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Can Cats Eat Baby Food?

I have stocked up quite a bit of baby food. You see, I didn’t know that babies should not start eating baby food until six months now, or that WIC provided baby food. I stocked up.

Then, WIC provided baby food at 6 months, but thanks to his preemie status the grandbaby could not start baby food until approximately 8 months.

There is also baby food that was passed on, and baby cereal. I have more than enough to last the littlest until he is on solid food at this point.

Upon wondering what to do with all the baby food, the cat ran out of food. Well, after quite a bit of research, I can assure you that cats can eat baby food. 

Feeding Your Cat Baby Food

Feeding your cat baby food might sound a bit weird, but it’s surprisingly common. It’s also surprisingly one of the best things for cats to eat if you’re out of cat food or your fur baby can’t eat other food just yet. 

The Consistency Makes Baby Food Easy To Eat For Cats

Cats that have a hard time eating dry cat food will not mind the consistency of baby food. It might not be as wet as wet cat food is, but it is just as easy to eat.

This can be easier for cats to chew and swallow. It can also be easier on their digestive system. 

Cats Need To Eat More Meats Instead Of Fruits And Vegetables

If you have a cabinet full of baby food it can be tempting to throw some of it in your cat’s food bowl, but not so fast. Cats can eat things like carrots and sweet potatoes. However, that is not an ideal diet for your cat.

A cat’s diet should consist mainly of meat. Approximately 80% of their diet should be lean meats, so it’s important to limit the number of other foods they eat. Baby food that is chicken is a wonderful choice!

If Your Cat Can Eat Wet Cat Food, They Can Eat Baby Food

When trying to decide whether your cat can eat baby food or not, consider whether they can eat wet cat food.

Because both of these are about the same to eat for a cat, your little fur baby should be able to eat baby food if they are old enough to eat wet cat food.

If you have a kitten that is not nursing but not old enough to eat wet cat food yet, do not feed them baby food. Instead, pick up some kitten milk for them.

Kitten milk is packed with all of the vitamins and nutrients that your four-legged friend will need. 

When Should You Feed Your Cat Baby Food?

There are several situations that might call for your cat to eat baby food. However, it’s important to note that you should not rely solely on baby food.

Instead, your cat needs a variety of vitamins and nutrients in their diet. This is why most people feed their cats cat food. This food is specifically designed to help meet all of their needs. 

After Surgery

Your cat might have a hard time eating after having surgery. Older cats that had to have teeth pulled might not be able to chew as they once could.

In this situation, feeding them baby food is a great idea! It will give them a treat after surgery, and they won’t have a hard time chewing it. 

Feed Your Cat Baby Food After An Injury

An injured cat needs to be babied, and that can include giving them a bit of baby food. Baby food is so easy to eat and digest that your feline friend eating baby food can give their body the break that they need.

If the injury involves their teeth or stomach, baby food might be essential to keeping them healthy while they are recovering. 

Grey scottish fold cat eating pet food on table

Feeding Your Cat Baby Food Can Help Them Transition To Dry Cat Food

Most baby kittens start off on milk and then wind up eating cat food when they are weaned off their mom. Some kittens need something softer than dry food, even if it’s dry food designed for a kitten.

Personally, I used to mix kitten milk or a small bit of regular milk or water in with dry food to make the food softer. Then, as time goes on you can add less milk. Another great option is to use wet cat food. 

A third option is a portion of baby food. This can be used to mix with dry cat food or to get something in their stomach. Some kittens are stubborn after weaning and don’t like cat food just yet. However, they’ll love the smell of baby food chicken. 

How To Feed Your Cat Baby Food

When you opt to give your cat some baby food, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want to make sure that the baby food you’re using is safe for your cat to eat. Then, you want to ensure that your kitten is actually eating the food. 

Check The Ingredients

Before feeding your feline friend some baby food, check the ingredients. Some baby foods might have herbs in them. They might also have flavoring or spices in them to make them taste better that are toxic to cats.

Examples of human food that is toxic to cats include:

  • Grapes
  • Raisins
  • Onions
  • Chocolate
  • Garlic

It’s important to make sure that you check the ingredient list on baby food. 

Stick With All Natural Baby Food

Baby food that is packed with sugar and preservatives is on the market, and it’s not good for your little one. It’s also not good for your cat. There are wonderful brands that have all-natural options.

These contain the minimum amount of extra ingredients necessary. I like Beechnut Naturals, and so do both my grandson and my cat.

Foxy cat near bowls with food at home

Don’t Just Feed Your Cat Baby Food

Although there’s nothing wrong with feeding your cat a jar of baby food chicken or giving them baby food for a few days due to an injury, you cannot rely solely on baby food.

This does not provide all of the nutrients that cats and kittens need. This is why when it’s used as a transition food you have to mix it with dry food, or at least a little bit of wet cat food. 

Keep In Mind That Your Cat Will Have Preferences

Just like your baby might not like certain things, your cat might not like certain things too. For example, they might love the smell of chicken and eat every bite but not touch lamb.

Most cats enjoy baby food meat, but always remember that your cat will have preferences. 

In Conclusion

Most cats enjoy baby food, but it’s important to make sure that you only feed them a diet that is good for them.

Make sure that the baby food is all-natural, and feed them mainly meat until you can feed them cat food again. This won’t hurt your cat as long as it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients, but shouldn’t be used to substitute a regular diet either.