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15 Fun Places To Take Babies

Before your little one was born, it was easy to go wherever you wanted. Now that you have an adorable baby in tow, it can take a little bit longer and requires a bit more thought.

For example, babies obviously won’t enjoy a rock concert surrounded by people that are smoking indoors and loud music. That doesn’t mean that you’re stuck sitting at home with the baby until they’re older, though!

There are plenty of fun things you can do with your baby. Photo opportunities on a sandy beach will create priceless memories. Babies that are old enough to be alert will enjoy heading to the zoo or swinging at the park.

Moms can even take their babies to the movies! With a little extra care and a few precautions, you can take your baby anywhere with you. These 15 fun places for babies will give you a day out and your little one will love them!

Fun Things To Do With Your Baby Outside The House

Somedays, we all need to get out of the house. There’s nothing like going for a walk around the block. You can enjoy the feel of sunshine on your face.

On those days, there’s nothing that compares to the way the wind blows through your hair while you push your baby in their stroller.

Sometimes, you want something more than just a brisk walk through the park. These fifteen things will give you something different to do with your little one outside of the house. 

1. Taking Your Baby To The Zoo

If your baby is old enough to see the animals instead of sleeping in the stroller, they’ll love the zoo! They can look at exhibits. Most babies enjoy it when there are lights and sounds, which most zoos have plenty of!

Certain zoos also have various attractions, such as a train. Babies will love it when you find things to do that they can engage in, such as zoos that offer an opportunity to pet or feed the animals.

As a bonus, you’ll enjoy the zoo too! There are ample opportunities to enjoy the animals and the environment. Every mom needs to get out of the house once in a while.

That’s what makes going to the zoo with a baby one of the fun things to do with a baby outside the house. 

2. Get Active At The Park

baby in a park

Going for a walk at the park is relaxing, but it’s nothing compared to playing with your little one at the park. Babies that are old enough to sit up often enjoy the swings.

Some parks have a sandpit that can indulge little hands in much needed sensory play. Sit your baby on your lap and enjoy taking them down the slide for the first time!

You’ll love hearing their adorable laugh as you go down the slide together. The older your baby is, the more they’ll enjoy a trip to the park. 

3. A Disney Cruise

Most moms think a vacation is out of the question once they give birth, but that’s only because they don’t realize how convenient a Disney cruise ship is for moms!

These cruise ships often include complimentary diaper genies, bottle warmers and there are plenty of diaper-changing stations. Enjoy the relaxation of finally getting away for a week with all the convenience that you need for a baby.

Just don’t forget to bring plenty of baby food, diapers, and formula.

4. Taking A Baby To A Concert

Babies are not going to enjoy certain concerts, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of the question! Pick up some soundproof ear muffs for your infant and double-check the atmosphere.

Once you know it will be a no-smoking environment and family-friendly, you’re good to go! 

Babies that go to concerts don’t run a risk of hearing damage when parents make sure that they have soundproof ear muffs. Instead, they can enjoy the lights and being around people all day!

The wide array of sights and smells will be enough to keep them entertained while you get to listen to your favorite music. 

5. Restaurants Are Always Places To Go With Babies

Most restaurants are already family-friendly! This means that it’s a great environment for your baby. If you’re a single mom, it makes lunch for one a little less awkward too!

Most parents avoid fine dining with little ones, but there are plenty of less than formal options for you to enjoy. Think of restaurants like Frisch’s or Olive Garden. They are the perfect compromise if you’re searching for things to do with babies. 

6. Movies Are One Of The Best Things To Do With Babies

Going to the movies might seem like a hassle with a baby, but it can be a relaxing evening for the two of you too! Pick a kid-friendly movie, of course. Then, make sure that you pick a movie time that works around your little ones’ naptime.

A pre-made bottle will prevent you from having to leave in the middle of the movie to make one. Last, bring along some sound-canceling ear protection to make sure that your little one is not bothered by the loud volume. 

7. The Beach Is One Of The Most Relaxing Things To Do With Babies Outside

baby in a beach

Babies will not have the same appreciation that adults do for the breathtaking beauty of the ocean, but they do love to get out of the house!

Bring along some sunscreen, and pick up a baby tent to make sure your little one does not overheat. After that, relax on the sand and work on your tan! 

Older babies can enjoy sitting along the edge of the sand where they can safely play in the water. Make sure to never leave your little one alone near the water, even if the waves are not reaching the shore yet. Floaties are essential for older babies. 

8. Head To The Local Farmer’s Market If You’re Looking For Things To Do With Babies

I never knew how much a little one would love the farmer’s market until I took my grandson last Saturday! Every Saturday we have a farmer’s market downtown. He loved the sights, the different booths, and, of course, all the people.

