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What Are The Lyrics to The Baseball Diarrhea Song?

The baseball diarrhea song was made famous by the popular 1989 movie Parenthood. Today, it’s still one of the more popular songs among children because it’s about – you guessed it – diarrhea!

You can make up your own verses in addition to the classic verses that come with the song. That’s part of the fun behind it!

Lyrics For The Baseball Diarrhea Song

The lyrics are as follows: 

When you’re sliding into first and you’re feeling something burst…

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

When you’re sliding into third and you feel a juicy turd…

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

When you’re sliding into home and your pants are full of foam…

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

When you’re sitting in a Chevy and your shorts are feeling heavy…


Once you see the movie clip above, you’ll quickly learn the tune to the diarrhea song. 

What About Second Base?

When you watch the clip above, you can’t help but notice that it doesn’t say anything about second base. That’s okay! A couple of popular second base lyrics you can use are: 

When you’re sliding into number two, and feel your pants fill up with goo

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

When you land on second and realize you need a disinfectant

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

How To Make Up Your Own Lyrics

All you have to do to make up your own lyrics to the baseball diarrhea song are find rhyming words to the bases in baseball or other words that go with diarrhea. 

Baseball Diarrhea Song Lyrics For A Unique Song

To do this, simply use some rhyming words that rhyme with the bases. 

Words that rhyme with first include: 

  • Burst
  • Worst
  • Thirst

Words that rhyme with one include: 

  • Done
  • Fun
  • Ton

Words that rhyme with second include: 

  • Disinfectant
  • Beckon
  • Reckoned

Words that rhyme with two include: 

  • Doo doo
  • Poo
  • True

Words that rhyme with three include:

  • Pee
  • See
  • Spree
  • Coffee

Words that rhyme with third include: 

  • Turd
  • Absurd
  • Word

If you don’t want to use the number of the base, you can always use the word base instead. For example, instead of sliding into third you can sing “When you hit third base.” Words that rhyme with base include: 

  • Disgrace
  • Race

You can use any of these rhyming words to create your own Baseball Diarrhea song! 

Other Lyrics For A Diarrhea Song

If you’ve exhausted singing about the bases in baseball for your diarrhea song, you’re not exactly out of luck.

If you can make a rhyme that has a synonym for the word poop, you can make that a lyric to the diarrhea song. Simply sing the lyric, and add diarrhea! Diarrhea! at the end. For example: 

When your nephew sits on your lap and he just took a crap

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

When the crowd starts to boo, and you suddenly take a poo

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

The doorbell just rung but your pants are full of dung

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

When you’re in the huddle but feel a puddle

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

You ate your mama’s stew and now your pants are filled with doo

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

Your dad is shaving his stubble but your stomach’s in trouble

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

Trying to enjoy the breeze but your pants are full of feces

Diarrhea! Diarrhea!

You simply make up your own verse and sing it to the tune of the diarrhea song! You can make this song last forever if you want to!

Other Fun (Gross) Songs You’ll Enjoy

If you, or your child, love the baseball diarrhea song, you can switch things up with some of these classics. This is the pee song by The Toilet Bowl Cleaners. It’s guaranteed to make you smile, and it’s not quite as gross as the diarrhea song. 


This next one is also about diarrhea. It’s a bit more descriptive, so you have been warned. It’s gross. Little boys will probably crack up once they hear it, though. 


If your kids loved the first two, or simply love fart noises, the next one is a must-watch. This fart song is all about farting. They say fart a million times. There are quite a few fart noises to make the little ones laugh as well. 


Other Things Your Kids Will Love

My seven-year-old came into my room when the fart song was playing and has not stopped laughing since.

She’s at that age when things like the diarrhea song and fart song are simply hilarious. However, I do not want to hear them play over and over again. After so long, you’re bound to be in the same situation. 

Fart Facts

If your children are fascinated with all of those gross bodily functions, use that current fascination to help them learn! This book is packed with fun, and gross, facts that are going to keep them entertained. 

The Ultimate Prank Kit

At the same time that my son fell in love with the diarrhea song, he also was fascinated with playing pranks on everyone he could. This prank kit is the perfect way to get your little one started!

If you’re not a fan of the diarrhea song, you can also use this to steer them into being interested in something you find considerably less gross. 

In Conclusion

I think the Baseball Diarrhea Song is a part of what made the movie Parenthood such a classic.

This movie also made the diarrhea song immortal. It was well known before the movie came out, but, once the movie came out, everyone knew it. Now, this song is a favorite for small children.