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Ubbi vs Diaper Genie: Which Diaper Pail Wins in 2024?

If you’re looking for the perfect diaper pail for your little one’s nursery then there’s no doubt that you have realized how many there are on the market today.

They’re all designed with the simple purpose of containing all those nasty smells so that they do not take over your nursey and that you are not running to an outside trash can after every diaper change. 

But there are so many different options available it can become overwhelming, and there are so many questions that you need to ask yourself.

Do they need special bags? How do you empty them? And how do they contain the smell are just a few. So to help answer some of your questions we have looked at two of the most popular diaper pails the Ubbi vs the Diaper Genie.

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The Main Differences Between Ubbi vs Diaper Genie

Although most diaper pails seem to be made in a similar way there will be some noticeable differences that may actually influence your decision when purchasing them.

By knowing the differences will also give you the opportunity to purchase a diaper pail that works best for your family circumstances. Below are the main differences between the Ubbi vs the Diaper Genie.

  • The Ubbi is made from steel while the Diaper Genie is made from plastic.
  • You can use standard trash bags in the Ubbi, while the Diaper Genie requires you to use their branded liners.
  • The Diaper Genie has a foot pedal operation while the Ubbi has a sliding door operation.

The Ubbi Review

Ubbi Steel Odor Locking, No Special Bag Required Money Saving, Awards-Winning, Modern Design, Registry Must-Have Diaper Pail, White

The Ubbi diaper pail is made from stainless steel and is high quality and a durable diaper pail. As it is made from stainless steel as opposed to plastic, it will contain odors more effectively as the container will not absorb the odors.

It has a sliding door operation for depositing used diapers and this does allow odors to escape as there is no containment between used diapers and the sliding door unlike other models on the market.

The Ubbi also requires you to have one hand free for depositing diapers as there is no foot pedal.

Unlike other diaper pails, the Ubbi allows you to use standard kitchen trash bags so there is no need to purchase branded or special bags.

This does help to keep down the ongoing costs of the diaper pail and this is a good thing considering that the Ubbi is almost twice the price of many other diaper pails.

It is available in 13 different colors so you are sure to find one that will fit in beautifully with your nursery decor.

The Ubbi is also only one of a few diaper pails that can be used with cloth nappies and it claims that it can hold up to 58 diapers at any one time.

Features of the Ubbi

  • Made of stainless steel as opposed to plastic – any plastic will absorb smells over time.
  • No special diaper bags required – the Ubbi works perfectly well with regular trash bags.
  • Minimizes odors – The smell is almost unnoticeable except when you change bags.
  • Can be used with cloth nappies – this is one of the very few diaper pails that work with them.
  • Childproof lock – This will be great when you have a curious toddler or even pet. It will keep them out and prevent any huge messes from being created.
  • Available in a range of colors – The Ubbi is available in 13 colors so you are sure to find one that fits with your decor.

Pros of the Ubbi

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Childproof lock
  • No special diaper bags required.
  • Can be used with cloth nappies.
  • It’s powder-coated so easy to keep clean.

Cons of the Ubbi

  • More expensive than other diaper pails
  • There is no foot pedal
  • The design of placing a dirty nappy through an open door can occasionally let out those nasty smells.
  • There have been some issues opening the sliding door on top of the Ubbi diaper pail.
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The Diaper Genie Review

Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Pail with Built-In Odor Controlling Antimicrobial, Includes Pail & 1 Refill, White

The Diaper Genie is one of the most popular diaper pails, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best or that it will suit your family’s needs. 

It is a super simple diaper pail to use, it has a foot pedal that you press which opens the lid and you just push the diaper inside.

It is definitely one that can be used with one hand which is great when you would normally have a squirmy baby in the other. When you let go of the pedal the Diaper Genie seals the diaper in an individual bag so as to seal in any odor. 

The Diaper Genie is relatively inexpensive to purchase but you would need to remember that you have to purchase the branded bags and this will need to be factored into the running costs.

