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9 Classic Books For Middle School Boys

As children get older, they naturally outgrow books like Dr. Seuss.

It can be a bit challenging to find books that will captivate middle school boys, but these are some of the most popular books among that age group. Your son is bound to fall in love with at least one. 

Choosing Books For Middle School Boys

When you purchase books for middle schoolers, it’s important to take their personality and personal interests into account. For example, a very sensitive child might have nightmares after reading a book about child abuse.

A child that enjoys learning about history will love reading books that talk about historical events, such as the I Survived series. (These were a personal favorite of my sons when he was in middle school!)

Keep those two things in mind when you browse through this list and you’re sure to find something that your child will want to read again and again. 

I Survived Books

If your middle schooler is a history buff, they’ll love this series. The historical accounts are real. They can learn about everything from wars to major historical events, such as 9/11. 

The Toothpaste Millionaire

If you’re raising a little entrepreneur, this is a book that they will read again and again. It’s about two boys that have a dream. They work together to create their own toothpaste business.

Not only can it keep your middle schooler entertained, but this book is also truly inspiring. 

Farmer Boy

This story is just like Little House On The Prairie, but is instead focused on a boy and living on a farm. The setting is in the olden days, so your middle schooler will love this book series if he enjoys antique things or learning about how things used to be. 

The Cricket In Times Square

This book is truly a classic. It remains a popular choice for middle school boys no matter how many years have passed. This book captures the very essence of New York City while showing how an unlikely friendship blossoms. 

The Giver

A book that is still read across middle schools today. Its unique plot will keep young readers captivated as they turn page after page. The plot follows a young boy named Jonas.

He is a part of a highly organized society that seems like a utopia, but it’s not. Most cannot see color. They have eliminated all war, pain, and fear. They’ve also eliminated choice.

Every person is assigned a job once they are twelve years old. They can also apply to have a spouse. Each couple is allowed to have two children, but they never give birth.

Instead, Birthmothers give birth. Then, the children are kept in a Nurturing Center until they are a year old, and are then assigned to a family. 

Jonas is given the job of being the receiver of memory. A single person receives all of the memories, both good and bad, to ensure that the community never repeats mistakes of the past that led to things like war and hunger.

As you can imagine, he also realizes that no one experiences happiness either. This takes him on a wild ride throughout the rest of the book. 

Please keep in mind before ordering this one that it was banned in some middle schools due to small sexual texts and euthanasia being used to kill babies in the book.

If this bothers you, you might want to read a brief summary of the book before ordering it or opt for another text for your little one. 

A Child Called It

This is a book that will bring tears to your eyes. It truly showcases the horror behind child abuse. However, it also shows just how powerful dreams can truly be.

It tells the story of one of the most severe child abuse cases in California. A boy was no longer considered a son, but simply an it. His mother starved him, beat him, etc.

However, he learned how to survive, dreaming of the day when he would have a family that loved him. 

Henry Reed Inc. 

A young boy has spent most of his life outside of his home due to his parents being American diplomats. As you can imagine, his return home is packed with hilarious shenanigans that will keep a smile on your son’s face. 

North To Freedom

If your son loves history, he’s going to enjoy this book. It’s about a boy that spent almost his entire life in one concentration camp or another during WWII. Then, he miraculously escapes. 

The Black Stallion

This timeless book is about a boy that winds up shipwrecked on an island.

The only other inhabitant is a beautiful black stallion. Together, they forge an unbreakable bond that will help them save each other as they navigate through one trial after another. 

In Conclusion

Choosing books for middle school boys was a bit of a challenge for me when my son was that age. I used to ask him if he would be interested in a particular book or series before purchasing it to make sure it wasn’t a waste of money.

Ask your child about these nine books, and you’re sure to find at least one that gets him interested in reading again.