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How To Label Bottles For Daycare

Sending your baby to daycare can be a very daunting experience for most parents. And you probably have a million questions. One that is asked frequently is how to label bottles for daycare.

This can be a source of extreme stress for working moms. So let’s have a look at four different ways to label your baby’s bottles ready for daycare.

Guidelines From Your Daycare Setting

Every daycare setting will have its own rules and regulations with regard to the safe handling of infant bottles.

Some of the rules will be dependent on whether your baby is having breastmilk or formula. You should be required to label all your baby’s bottles with at least their name and the date.

If your daycare setting is not requesting these measures you may want to rethink your choice of daycare. After all, what is stopping your little one from getting the incorrect milk? Or not getting any milk at all?

What To Look For In A Bottle Label

There are hundreds of different options available when it comes to labels, in fact, you are spoilt for choice. Here are a few things that you should look at when choosing which labels you are going to use for your baby bottles:

1. Uniqueness

The point of labeling your baby’s bottles is that they stand out and can easily be distinguished from other bottles.

So, chose colors and patterns that are easily recognizable, that are eye-catching. But not something that other parents would necessarily buy.

I know your baby loves dinosaurs or fairies and you can guarantee that every other baby in that daycare does too.

When the carer that is feeding your baby reaches for a bottle you want them to be certain without a shadow of a doubt that that bottle is your baby’s.

It is also highly likely that another mom will be using the same brand of bottles as you so the labeling is what will make yours stand out.

2. Durability

This is where you need to consider your long-term plans. Bottles can be a huge expense so do you intend to pass them down to your next baby? Do you plan to sell them on? Will you be gifting them to a friend or relative?

baby bottle for kid

Your answers to these questions are going to help you to determine what type of labels you are going to be looking to purchase.

So if you are going to be passing down or selling the baby bottles you want labels that are easily removable and leave no sticky residue behind. The ideal labels would be reusable bands or dissolvable labels.

If you have no intention of using the bottles after this baby and will be starting fresh with your next baby then it is perfectly fine for you to use the waterproof labels.

3. Size of The Label

Depending on what information you are required to add to a label, the size is going to be very important. You want a label that is big enough that clearly shows your baby’s name, the date, and any other information that is included.

But you do not want a label that is so big it takes over the bottle and prevents the measurement markings from being read on the bottle.

You may find that there is no ready-made label that meets your needs and so you have to use two different labels. If you do you still want to ensure that you are not obscuring the measurement markings on the bottle.

Baby Bottle Label Options

As I have said there are hundreds of different label options available and there may be some trial and error while you find the one that meets your needs the best.

Best Way To Label Bottles For Daycare

There are several different ways to label your baby’s bottles for daycare. But it depends on what information you are required to include on the label and what your goals are.

Do you just need to include your baby’s name and the date? Do you have to include your name, your baby’s name, the date, and the time? 

Are you looking to do it in a budget-friendly way? Do you want a time-saving option? or do you care more about the looks and want it all matching?

Whatever you are looking for there is a way to label your bottles for a daycare that will meet all your needs.

What To Use To Label Bottles For Daycare

Waterproof Labels

Baby Bottle Labels for Daycare, Tinabless Self-Laminating, Waterproof Write-On Name Stickers for School, Travel (Pack of 80)


  • They are inexpensive.
  • Can be customized.
  • Can be used for other items such as clothing or bags.


  • You may need several labels as they may not stick as long.
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Dissolvable Labels

DISSOLVABLE Baby Bottle Labels Single Use for Daycare 101 Labels


  • No sticky residue left on the bottle.
  • Easy and quick to use each day.


  • Issues with labels when warming bottles as they get wet.
  • Information could become unreadable if it gets wet.
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Reuseable Bands

The Original Write and Reuse Baby Bottle Labels for Daycare


  • These are the least time-consuming.
  • Information can be updated each day.
  • They do not stick to the bottle so don’t leave any residue.


  • No option to label the lids of bottles
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How To Label Baby Bottles For Daycare

With Waterproof Labels

  1. Choose a unique design that you like
  2. Place two labels on each bottle. One at the front and one at the back. And don’t forget the bottle cap.
  3. Take a piece of masking tape or a plain white label and write the date.
  4. Place the tape or label on the bottle in a place where it will be clearly seen.

With Dissolvable Labels

  1. Write all the information on the label in pen.
  2. Ensure that your bottles are all dry.
  3. Place the label on the bottle, where it can easily be seen.

With Reusable Bands

  1. Choose the correct sized band for your bottle.
  2. Take the pen and write all the required information on the band.
  3. Place the band over your bottle, ensuring that it fits snuggly.

The Final Thought

So there are a few different ways in which you can label your baby’s bottles for daycare. You just need to find the one that meets your needs the best.

Whichever ones you decide on, once you get into a routine it will become second nature and you won’t even think about it. Good luck with your daycare journey!