

Bhupendra – Sanskrit – King of the Earth 

Bhushan – Sanskrit – Ornament/Decoration 

Bhushana – Sanskrit – Lord Shiva 

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Bhutapala – Sanskrit – Protector of the ghosts 

Bhuv – Sanskrit – Sky/Heaven/Earth/World 

Bhuvanesh – Sanskrit  – Lord Vishna 

Bhuvaneshwar – Sanskrit – God of Earth

Bhuvas – Sanskrit – Air/Atmosphere/Heaven 

Bhuvnesh – Sanskrit – King of Earth 

Bhuwan – Hindu – World/Universe

The Final Thought

Baby boy names beginning with Bhu often have meanings rooted in nature and Indian culture.

Whether you are looking for a name to pay homage to your Indian heritage or you love the Earth and want your baby’s name to honor your passion for the planet, there are lots of boys’ names beginning with Bhu for you to choose from. 

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