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55 Most Romantic Names For Girls (Dreamy Baby Names)

Baby-names are so difficult to choose, but choosing a genre is at least a start in narrowing down the vast amount of names available to you.

We have put together some of our favorite romantic baby girl names. Are they going to melt your heart or simply pass you by?

Romantic Names For Girls


Adelaide – Means of noble kin and is of German origin. Saint Adelaide was the wife of Otto the Great, Roman Emperor.

Adora – The name Adora means beloved one and is of Latin origin.

Alice – This name means truth and comes from the Greek word Aletheia. The name became very popular around the 12th century in both France and England.

Allie – A name of English origin that means of the nobility, it is also a shortened version of the Scottish name Aileen.

Alta – An extremely rare name of Latin origin. Alta means high, tall, lofty. It is also a gender-neutral name although it does lend itself more to a girl’s name.

Amelia – A classic English baby name with Latin roots. It became a popular name when the German House of Hanover came to sit on the British throne in the 1700s.

Anastasia – Of Greek origin and means resurrection. Anastasia is also the name of Russia’s Czar Nicholas, believed to have survived the mass murder of her entire family.

Angelica – A name of Latin origin and means messenger of God.

Anna – Originally a form Hannah, it means gracious, merciful and is of Hebrew origin.

Annie – A name of English origin and means grace.

Antonia – Comes from the Roman surname Antony and is of unknown meaning. Antonia is of Latin origin.

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Arabella – Of English origin and means beautiful lion. This is a combination of the names Ara and Bella.

Ariel – Ariel is another beautiful gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin and means lion of God. Its popularity grew as an English name after Disney released the movie The Little Mermaid.

Artemesia – A beautiful girl’s name that means gift from Artemis and is of Greek origin. The name is derived from Artemis, the name of the Greek mythological goddess of the moon and hunting.

Aurora – Aurora was the ancient Roman goddess of the dawn. Aurora Borealis is a name for the Northern Lights. The name means dawn and is of Latin origin.


Bess – A classic girls name that is the shortened version of Elizabeth

Betsy – A name of English origin and means God is my oath. It is a diminutive form of Elizabeth.


Caroline – Meaning free, beautiful woman and is of French origin. It is often viewed as the feminine version of Charles as wells as combination of the names Carol and Lyn.

Celeste – A name of Latin origin and means heavenly.

Celia – Of Latin origin and means heaven. It is also a nickname for Cecelia.

Christabel – Meaning beautiful Christ-follower and of Spanish origin. 

Cleo – This name has English roots and means glory. It is short for Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen.

Cleopatra – The name of the Egyptian queen renowned for her beauty. This name has Greek roots and means glory of the father.

Cora – A name of Greek origins and means maiden. It is also another name for the Greek goddess Persephone.


Della – The English name means of the nobility. It is a great alternative to the super popular Ella.

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Eileen – A Scottish name that means beautiful bird or bright shining one. It is also a version of the English name Evelyn and Irish name Aileen.

Eliza – Hebrew in origin and means pledged to God. 

Elizabeth – This is a super traditional name that has been on the most popular name list for many years. The name is of Hebrew origin and means God is my oath. It is also a biblical name, Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist.

Emma – A name of Latin origin and means universal. Emma is often used as a name in its own right or as a diminutive form of Emily. The popularity of the name began in the UK and traveled to the US in the 1990s.

Esmerelda – Of Spanish origin and means emerald. Esmerelda is a name that was brought to popularity by the Disney movie The hunchback of Notre Dam.

Evangeline – English in origin and means messenger of good news. Variations of the name such as Evangelina and Evangaline.

Evelyn – The name became increasingly popular around 1880 so it has a long history of being a favorite classic name. It is an English name that means beautiful bird.


Fern – Named for the green plant of the same name. It returned to popularity with the lovable character from children’s book Charlotte’s Web.

Florence – With its origins in Latin and meaning flourishing, prosperous. One of the most famous bearers of this name has to be Florence Nightingale.

Forsythia – A name of English origin and means Forsyth’s flower.


Gabriella – An Italian name that is the feminine form of Gabriel.

Genevieve – Of German origins and means woman of the family. The name is derived from the medieval name Genovefa, which is of unknown origin. It could also be derived from the Germanic word ‘kuni’ meaning kin, family, and ‘wefa’ meaning wife, woman.

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Hattie – The name is derived from Harriet, which is the English version of the name Henriette. It means estate ruler.

Helen – A name with great recognition due to the Greek heroine Helen, who was kidnapped by Prince Paris of Troy. The name means light, torch.


Isadora – Of Greek origin and means gift of Isis.


Jane A very traditional and classic name. It is of English origin and means God is gracious.

Josephine – Of French origin and the female version of Joseph. It comes from the Hebrew Yosef and means God shall grow.

Josie – It comes from the name Josephine and is a super romantic shortening of the name.

Juliana – A name of Spanish origin and is the feminine form of Julian.

Juliet – English in origin and means youthful, downy.


Lara – A diminutive form of Larisa meaning cheerful and is of Russian origin.

Lilliana – A combination of Lily and Anna and is of English origin.

Lucinda – Diminutive form of Lucy and is of Spanish origin. Lucinda means light.


Magdalena – Meaning a woman of Magdala and is of Spanish origin.

Mariella – A name of Spanish origin and means bitter woman. The name is a combination of Mary/Maria and Ella.

Melisande – Medieval form of Millicent. Melisande is of French origin and means labor strength.


Natalya – Of Slavic origin and means born on Christmas day.


Paloma – A name of Spanish origin and means a dove.

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Raffaela – The feminine form of Raphael and of Italian origin. The name means God has healed.

Ramona – Feminine form of Ramon and of Spanish origin. Ramona means counsel protection.

Rose – A name of English origin and means rose as in the flower.


Sabrina – Latin name of the river Severn in the UK. Sabrina is of Latin origin and means from the river Severn.

Scarlett – The name Scarlett is usually associated with the color red and is of English origin.

Seraphina – An angel of the highest order, often depicted as a child with wings. The name is of Italian origin and means Seraphim.

Sophia – A name of Greek origin and means wisdom. There are a few variations of the spelling such as Sofia.


Tamara – The name means palm tree and is of Russian origin.

Tatiana – A Russian name of Latin origin and is a Roman surname of unknown meaning.

The Final Thought

There are some beautiful names that are full of romance on our list. Many are traditional and classic while others are unique. No matter which option you choose, there is plenty of names to inspire you.