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50 Cool Nicknames For Your Stepdad

Labels and language are important even more so when you are part of a stepfamily.

You only need to think of the abundance of names that are used to describe a stepfamily: blended, merged, reformed, reorganized, recycled, and the second time around families, to understand the complications that surround the labels put on stepfamilies.

Of course, the most important thing is the quality of the relationships that go on within that family that matters. But the labels that we use help us to explain to others how we are all connected to each other.

Being a stepdad is an extremely important job as is any job that is a father figure in a child’s life. Did you know that greater involvement from stepfather correlates with much better outcomes for children in all areas of their lives? 

But what is often the most difficult aspect of step-parenting is what should they call their stepdad?

For many stepchildren calling their stepdad, ‘dad’ may make them uncomfortable as it is the name associated with their biological father.

So we have put together some of the best nicknames for stepdads.

A Variant of ‘Dad’

If dad is already taken, then why not try one of these popular variations:

  1. Pa
  2. Pop
  3. Pops
  4. Poppa
  5. Daddyo
  6. Dado
  7. Father
  8. Old Man
  9. Papa Bear

And there are plenty more options available. 

Many stepchildren decide to use the term ‘dad’ or ‘daddy’ for both their biological and stepfather. This is not a problem as long as all parties are comfortable with it.

A Term of Endearment That Means ‘Leader’

Dads, stepdads, and men, in general, like to feel that they are head of the family. In the 21st century, it is doubtful that many people still look at it like this but maybe you could indulge them. 

I can’t imagine there is a stepdad who wouldn’t be okay with one fo these nicknames.

  1. Chief
  2. Coach
  3. Captain
  4. Zeus
  5. Boss
  6. Alpha
  7. Commander
  8. Admiral
  9. Warden

‘Professional’ Nickname

Maybe your stepdad has a super cool job that can lead to a great nickname. How about:

  1. Doc
  2. Chef
  3. Professor
  4. Teach’
  5. Sarge
  6. Judge

A Friendly Nickname

This is going to depend on the type of relationship that you have with your stepfather or stepkids (if you are the stepdad reading this).

But if you are fortunate to have a friendly relationship then there is no reason that you couldn’t choose a nickname that you would use for any of your other friends. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Dude
  2. Buddy
  3. Guy
  4. Mate
  5. Pal

Something From a Different Language

Did you know that there is a huge plethora of languages spoken all over the world and that almost every one of them has their own word for ‘dad’?  

There are some of the very popular ones from the more commonly spoken languages but there are also some not so common ones.

  1. Padre (Italian)
  2. Papi (Spanish)
  3. Mon Pere (French)
  4. Abbi (Arabic)
  5. Vater (German)
  6. Pai (Brazilian Portuguese)
  7. Athair (Irish)
  8. Baba (Persian)
  9. Abba (Hebrew)
  10. Otec ( Slovak)

These are some of our favorites but there are plenty more to choose from.

Something Cute, Funny, or Cool

Again this will depend on the relationship that is between stepchildren and stepdad. If it is good you may even have a funny story from where the nickname evolved.

  1. 007
  2. Admiral
  3. Agent
  4. Alpha Male
  5. Baby face
  6. Bald Man
  7. Beany
  8. BFG
  9. Bibble
  10. Big Boo
  11. Commander

Let The Children Choose

There is nothing worse than trying to force a child to call their stepdad a certain name unless of course, it is his given name.

Many stepchildren and stepdads feel uncomfortable with over-familiar names, especially in the beginning. So if they need to stick to their first name then that is perfectly fine.

Let them find their own way!

The Final Thought

Stepdads have a very important part to play in the lives of their stepchildren.

They may not share the same blood but these men have made a conscious decision to be a part of these children’s lives when they decided to be a part of their mothers’ lives.

They have a responsibility to help to raise strong, independent, forgiving, and emotionally intelligent children. So at least take the time and care to choose a good nickname for them!