He was content in his stroller as he gazed at everything the farmer’s market put in front of him. The strangers and vendors all though he was adorable, and, of course, he loved the extra attention! 

9. An Aquarium Is One Of The Most Kid-Friendly Places To Go With Babies

If you’ve never been to an aquarium, it’s time to go. The information provided on species of fish will leave you intrigued while watching them swim and seeing how beautiful they are will be mesmerizing.

Your baby will enjoy being able to see the fish swimming around them, especially the more colorful fish. Some aquariums, such as Newport Aquarium in Kentucky, have interactive exhibits.

Kids can touch fish that are in a small pool, something that babies can do with your help!

10. Petting Zoos Are Great Things To Do With Babies

Petting zoos are always family-friendly! If your little one enjoys petting the dog or cat, they’ll love a petting zoo! They can learn about animals, enjoy the various sights and sounds, and feed the animals.

Some petting zoos have brushes that let little ones brush the animals as well. Babies will enjoy the repetitive motion while simultaneously working on their gross and fine motor skills. 

10. The Local Fair Is Full Of Fascinating Things

Babies will love heading to the county fair or any fair for that matter. Fairs are full of music, instruments, sights, and sounds. They might be a bit young to enjoy carnival rides.

Yet, you can take a friend along to take turns guarding the stroller while you both enjoy the rides. Babies will enjoy the animals at the fair, and, if they are old enough, some of the delicious homemade lemonade that goes hand in hand with county fairs!

Watch their eyes light up as the lights on the rides come on at sunset.

11. Petting Zoos Are Great Things To Do With Babies

child in a petting zoo

Petting zoos are always family-friendly! If your little one enjoys petting the dog or cat, they’ll love a petting zoo! They can learn about animals, enjoy the various sights and sounds, and feed the animals.

Some petting zoos have brushes that let little ones brush the animals as well. Babies will enjoy the repetitive motion while simultaneously working on their gross and fine motor skills. 

12. Take Your Baby On Baby Playdates At The Park

If you have a friend with a baby, there’s no reason that your babies can’t be friends! Most babies will not know how to play with one another yet, but they will enjoy being around other babies.

Simply sit them in the grass on a blanket together. Then, catch up on some lost time with your friend while the babies learn social skills. This lays the foundation for better social skills later on down the road. 

13. Mommy And Me Classes

If you need to get out on a regular basis, there’s no reason not to check out the mommy and me classes available in your area. There are parenting classes that will give you a chance to interact with other moms.

Mommy and me yoga classes are always fun! Different cities have different options, so it’s important to see what is available to you and your little one. These might not always take place outside, but they will get you out of the house. 

14. Photo Shoots

We all love taking pictures of our baby, but our amateur shots are nothing compared to a professional photoshoot. Amateur photographers often charge low prices, such as $25, for a photoshoot.

If there’s been a milestone, season change, or other change, that’s the perfect reason to book a photoshoot! You can also opt for a mommy and me photo shoot.

When you stick with an amateur photographer, it can be cheaper than that trip to the zoo mentioned above. 

15. Take Your Baby Shopping

This might be a grandparent thing, but I love to take the littlest shopping. He loves to look at everything, and I get to make sure that toys make him smile before I buy them.

If you’re shopping for your little one anyway, make a day of it! Enjoy your favorite baby stores. Then, take a brief break for some lunch followed by the park. It’s a perfect day full of things to do with a baby. 

Things To Do With Babies At Home

On rainy days or when it’s too cold outside, walking around a petting zoo is simply not an option. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a blast with your little one, though! There are plenty of fun things to do with babies at home. 

Watch A Movie

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not letting little ones watch television for more than an hour a day, but you can sneak in a movie every once in a while.

Cuddle with your baby and check out why everyone loves Disney Plus! You can make your favorite movie snacks and give the little one a rattle or teething toy to help them sit still. 

Play Airplane

baby airplane

Most people think of playing airplane with toddlers, but babies love this game too! My eight-month-old grandson adores playing airplane!

Make sure to do it slowly so that your little one doesn’t get scared. Then, enjoy their little laugh while you fly them around the house. 

Learn About Textures

Learning about textures is an important part of development. You can help your baby learn about textures with things that are already in your house!

Anything edible, like jelly or coconut oil, can turn into learning about textures. Make sure you don’t mind your little one getting sticky or oily though!

If you aren’t a fan of your baby being covered in a sticky mess, consider less messy options, like making your own edible play dough! 

Put On A Puppet Show

My youngest is six and absolutely adores her nephew. One day, he was fussing. (He was bored.) She took her toys and set them up next to him, yet still out of his reach. Then, she proceeded to put on a show for him.

If you’ve got toys or anything around the house you can use for a makeshift show, or puppet show, you can keep your baby entertained.

