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35 Best Online Parenting Classes and Programs

Online parenting classes are simply wonderful! They provide you with the same information that you would get during an in-person parenting class, but give you the convenience of taking them online.

You can attend your class whenever your schedule allows. 

In this article

Should I Take A Parenting Class?

Personally, I think everyone should take a parenting class or two along the way. Things are always changing, and if you rely on the advice of parents and grandparents you’re more than likely going on outdated information.

For example, my great grandmother told me my daughter did not need to be held, and that crying was great because babies are unable to exercise, and it helps oxygenate their lungs.

Upon further research, I discovered that was not true. Parenting classes give you up-to-date parenting information that is backed by research and science. 

Online Parenting Classes For Special Situations

Taking a parenting class can help you learn the skills that you need for your particular situation.

If you have a child with special needs, ADHD, anxiety, or any other disorder, an online parenting class can help you better understand your little one. You can also learn techniques that will work specifically for your child that you might not already know. 

Find The Parenting Support You Need

Most online parenting courses can also point you towards support.

If you don’t have a positive support system, consider signing up with a parenting class that offers online forums. You can speak with other parents, give and get parenting advice, and much more. 

Learn Important Skills That Every Parent Needs

Parenting is more than just learning about nutrition and how to give your baby a bath. While those things are important, parenting starts from within.

Learn positive coping techniques to get you through those rough days. Gain a new understanding of how important self-care is. Anger management is always a useful tool. Skills like this will benefit you in both parenting and in life. 

Online Parenting Classes

Online parenting classes are readily available for every age and stage. You can even find some online parenting classes to help you deal with certain parenting struggles. These are some of the best online parenting classes you are going to find. 

1. Peace At Home Parenting Classes Offers Essential Support For Parents

Peace At Home parenting classes provide you with everything that you’ll need to complete parenting classes and to be the best parent that you can be.

Parenting classes are available online, and you have access to a recording of the video after class is over in case you need to make sure that you heard something correctly.

You can even chat with other parents, and ask instructors questions on the spot as if you were in a regular classroom.

This is an essentials parenting class to help you with the parenting basics that you’ll need to get through the many parenting challenges that you will face. 

2. Online Co-Parenting Classes Are Court Approved And Perfect For High Conflict Parents

Several states, and judges, will require that parents take a parenting class before they will approve a divorce.

These parenting classes can help parents have healthy communication skills and learn to co-parent through the conflict that goes hand in hand with divorce.

This link will take you to the page that shows the various parenting classes offered so you can find one that works for your particular situation. 

3. Baby Manual Parenting Classes Are Perfect For New Parents


These parenting classes are available via DVD and cover every topic you can imagine.

You can learn about health, CPR, breastfeeding, sleep routines, adjusting to becoming a parent, and much more! They’re affordable, and the information you receive is priceless. You can check them out here

4. Priceless Parenting Offers Great Online Parenting Classes For Teens

These classes are designed to help you learn to parent a child that is 13-18. They provide evidence-based approaches to make your teen respectful, responsible, honest.

You will also learn positive approaches to discipline that do not involve yelling or screaming at your child.

In addition to parenting classes, you can attend a coaching session via Zoom and participate in Facebook to speak with other parents that are in the same situation as yourself. A certificate of completion is also available. 

5. Online Parenting Classes For Parents With A Child Who Has ADHD

ADHD is a commonly diagnosed disorder in children and is frequently misunderstood by parents and teachers alike. Typical discipline methods might be ineffective or result in violent tantrums.

Instead, it can be helpful to learn parenting approaches that work specifically with children that have ADHD. This class will help you do just that, and provide the support that you need. 

6. Prism Behavior Offers Top-Rated Parenting Classes That Are Exceptional For Behavioral Problems

Prism Behavior parenting classes are taught by a behavior expert and well-known podcast host, Dr. Heather Maguire.

A certificate is provided, and these parenting classes are court-approved. They are more affordable than some in the same category. You also get your money back if you’re not happy with them. 

7. Online Parenting Class That Is CPS Approved


Granted, some states may have different regulations, but most will accept this parenting class. It is typically court-approved. There is one parenting course that teaches you the basics of parenting.

Another is available that teaches co-parenting, making it essential for parents that are going through a divorce. A certificate is provided upon completion. 

8. Alison Offers Free Parenting Classes

This website is packed with online classes, including free parenting classes. A certificate is provided upon completion.

These are basic parenting classes that teach you a few of the parenting basics that you’ll need to know. They are available anytime online. Check them out here. 

