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50 Earth Element Inspired Names (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water)

A baby name inspired by the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water is irresistible to new parents as an alternative to traditional baby names.

Names that are based on the elements feel fresh and timeless with a little touch of free love and creativity. 

Baby Names Inspired By Earth

Baby-names that are inspired by the Earth element are meaningful and full of the beauty of the natural world. Check out our list below of names that recognize the earth element in all its beauty.

Girls Names

Amber – Meaning a fossilized tree resin or the color orange/red. The name is of English origin.

Arden – A gender-neutral name of English origin. Arden means from the eagle valley.

Briar – Another great gender-neutral name of English origin and means shrub, small tree.

Daisy – A name of  American origin and means a daisy flower.

Eden – In the Bible, God planted the garden of Eden for Adam and Eve. Eden means paradise and is of Hebrew origin.

Fern – The name Fern means fern and is of English origin.

Jasmine – Of Persian origin and means jasmine flower. Variations of the name such as Jazmyn, Jasmyn, or Jazmin.

Savannah – From the Taino tribe word ‘Zabana’, is of Native American origin and means open plain.

Willow – A tree or shrub of the Salix family. Willow means from the willow grove and is of English origin.

baby boy with a crown

Boys Names

Adam – In the Bible, the first created man was called Adam. It means man, of the earth, and is of Hebrew origin.

Clay – An occupational or habitational surname for someone who worked with clay or lived on clay land. A name of English origin and means clay worker.

Everest – An English surname, a derivation of the name Devereaux, a French version of the Celtic name Eburovices meaning dwellers on the Ebura or Eure River. The name is of English origin and is a gender-neutral name.

Heath – Originally a short form of Heathcliff. A name of English origin and means land of heather and grass.

Jasper – A name of English origin and means treasurer. Jasper is a form of the name Casper. It is also the name of a semi-precious stone and both the Three Magi in the Christian bible.

Rocky – English in origin and means rocky.

Baby Names Inspired By Fire

Names that embrace the element of fire speak to feelings of new birth, the color red, and inspiration.

Girls Names

Cassia – A name of Greek origin and means cinnamon. It is also a Polish form of Catherine, meaning pure.

Enya – Of Irish origin and is a form of Eithne.

Nina – Spanish in origin and means little girl.

Scarlett – This name is most often associated with the color red and has some common spelling variations such as Scarlet and Scarlette. The name is of English origin.

Summer – Meaning summer and is of English origin.

Vesta – A name of Latin origin and means goddess of the hearth.

Boys Names

Apollo – Apollo was the Greek god of the sun. The name is of Greek origin and means destroyer.

Ash – Short form of Ashley or Ashton. It is a gender-neutral name of Enlish origin that means from the ash tree.

Blaze – The name Blaze means flame and is of English origin.

Ember – A name of English origin and means spark, burning low.

Phoenix – ~The name of a mythical beast that rises from the ashes. Phoenix is of Greek origin and means blood red.

Sonny – A name of American origin and means our son. It does tend to be a nickname for a male child. 

Baby Names Inspired By Water

The element of water can have both different meanings and characteristics in different cultures and languages. Check the list below to see if there are aqua-inspired names that you love.

girl on a sunny day at the beach

Girls Names

Ariel – A name of Hebrew origin and means lion of God. But this name is most famous for its use in the Disney classic of the same name.

Brooke – English origin and means a small stream.

Coral – Meaning reef formation and is of English origin. 

Delphine – The name Delphine means woman from Delphi and is of French origin.

Isla – A name of Scottish origin and means island.

Marina – Meaning of the sea and is of Latin origin.

Nerina – Greek in origin and means sea nymph.

Rain – This name is of American origin and means abundant blessings from above.

Tallulah – Native American name that means leaping water.

Boys Names

Caspian – A name of English origin and means from Qazvin, Iran.

Dylan – Welsh in origin and means son of the sea.

Finn – A Nordic name that means man from Finland. Finn is also of Irish origin and means fair.

Hudson – Hudd is a diminutive form of Richard, high or the Old English name Hudde. Huson was originally an English surname but is now also used as a surname.

Kai – A name of Hawaiian origin and means ocean. It is also the Welsh form of Caius and is pronounced Kai.

Nile – The name Nile means from the river Nile and is of English origin.

Ocean – A gender-neutral name of Greek origin and means sea.

River – An English baby name that means a stream of water that flows to the sea.

Ronan – Of Irish origin and means little seal.

Baby Names Inspired By Air

Air is an element that has diverse components to it. You could choose a name that represents the celestial realm, or animals of flight, or even a weather force. There are so many different aspects to cover. 

Girls Names

Birdie – An American name that means little bird.

Celeste – Latin in origin and means heavenly.

Iris – Iris is the ancient symbol of power and was dedicated to the God Juno. Iris means colorful, rainbow, and is of Greek origin.

Lark – American in origin and means songbird.

Nova – A gender-neutral name of Latin origin and means new.

Skye – Scottish in origin and means from the isle of Skye. Also used as a short form of Skylar or an alternative of Sky.

Wren – The name Wren means small bird and is of English origin.

Boys Names

boy with a windmill

Gale – A name of English origin that means pleasant, merry. It is also an English surname. 

Hawk – Originally a nickname for someone who looked like a hawk or acted in a fierce hawk-like manner. The name Hawk is of English origin and means like the bird.

Neil – Irish in origin and means champion or passionate.

Sage – Of English origin and means herb or prophet.

Storm – A name of American origin and means a storm. This name was used in the X Men franchise although the character is female, this is a great gender-neutral name.

Zephyr – Meaning west wind and of Greek origin. 

The Final Thought

The vast range of names that are inspired by the elements is astounding. There is plenty to choose from whether you decide on a traditional name or something a little more unique, it is sure to be on the list.