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How To Unfold a Graco Stroller

Graco is one of the most recognized baby brands in the world. They have been around for over 60 years and have produced an entire range of baby products to make parents’ lives more manageable. One area they excel in is in strollers.

Their range includes every imaginable combination that you can think of from single travel systems to double strollers and anything in between. But one of the things that makes these strollers so popular with parents is how easy they are to fold and unfold.

So we are going to go through the quick and easy steps to unfold a Graco stroller.

Single Stroller

Graco single strollers come in a few different versions. There is the Travel System, the Fullsize stroller, the Jogging stroller, and the Lightweight Stroller.

All come with the great features that Graco is renowned for, but each offers its solution to a specific lifestyle or parenting problem, such as needs to be lightweight.


One of their newer design features is the FastAction Fold, which has made stroller folding in a simple one-handed motion. Their FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller is an excellent example of how simple and easy it is to operate.

When you want to unfold the stroller, there is a lock on the left-hand side of the stroller that you need to lift and release. Then lift the handle and listen for the snap that tells you that the stroller is safely locked in place and ready for use.

To fold the stroller, you pull a strap located in the center of the seat and pull it towards you. This not only folds the stroller but also automatically locks it in an upright standing position.

Another of Graco strollers is the Modes, which comes as a Travel system and should see you right through until your baby is a toddler. This also has a simple one-step unfold system.

First, you need to locate the locking bar on the left-hand side of the stroller about halfway down. Gently release this bar by lifting it away from the frame. Then you can unfold the stroller and ensure that it locks in place before using.

It also has a secure one-hand folding system. In the center of the handle, you will find a button. To fold the stroller, hold the button and push down gently on the handle. Not only is it folding the stroller but automatically locking it in an upright storage mode as well.

Double Stroller

Graco’s double strollers come with the same unique benefits and easy fold and unfolding systems that their single strollers do. The UNO2DUO double stroller can be converted from a single stroller to a double stroller with a simple click of a button.

This double stroller quickly unfolds with one hand. Open the stroller lock, which can be found on the right-hand side of the stroller, and lift the handle of the stroller. If you hear a snap, this means that the stroller is fully latched and ready for use.

To fold the stroller, you need to push a button in the center of the handle. Twist the handle away from you while pushing it forward. This will fold the stroller, and it will automatically lock-in place.

One thing to note is that this stroller can not be folded with the second seat in place, so it would need to be removed.


Graco is a market leader when it comes to baby gear. They have smart and well-thought designs, and they listen to their customers when it comes to what they want and, more importantly, what they need.

Unfolding and folding a stroller has always been a pain for parents, especially when you are holding your baby, bags of groceries, and a million other things. It is more of an issue depending on the lifestyle and transportation that you use.



For example, if you are regularly using public transport with your stroller, then you need something quick and easy to fold and unfold. Graco has listened to this and has designed strollers with a one-hand fold and unfold mechanism.

Whichever Graco stroller you decide to purchase, I do not think you will be disappointed. Their designs are intuitive and, most importantly, there to ensure that babies and parents have comfort and convenience.