9. Parenting Classes For Children With Autism

autism certification center

If you live with someone who has autism, or your partner does, it can be very helpful to learn more about how to help someone with ASD.

Autism Certification Center offers training for people that have to take care of someone with autism. This free online course offers real-life examples from families, expert advice, and more to make sure that you have the tools that you need. 

10. Online Parenting Classes For Adopting Parents

Adoption Learning Partners offers a comprehensive list of courses for everything that you need to know regarding adopting. Learn about tax credits.

Take a course to learn about adopting older children, and how to address many of the issues that they may face, such as attachment disorder. If you’re considering adopting, one of these courses is for you. 

11. Online Parenting Class For Those That Are Overwhelmed

This parenting course specifically focuses on overwhelmed mothers. It helps you learn how to have more fun, manage that to-do list that never seems to get done and stop feeling so frazzled day in and day out.

If you’re stressed and feel like you’re about to burst daily, this course was designed with you in mind. 

12. Online Parenting Course To Help You Be The Best Parent You Can Be

This online course is amazing for teaching parents effective coping methods, how to get their kids to listen without yelling, and much more.

Parents can learn a variety of parenting skills and techniques that they will find useful. It is a twelve-week course, but it is also self-paced. It’s packed with information that you’re going to love. 

13. Free Online Parenting Class With Research-Based Information

If you want to parent based on research, this parenting class is what you’ve been looking for. The syllabus covers a variety of things, including parenting, music, pre-school, family structure, and more.

When you have the knowledge of science-backed parenting approaches, you’ll be confident in the decisions that you make as a parent. The course is free, but they do charge if you would like a certificate to print. 

14. Best Online Course To Teach Positive Parenting


Generation Mindful has an exceptional parenting course that encourages positive parenting. This class was designed to help you eliminate yelling and shaming as a method of discipline.

Instead, you’ll learn to replace those behaviors with a positive approach that is more effective. It’s also free. 

15. Online Parenting Class To Help You Be The Parent Your Child Needs

Conscious Parenting Mastery is a course that not only focuses on parenting skills but on you as a parent. It helps you identify your personal, deeply rooted issues that are affecting you and your ability to parent your child.

This is based on the belief that you cannot be the best parent you can be until your inner child heals. After completing the course, most parents feel empowered and are better able to communicate with their children.

This program is a bit pricy, however, you can get a refund if you’re not happy in 15 days, and it’s cheaper than therapy to address childhood issues. 

16. Online Parenting Class To Learn How To Talk To Toddlers

Let’s face it, toddlers are not easy to communicate with.

This class can make it a lot easier though! It helps you learn how to effectively communicate with your toddler so that they understand you, and the world around them, a little bit better. It can also help their listening skills improve.

This free presentation is a great idea for every parent. 

17. Best Parenting Classes For Parents That Are Tired Of Arguing

This parenting class is not an online class. Instead, you can order a series of DVDs or parenting resources, such as parenting books, based on your needs.

There are options for the home. Another option is available for the classroom. There are also references for teenagers, ADHD, and more. These resources are extremely effective. 

18. Online Parenting Course For Parents Of Two-Year-Olds

This online course is specifically designed for parents that have two-year-olds. It teaches you ways to say no without actually saying no to help you enforce boundaries while avoiding tantrums.

Teach your child respect while maintaining your stance on issues, like them not being allowed to hit their brother. 

19. Online Parenting Course To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

This entire website, and online parenting course, are dedicated to helping you get the sleep that you need as a mother. You start by answering a questionnaire to determine why your little one might not be sleeping through the night.

Then, you tackle those problems while simultaneously promoting healthy sleeping habits. The website is full of useful resources as well. 

20. Online Parenting Resources For Sleep Problems And Night Terrors

This website looks at key issues that might be keeping your little one awake at night, such as night terrors.

The entire site is dedicated to providing you with the resources that you need to help you help your little one get a good night’s sleep. There is no official class, but there is so much information via blogs and videos it deserved a place on the list. 

21. A Complete Parenting Resource 

This website is another website that is so informative it should be a class. It breaks every aspect of parenting up into stages so that you can easily find a video to cover whatever you’re looking for.

Information on every age and stage from birth to college can be found with a few simple clicks. 

22. Free Online Parenting Course For Montessori Parents

If you’re just now learning about Montessori Methods, this course is a must take. It’s free, self-paced, and gives you a crash course in Montessori everything.

It teaches you everything from the basic principles that you’ll need to know all the way through ways to respond to your little one. 

23. Online Parenting Class For Special Needs Children

This course strives to give you the tools that you need in order to successfully raise your special needs child.

