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How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need? Baby Bedding Guide

Buying a crib is one of the large ticket items that your baby will need. Once you have purchased the actual crib, there are a few other items that you will need as well.

As a first time parent, it can be challenging to work out the quantities of items such as crib sheets that you are going to need. My advice is more is better.

If you have six crib sheets, it’s not like they won’t get used. Your baby will be in a crib for some time yet. So, how many crib sheets do you need?

The answer depends on a few factors, but we will give you our recommendations and show you what factors will have a bearing on how many you need to purchase.

You Need More Than Two Crib Sheets

Changing your baby’s crib is no different from changing your bed. So if you change yours once a week, as sleep experts recommend, then your baby’s crib will be the same if not more often due to other factors.

As a parent, you will need to decide how often you would like to change crib sheets and then factor in reality.

The reality is that babies are notoriously messy little creatures. They often spit up, drool, sweat, and have diaper leaks in their beds. When this occurs, you will need a spare crib sheet to change to keep your baby’s crib clean and safe.

So having two crib sheets will be fine. But in reality, having more will make your life simpler.

baby on a crib

I had several crib sheets when my children were little. This was not usually a conscious decision but came about as a result of purchasing multi-packs, which means that there were 3 or 4 sheets of differing color or patterns in each pack.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Crib Sheets

The crib sheets that you choose are just as important as the mattress and the crib that you prefer. Your baby’s safety should always be your number one priority.

With this in mind, there are a few things that you need to consider when purchasing sheets for your crib.


Babies sweat; they sweat a lot. This is more of an issue with newborns because they spend a great deal of their time lying on their backs unless they are being held. As they do not move around a great deal, there is limited air circulation.

The sheets that you purchase should be made from a naturally breathable fabric, which will help them to stay cool and comfortable while they sleep.


The fit of the crib sheet is critical. You must ensure that it fits your crib mattress correctly and that the mattress fits the crib tightly with no gaps around it. This is important as your baby’s crib must provide a safe environment for them to sleep and rest.

As babies grow, they tend to move and wriggle a lot in their sleep. By using a sheet that fits the mattress snuggly, you can ensure that your baby will not work it loose. If they squirm in their sleep, it won’t bunch up and pose a potential danger to them.

It is also not advised to place any extra material on your crib, such as bumper pads, stuffed toys, and pillows. This is because when your baby is small, they are unable to move away if something is pressed to their face.

For instance, if they wriggled themselves against the bumper pads, they would not be able to move away again.

baby lying down

Babies Get Sick

You have decided that you will only need two crib sheets. One on the crib and another in the laundry. This is practical and well thought out until your baby is sick. No parent wants to see their child ill.

Unfortunately, it does happen as our little ones become acclimatized to life outside the womb. If this does happen then there is a chance that they will soil their bedding more than once in a night. They may also sweat more than usual, and you will need to change their sheets more often.

My advice is that it is better to be safe than sorry. Buy a few extra sheets for your sanity!

If you have a sick child, you do not want to be worrying about whether you have enough crib sheets or that you need to get laundry done asap because there are no clean crib sheets.


We often forget how delicate a baby’s skin can be, especially when purchasing items such as bedding. If you are concerned with allergens and how they may be affecting your baby’s skin, it is best to look out for bedding that states it is hypoallergenic.

This does not guarantee that your baby will not be allergic to it or that it won’t cause a reaction, but you can minimize it. Most babies will sleep in their crib for several hours a day, so you must try to limit factors that may cause them to be uncomfortable or irritated.

What Size Crib Sheet Do I Need?

The fit of your crib sheet is essential. You must make sure that you purchase the correct size for the mattress that you have in your crib.

Crib sheets come in two sizes:

  • Standard crib sheet – the dimensions for this are 52 x 28 inches. This will fit a standard crib mattress and a toddler mattress.
  • Mini crib sheet – the dimensions for this are 38 x 24 inches. This will fit a mini crib mattress and fit a most standard Pack n Play mattresses of 39 x 27 inches.

Mattress protector

A great idea that will save both your crib mattress and your sanity is a mattress protector. These can be purchased from most stores and offers a little bit of peace of mind for a parent.

The mattress protector fits over your crib mattress the same way as a standard crib sheet. It has a waterproof layer that stops liquids seeping through to your mattress. These are fully removable and washable, so if they do become soiled, you can pop them in the machine.

Your baby can get sick or their nappy leaks and goes through the crib sheet it often does, I’m afraid. If you are using a crib mattress, then you have the added protection that the soiling will not get onto your mattress.

FAQ – Baby Bedding Questions

How Many Bassinet Sheets Do I Need?

If you want to place fresh sheets on your baby’s bassinet once a week, then two or three bassinet sheets will be fine. However, if you are planning to change their sheets every day, you will need to have at least five or six bassinet sheets.

Just remember that baby’s do spit up, and it is vital to check their sheets regularly for any soiled spots you might have missed.

I Swaddle My Baby. Do I Need As Many Crib Sheets?

This is something else that needs to be taken into consideration. If you swaddle your baby as opposed to leaving them unwrapped, then your sheets will stay cleaner for longer as your baby is not coming into direct contact with them.

However, babies do drool and spit-up, so it would be recommended that you still have at least two sets of crib sheets.

The Verdict

The decision as to how many crib sheets you purchase is entirely up to you, and you need to consider your budget and personal circumstances. There is no right or wrong answer.

As a parent myself, I would advise that you purchase several crib sheets before your baby’s arrival. There is no harm in having those few extra sheets in case an emergency sheet change is required in the middle of the night!

Babies are unpredictable. They are messy little creatures.

Your priority, no matter how many crib sheets you decide to purchase, is that you provide a safe sleeping environment for your little one. This includes their mattress, crib, and sheets.