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71 Best Nicknames For Sarah

Do you have a friend or relative called Sarah that you want to find a nickname for? But you may want to stay away from some of the more traditional nicknames such as Sally.

In this article, we have put together some of our favorite nicknames for Sarah, most are uncommon and probably have come about from personal experience rather than from being traditional.

But first of all, let’s take a quick look at where the name Sarah comes from and its meaning.

The Meaning Of Sarah

Sarah is a Hebrew name and means princess but it also has religious connections in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. In Christianity, Sarah was the wife of Abraham wife and the mother of Isaac.

According to the book of Genesis, Sarah was originally called Sarai, but her name was changed by God to Sarah when she was ninety years old.

The name Sarah is a timeless classic and I am biased as it is also the name of my oldest daughter. 

Sarah was in the top ten names from 1978 to 2002, and although its popularity has slipped slightly it is still a widely used girl’s name. There are variations in spelling such as Sara and diminutives of Sadie and Sally that are used independently.

Popular Nicknames For Sarah

  1. Sadie, originally a diminutive of Sarah.
  2. Sally
  3. Sal
  4. Sar
  5. Say
  6. Sari/Sarrie
  7. Shay
  8. Rah
  9. Sassy
  10. Sraha
  11. Sahara
  12. Sarebear
  13. Sarah bug
  14. Sarah Boo
  15. Sarah Muffins
  16. Sarabel
  17. Sarah Bella
  18. Sam Sam
  19. Que Sarah Sarah
  20. Rah rah
  21. Sara Ray
  22. Sarahah
  23. Shara
  24. Sierra
  25. Sar Sar
  26. Sasha
  27. Airy
  28. Ara
  29. Essie
  30. Larah
  31. Sallie
  32. Sammie
  33. Sae
  34. Sarah Sue
  35. SusieQ
  36. Sara Lee
  37. Sookie
  38. Sarry
  39. Princess
  40. Sarla
  41. Ari
  42. Kala
  43. Capa
  44. Noble
  45. Sattie

Cute little girl with long hair

Funny Nicknames For Sarah

  1. Sarah Connor
  2. Sarah Munchkin
  3. Sarah Beara Boo
  4. Syrup
  5. Soso
  6. Sarahnator
  7. Sarahtron
  8. HAHA
  9. Saracha
  10. Sarena
  11. Sarita
  12. Saroo
  13. Sare Bear
  14. Sarina

Why Is Sally A Nickname For Sarah?

If like me you had no clue that Sally was a common diminutive for Sarah you would not be alone.

No one really knows how Sally came from the name Sarah, but in the English language, it is not uncommon for pet names to not make any logical sense.

Nicknames such as Molly is a nickname for Mary, Bob is a nickname for Robert, and Bill is a nickname for William.

Famous People Names Sarah

It will not surprise you that a name that has spent over 25 years in the top ten has some famous namesakes. Here are some of those famous Sarahs from past and present.

  • Sarah Palin – an American politician
  • Sarah Sands – British journalist and author.
  • Sarah Hyland – Actress from Tv series Modern Family.
  • Sarah Polk – First Lady of the United States from 1845 to 1849, she was nicknamed Sahara Sarah.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker – Famous for her role in the Tv series and then the movie Sex in the city.
  • Sarah Silverman – American stand up comedian.
  • Sarah Lois Vaughan – American jazz legend and was nicknamed sassy.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar – American actress.

International Variations Of Sarah

There are variations of Sarah used all over the globe. Sara is the most well-known of these variations but here are some of our favorite variations of Sarah in other languages worldwide.

These international variations can also be used as an alternative to a nickname.

  1. Sala – Korean
  2. Salcia – Polish
  3. Sarea – Khmer
  4. Sarai – Malayalam
  5. Saraha – Gujarati
  6. Sarka – Russian
  7. Shala – Chinese
  8. Sirke – Yiddish
  9. Capa – Bulgarian
  10. Cara – Tamil
  11. Hara – Maori
  12. Kala – Hawaiian

The Final Thought

There are some great options for nicknames for Sarah. They range from super cute, to traditional, to the more unique. But nicknames do tend to have a personal element to them and are usually the result of a funny story or event. 

Nicknames often reflect the depth of your friendship or relationship with that person. This means that you may have a Sarah in your life with a completely unique nickname that actually has very little to do with her name.