This program was designed to provide you with the necessary skills and support as you as a parent. You can also learn important nurturing skills. 

24. Online Parenting Class For Single Parents

Being a single parent brings a world of challenges that two-parent households do not face. It can be overwhelming. Some days, you’re going to wonder how you’re going to make it.

This parenting class was created for you. It addresses common struggles that single parents face and helps you develop the skills that you need to make it through them. 

25. Online Parenting Classes For Parents Of Addicted Children


Teenagers may become addicted to illegal substances. Adult children may not live in your house anymore, but you can still learn tools to help you help your children.

This course was specifically designed to help you understand and help your child if they are addicted. 

26. Online Parenting Programs For Active Duty Military Families

Every active-duty military family has its own special, unique situation. Parenting programs specially designed to address common parenting struggles that military members face are ideal for you if you or a loved one is in the military.

This website is packed with information, support, and courses that can help you. 

27. Free Online Parenting Classes

These parenting classes are free, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t amazing! They provide you with the ability to create a positive environment for your little one, complete with positive parenting methods.

Once you transform the way that you approach parenting, it will get so much easier, and be more fun! Although it is through Jewish Family Service, the website doesn’t specify that it’s only for people that are Jewish. 

28. Online Parenting Classes For Christian Parents

If you would like to learn more about parenting training from a biblical perspective, attend Biblical University. The courses are online, but that’s not the only thing that this website offers.

You can also enjoy products, seminars, and answers to some of your most commonly asked questions. Check it out here. 

29. Online Course To Help You Learn Coping Skills, Self Care And Time Management


Parenting classes are wonderful. You need to know about tummy time. Parents should understand common safety hazards and how to protect their children from them.

However, parenting begins with you. Parenting is stressful. Sometimes, you accidentally put yourself on the back burner.

Time management is a skill everyone should have, and parents need to prioritize learning that as soon as possible. This course will help you learn valuable skills that you need to know in order to be the best parent possible.

The website has several courses available. 

30. Online Parenting Class For Trauma-Informed Parenting

If you plan to foster a child, this class could greatly benefit you.

If your own child has suffered any type of neglect, abuse, or traumatic event, such as being in a car accident, this trauma-informed parenting can help you understand the impact that their trauma has on them.

This can help you be a more effective parent, and drastically change the way that both you react to your child and your child reacts to you.

When you are educated about the impact of trauma, it helps close the gap that most parents feel with their traumatized children so that they can both have a close emotional bond that they crave. This website provides a wonderful course. 

31. Online Parenting Classes For Children And Teens With Anxiety

It can be hard to address anxiety in children and teens. This website offers a wide range of courses to help you address anxiety, teach your child coping skills, and much more.

They also offer plenty of resources that you’ll find helpful. The classes are all online, and you can do them at your own pace. 

32. Online Parenting Classes For Divorcing Parents

Regardless of whether you are court-ordered to take a parenting class or not, this class can be extremely beneficial. It helps you learn how to resolve conflicts to work with the other parent.

This is essential to help you both raise your child in the best way possible. Parents that are able to work together are able to raise children that are both happy and healthy.

If you’re searching for a parenting class while going through a divorce, check out this one. 

33. Online Anger Management Classes For Parents

No one will test your patience like a child will. They know how to push all of your buttons, and are well aware of how to test their boundaries. In fact, children do this at healthy stages of development as they grow up, so you can expect it.

If you’ve got a quick temper, anger management classes can be helpful in dealing with those stages. I did quite a bit of searching, and really like this website.

It’s more than just a quick online video so you can say you took an anger management class. It gives you a complete toolbox to use so that you can make positive changes. 

34. Online Parenting Classes For Newborns

This website offers several classes, including several regarding newborn care. If you’re still pregnant, the childbirth classes are wonderful. You can also take classes in infant CPR, infant safety, breastfeeding, and newborn care.

These classes cover everything that you need to know about how to take care of your new baby. 

35. Online Parenting Classes For Infant Nutrition

future learn

Understanding nutrition is essential to helping your little one develop properly. If your baby does not have proper nutrition, they can suffer from cavities, poor weight gain, developmental delays, and much more.

This online class will guide you through the nutrition basics that you need to know for the first year of life. 

In Conclusion

Parenting classes can benefit everyone. If you have a situation you’re struggling with, such as learning how to manage ADHD, a parenting class can help you learn new parenting skills for your situation.

General care classes can also teach you the baby basics. No matter how much we learn, there is always more we can absorb to help us be the best parents we can be.