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Funny Answers To What Are You Doing (WYD)

As a mother, I hear the words “what are you doing?” (WYD) a thousand times a day. It drives me crazy. If I am sitting in front of my laptop, it’s very obvious that I am working.

There are countless times throughout the day that the children can clearly see what I am doing. However, they continue to ask that age-old question for reasons unbeknown to me. It’s led to some awesome responses. 

Funny Answers To What Are You Doing (WYD)

Funny Responses For WYD

If you are tired of hearing this question, coming up with a few funny responses is not going to make them suddenly stop asking the question. However, it can add some humor to the situation which is always a great thing.

Over time, it can help them stop asking this question, but it does take time. Simply say something you’re obviously not doing. 

  • Riding an elephant
  • Flying in a rocket ship
  • Trying to build a house
  • Feeding a giraffe
  • Baking a cake
  • Eating
  • Going to mars where children don’t ask questions
  • Wondering why you’re in here
  • Painting the house
  • Building a bookshelf
  • Looking up adoption agencies to send you to
  • Devising a plan to take over the world
  • The same thing I do every night…Fight crime
  • Trying to figure out why bees have big butts
  • Ant farming
  • Running a marathon
  • Preparing for the zombie apocalypse. They only eat brains, so you’re safe. 

Sarcastic Responses To What Are You Doing?

When kids are younger, they don’t understand sarcasm and you might accidentally hurt their feelings. Once they get older or if an adult asks you this question, you can let sarcastic remarks like these fly: 

  • Minding my business
  • Wondering why you’re so annoying
  • Deciding which kid to the ground for asking that question
  • Wouldn’t you like to know
  • About to call the orphanage I got you from to send you back
  • Seeing if you can drop teenagers off at the fire station
  • Calling to see if there’s an age limit on baby boxes
  • Burning down a bookstore
  • Whatever I want to do
  • Paying the rent
  • Do you want a list?
  • Be quiet
  • Wishing I were invisible
  • Making new cells
  • Creating life (if you’re pregnant)
  • Playing the coolest game ever, and you can’t play
  • Breathing
  • What does it look like I’m doing?
  • Planning the best day in the world, and if you ask again, you can’t come with me

When using sarcastic comebacks, it’s important to make sure that you get along well with the other person.

If you don’t know them very well, it’s best to avoid saying anything sarcastic. Some people are easily offended. You don’t want to make enemies at work or unintentionally hurt anyone’s feelings. 

Sweet Answers To What Are You Doing

Sometimes, your little one asks you what are you doing a million times a day because they need a little extra love. Kids are always searching for ways to fill that attention bucket!

The thing is, we often think that attention-seeking behaviors are negative. This is because when we think of an attention-seeking child we imagine the kid throwing a fit until someone holds and cuddles him. However, attention is a basic human need.

We all need attention. If all your little one is doing to try and get some extra attention is asking what are you doing, there’s nothing wrong with putting a positive spin on it and giving them what they need. 

  • Tell them you’re planning some special time for the two of you later
  • Thinking about how amazing you are
  • Wondering how I got lucky enough to have the sweetest child on this earth
  • Imagining how horrible life would be without you in it
  • Hug them
  • Kiss them
  • Tell them you’re being bored and ask them if they want to play
  • I’m wondering if you want to watch a movie with me

Interesting Answers When A Child Asks What Are You Doing?

Sometimes, my kids ask me what I’m doing simply because they are trying to start a conversation. Or they’re bored.

If that’s the case, give them something to think about, like a really cool fact. For example, an animal fact. Try telling them these cool facts to make their face light up before they run off: 

  • One-fourth of your bones are in your feet
  • A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out
  • A shrimp’s heart is in its head
  • It is impossible for almost everyone to lick their elbow
  • Cat pee glows under a black light
  • Maine is the only state that has a one-syllable name
  • Almonds are actually a part of the peach family, which should make them a fruit
  • A dime has almost 120 ridges around the edge
  • It can take almost 12 hours to fully digest food after you eat it
  • The strongest muscle in the body is the jaw

No matter how many times a child asks what are you doing, and no matter how funny your answers are, sometimes it is still downright annoying. Check out this for when you don’t even want to respond. 

In Conclusion

Younger children especially are going to ask you what are you doing a million times a day. Older children will do this on occasion as well. Coming up with a funny answer can instantly make you feel less annoyed!