You don’t have to opt for puppets. If you don’t have a little one around the house with toys, that’s okay too! Plushies from your nursery will work just fine.

You can grab an Xbox controller and make it have a conversation with your foot if you really need too! Babies will still be entertained. 

Tummy Time Is Always Important

Tummy time helps little ones develop the strength and skills that they need to learn how to crawl, walk, and hold their head up. It can also prevent a flat spot on the back of their head from forming.

If your baby doesn’t like tummy time, pick up some tummy time toys, and get on the floor with them for ‘mommy and me’ playtime. 

Explore Their Toys With Them

baby holding toys

Showing babies their toys can help pique their curiosity. Then, they will develop gross and fine motor skills as they try to copy you! If your little one has an exersaucer, show them the different parts.

Push the buttons on musicals parts for them if they cannot push the buttons themselves. They’ll love toys that light up and/or play music!

Let Them Hit Things To Make Noise

Babies love to make noise! Turn a pot or pan upside down and let them hit it with a spoon for a makeshift drum set. Smack the floor lightly to show them how to make a tapping noise.

If it’s okay for a baby to smack something, they can make noise with it. 

Have Fun With Household Items

Babies don’t need expensive toys to learn or develop. There are plenty of things that you can use in your own house to help your little down the development journey.

Check out this article and spend the day testing out what you and your baby like to do together with household stuff!

Things To Do With A Newborn Baby

While you can take a newborn baby to the zoo, it’s not as fun when the baby is asleep in the stroller the entire day. Newborn babies don’t grab things, which eliminates some of the things that you can do with older babies.

Instead, newborn babies prefer more simple activities that are nurturing. These fun things to do with your newborn baby will help you lay the foundation for healthy development and an amazing bond. 

Reading Newborns Babies Stories

It’s never too early to read to your baby. This helps them develop a love for reading and learning that will last throughout their school years. Reading to newborns can also help improve cognitive development.

Babies will be introduced to shapes and letters as they learn how to focus their eyes, laying the foundation for future learning. You can start reading to your baby at any age. 

Singing To Newborn Babies

Singing to newborns comes with its own list of wonderful benefits. First, it’s a great bonding activity for mothers and their babies. Singing can relieve anxiety, something new mothers are full of!

Other benefits of singing to your newborn baby include: 

  • Improved mood
  • Less fussy when going to bed
  • Babies will eat better
  • Encourages cognitive development
  • Releases endorphins designed to deal with pain, which can help babies that are uncomfortable due to diaper rash or other causes

Singing to your baby is usually associate with lullabies, but you can sing any song you like. My youngest prefers Hotel California by The Eagles as a bedtime song.

Newborn babies are also too young to understand words, so you can sing whatever you like. They’ll still enjoy the benefits of being sang to. 

Help Them Feel New Textures

baby holding a toy

When babies feel different things, it helps their development. This activity also helps your little one open their hands sooner.

Newborn babies that keep their hands in a fist will greatly benefit from this! Opening their hands is necessary for later developmental milestones, such as grabbing things and crawling. 

To do this activity with your newborn, gently massage their hand to help them relax. Then, open their hand for them. Place their hand on new objects, such as cloth books to help them feel a new texture. 

Tummy Time

Newborns might not develop the same strength as older babies during tummy time, but it’s still a great idea. Placing your newborn baby on their stomach helps them adjust to being on their stomach.

This will make them more likely to enjoy tummy time when they’re old enough to learn to use their neck and head muscles. 

Some newborns might try to lift their head during tummy time, which is great! This helps them strengthen the core muscles necessary for later milestones, such as sitting and crawling.

Make sure that your little one is placed on a soft surface or pick up a tummy time pillow. Newborn babies cannot hold their head up for long periods, and will often let it drop down when they can’t hold it up anymore.

If your newborn is on a hard surface, such as a wooden floor, this can hurt them. 

Introduce Playtime To Your Newborn Baby

It’s never too early to help babies learn to play! Newborn babies cannot hold objects and might not react the same way that older babies will.

Yet, this is still an important thing you can do with your newborn. Introducing playtime to babies will encourage them to play sooner. Remember, babies learn and grow through playtime!

To introduce playtime to your baby, pick up a few toys from the store. A soft play mat is a great option. Your little one might not be able to reach the objects yet, but they can look at them.

Mobiles in their crib are another great idea. Playing with stuffed animals can help introduce playtime as well. Make their stuffed dinosaur blow raspberries on their belly!

The earlier you introduce playtime to little ones, the more they will like it. 

In Conclusion

The fun things to do with your baby will depend on their age and whether you’re stuck in the house for the day.

If you’re interested in fun things to do with your baby outside of the house, always remember that you can take your little one anywhere that’s family appropriate.

It simply takes a little more planning and packing now that you have a little one on your hip!