Each refill will last you approximately a month and the bag will need to be changed about once a week. Refills are not that expensive and can be purchased online saving you even more money.

Features of the Diaper Genie

  • Available in different colors – The Diaper Genie is available in five different colors, giving you the opportunity to match it to your nursery decor.
  • Airtight clamping mechanism – This airtight clamping mechanism helps to contain odors and also makes it super easy to change the bags.
  • Foot Pedal operation – The Diaper Genie is ergonomically designed to be super easy to operate even with one hand. You simply step on the foot pedal without having to bend over at all.
  • Activated Carbon filter
  • Holds up to 270 newborn diapers

Pros of the Diaper Genie

  • It is lightweight and easy to move around and clean.
  • Diaper Genie offers excellent customer support
  • It is really easy to find replacements parts and refills.
  • Easy to operate with the foot pedal
  • Odors are contained well, meaning no nasty smells escaping

Cons of the Diaper Genie

  • There are reports of moving parts not working correctly or breaking very often.
  • Some issues with the lid not sealing as effectively as it should, allowing odors to escape.
  • It can be difficult to remove the dirty bags and change for clean ones.
  • Fills up quite quickly.
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Ubbi vs Diaper Genie – The Winner Is…

It is very difficult to choose between these two diaper pails as they both have some great pros. They both look great and are available in a range of colors to suit your nursery.

They are both durable and sturdy and they both have hygiene in their design.

The Ubbi is more expensive but in the long run, as you do not need to purchase any special trash bags the costs would probably even out. Unlike the Diaper Genie that requires special refills but is a more budget-friendly purchase, to begin with.

But if we had to choose a winner, the Diaper Genie just edges in front due to its hands-free operation and the fact that it is easier to change the used bags. This is due to the cutter that is hidden inside the pail.

Do not discount the Ubbi. It is stainless steel, durable, and looks great. It is also designed to work with regular trash bags is fantastic.

It also seems to work well at containing those nasty smells which after all is the entire point of having a diaper pail!

Diaper Pail Deodorizer Ideas That are Totally Fresh


Do I need a diaper pail?

It is not an absolute necessity as you could always just use a standard trash can in your nursery. But to be honest the smell may become a little overpowering. 

You honestly have two choices when it comes to dealing with dirty diapers. One is that you can run every used diaper to an outside trash can.

But that can get old really quickly especially in the middle of the night, or when it is the middle of winter. The second option is to use a diaper pail that will lock in the unforgettable smell of a soiled diaper. 

What to consider when choosing a diaper pail

While the main purpose of every diaper pail is to contain the smell problem of used diapers, not every diaper pail is made the same and different models offer various pros and cons.

Here are a few things to think about when choosing your diaper pail:

  • Liners – Some diaper pails require special refills, which can quickly add to the cost of the original diaper pail. There are some available where you can use standard trash bags.
  • Deposit Method – This is important as this is when any odor from previous diapers will get the chance to escape. So there are a few different methods, some just have a hole that you drop them into, some have a squeegee device that you push them through or there is a trap door.
  • How do you empty the diaper pail – Some diaper pails require you to lift the full bag out of the container – diapers are heavy and the last thing that you want is for the trash bag to rip. While others offer a side door for easy access to remove the bag.

Does the Ubbi require special bags?

No, the Ubbi can be used with any regular trash bags as long as it is tall and can hold 13 gallons of garbage.

How many diapers does the Ubbi hold?

The Ubbi holds around 55 newborn diapers, 50 sizes-1 diaper, 41 sizes 2 diapers, 38 sizes 3 diapers, 31 sizes 4 diapers, 23 sizes 5 diapers, and 20 pull-ups.

How many diapers does the Diaper Genie hold?

The diaper genie can hold up to 270 diapers according to the manufacturer.

The Final Thought

If you decide that you do need a diaper pail and many parents decide that they do not. Then either of these products would be a good buy.

They offer a range of colors to fit in with your nursery decor and both do a good job of containing those nasty odors.