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101 Vietnamese Boys Names With Meanings

Finding the perfect name for your baby can be a challenge. Parents often want to give their baby a name that is unique, honors their heritage, or has a significant meaning to their family or culture.

For example, Vietnamese names have a plethora of different meanings, but many names have meanings originating in the natural world – Chi is a popular Vietnamese name that means ‘branch’. 

Vietnam is in South East Asia and is known for its paradise-like beaches and delicious food. Vietnam has a rich history and culture and there are many Vietnamese names that reflect this.

In Vietnam names given to babies are often gender-neutral and the family name comes before the given and middle names.

If you are from a Western country or an English-speaking family you will likely want to put the Vietnamese given name first, placing it before the family name as is the norm in Western culture.

If you have Vietnamese heritage, want to honor your family roots based in Vietnam, or are just looking for a unique baby name with an interesting meaning, we have listed over 100 Vietnamese names in this article.

This list focuses on Vietnamese names for boys, however, many Vietnamese names are gender neutral and you may like one of these names for your baby daughter. 

We hope you find some Vietnamese boy’s names with meanings that you like on this list, you might just find the perfect baby name you have been searching for. 

Vietnamese Boys Names With Meanings

1. An – This name is derived from Sino-Vietnamese and means safe and secure.

2. Anh – Another name from Sino-Vietnamese, Anh means brave and hero.

3. An Dung– This name means peaceful hero. 

4. Ba – This Vietnamese name means three or third

5. Bảo – This name means treasure or jewel.

6. Bay – This song means born in July or seventh born son

7. Bich – This Vietnamese boy’s name means bluish-green.

8. Binh – This is a Vietnamese name for a boy and means peaceful.

9. Buu – This name means principle and guide

10. Ca – A Vietnamese name for a firstborn child, Ca means the eldest/the first. 

11. Cadeo – This name means folk song

12. C“ng – A name from Vietnam meaning industrious and skillful

13. Chi – The female version of Chi means branch, but when used for a boy Chi means will and spirit.

14. Chien – This Vietnamese boy’s name means fighter and warrior

15. Chinh – This boy’s name means righteousness.

16. Công – This name means fair, equitable, and public.

17. Cuong – A name meaning flourishing and healthy

18. Dai – A great name for a little boy, Dai means great

19. Danh – This name means famous.

20. Dat – This is a Vietnamese boy’s name for sons that are destined for great things as it means to achieve.

21. Dinh – Another Vietnamese name derived from nature, Dinh means summit.

22. Diệp – A Sino-Vietnamese name meaning leaf.

23. Diệu – A gender-neutral Vietnamese name meaning mysterious, subtle, and exquisite. 

24. Dong – This Vietnamese boy’s name means the East

25. Duc – This name means moral and good.

26. Dung – A name for brave boys, Dung means heroic and brave

27. Dương – A Vietnamese name for males that means Male and virile. 

28. Duy – This name means moral or only one.

29. Gia – A boy’s name that means family.

30. Giang – A name with its meaning originating from nature, Giang means river.

31. Hai – This name means ocean and sea.

32. Hào – A Vietnamese name that means brave and heroic.

33. Hau – This gender-neutral Vietnamese name means wishful.

34. Hien – This boy’s name means a gentleman

35. Hieu –  This Vietnamese name for males means respectful. 

36. Hoang – This name means gold and yellow.

37. Hoc – A name for a smart baby boy, Huc means studious

38. Hung – This Sino-Vietnamese name means brave and manly.

39. Hữu – This name means friend and companion.

40. Huy – A boy’s name meaning brightness and light.

41. Huynh – This is a name for a big brother, Huynh means older brother.

42. Hy – A boy’s name meaning hopeful.

43. Khánh – A Sino-Vietnamese name that means congratulate and celebrate. 

44. Kim – This Vietnamese name means gold or metal.

45. Lam – This boy’s name means knowledge

46. Lan – Derived from Sino-Vietnamese this name means orchid

47. Lanh– This gender-neutral Vietnamese name means happy person

48. Lap – A name for a baby boy who knows his own mind, Lap means independent.

49. L…nh – This Vietnamese baby name means peaceful

50. Liêm – This name means honest, clean, and upright.

51. Long – Another gender-neutral Vietnamese name, Long means dragon

52. Minh – From Sino-Vietnamese, Minh means bright

53. Nam – A boy’s name with the unusual meaning of scrape off. 

54. Nghi – This Vietnamese boy’s name means suspected

55. Nghia – A name for the ages, Nghi means forever

56. Ngải – This is a Vietnamese boy’s name meaning Sagebrush and wormwood.

57. Ngoc – This is a gender-neutral name that means gemstone.

58. Ngu – A name for a sleepy baby boy, Ngu means sleep. 

59. Nguyen – This is another Vietnamese boy’s name that means sleep.

60. Nguyen – A different version of the name above, Nguyen also means first man

61. Nhan – This name means person.

62. Nhung – A gender-neutral name that means velvet

63. Nien – This baby boy’s name means year.

64. Phong – This boy’s name is derived from the elements, Phong means wind. 

65. Phuc – This Vietnamese name for males and females means happiness, blessings, and good fortunes. 

66. Phuoc – This Vietnamese name also means good luck. 

67. Phuok – This name means good. 

68. Pin – This boy’s name means faithful boy. 

69. Quan – This name means army man

70. Quang – This Sino-Vietnamese name means bright and clear.

71. Quoc – This Vietnamese boy’s name means nation. 

72. Quý – This name means precious, treasured, and valuable.

73. Quyen – This Vietnamese boy’s name means power, right, and authority

74. Quỳnh – This gender-neutral Sino-Vietnamese name means deep red

75. Ritchell – Not the sweetest of baby names, Ritchell means gross and nasty.

76. Sang – This boy’s name means bright one

77. Sinh – This name means full of life. 

78. Sơn – A Vietnamese name that means mountain

79. Tai – Another Vietnamese name with a natural meaning, Tai means weather. 

80. Tam – This name means the number eight. 

81. Tan – A Vietnamese baby boy name meaning new

82. Teo –  A good name for a twin boy, Teo means twin

83. Thanh – This gender-neutral name means blue, green, and young

84. Thao – A Vietnamese name that means courteous.

85. Thien – This name means smooth. 

86. Thinh – This Vietnamese name for a boy means prosperous

87. Thuan – This name means pure, clean, and simple

88.Thu an – A name meaning conforming and tamed

89. Thuc – This baby boy’s name means aware.

90. Toan – This name means complete and secure. 

91.Tong – This boy’s name means fragrant.

92. Trai – A boy’s name deriving from the natural world, Trai means oyster.

93. Tri – This name means wisdom and intellect and is derived from Sino-Vietnamese. 

94. Trúc – This gender-neutral name means bamboo.

95. – A Sino-Vietnamese name meaning luxuriant, beautiful, elegant, and outstanding.

96.. Tuan – This name means man of obedience

97. Vân – A gender-neutral derived from Sino-Vietnamese meaning cloud

98. Văn – This boy’s name means literature, culture, and writing. 

99. Viên – This name means round, full, and complete.

100. Viện – A different spelling of the above, Viện means courtyard and institution

101. Vinh – This gender-neutral Vietnamese name means glorious. 

102. Xuân – A Vietnamese boy’s name that means Spring (the season). 

The Final Thought 

If you want to give your baby boy a Vietnamese name there are plenty to choose from. Many of these Vietnamese boys’ names have unique meanings, often deriving from the natural world or honoring the importance of family.

We hope that our list has given you some inspiration on what to name your new baby. 

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