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Is Putting a Crib in Front Of A Window Safe?

Cribs look adorable by windows with the beautiful, natural sunlight shining down on your precious baby. However, it’s not a good idea to place a crib by a window.

There are quite a few hazards associated with cribs near windows, which has led the American Academy of Pediatrics to recommend against putting cribs near windows. 

Why Aren’t You Supposed To Put Cribs Near Windows?

There are several hazards that most of us don’t think of, from blinds falling to cord strangulation. There are also a few things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to windows in general.

There are some very valid reasons why your baby’s crib is better off away from them, and why nurseries are full of cribs in the middle of the room. 

Blinds And Curtains Can Fall

If you have blinds or curtains on your window, these can pose a significant safety hazard. When your little one gets older, they can pull on blinds or curtains they can reach and pull them down.

Sometimes, blinds or curtains can fall down all by themselves. This can hurt your baby. 

Cords Can Strangle Your Baby

Babies are great at getting tangled up in things. Unfortunately, they are not so great at getting out of them.

If your little one gets the cord wrapped around their neck on accident, they won’t be able to get it off. This can choke them, or result in a fatal accident. It’s best to keep your little one away from cords. 

The Window Can Fall 

If you have newer windows that are designed to pull out, this can be a problem. The bottom window doesn’t always lock securely in place, or if you forget to lock it, and can fall on your little one.

The weight of the window can cause serious injuries to your baby if this happens. 

Climbers Can Fall Out Of The Window

If your little one learns how to climb, they can climb out of their crib. This is common for babies. However, if the crib is by the window, they can also climb out of the window.

Babies can easily figure out how to turn the locks on windows, too.

Baby climbs out of the crib

Windows Can Be Drafty

If you have older windows, which a lot of houses do, they can be very drafty. Your little one will get chilly at night. They’re also more likely to catch a cold because they are cold at night. 

There Is One Exception

While it’s not recommended that you place the crib near a window, there is an exception to the rule. If the window is high enough that your baby can’t reach them, and do not have blinds or curtains, they should be perfectly safe.

While you won’t find this in most homes, you do on occasion if a small room was used as a home office. 

Can You Place Cribs By Walls?

Placing cribs by walls is another key topic that you’ll need to put some thought into while decorating your nursery. Typically, placing the crib near a wall is perfectly safe. However, there are some safety hazards that you’ll need to keep in mind. 

Do Not Place Heavy Wall Decor Over The Crib

Shelves that have things on them can fall off the wall and hurt your baby. Posters that fall off of the wall can also fall into the crib.

If your baby is old enough to grab things, they can choke on pieces of paper. Instead, it’s best not to place anything on the walls near the crib. 

If you would like to decorate the wall area around the crib, stickers are a great idea. These could be stickers that are shaped like the moon and stars. Wall decals are also pretty affordable, so you won’t spend a small fortune decorating your nursery. 

Avoid Electrical Hazards, Like Cords And Outlets

When placing your crib near a wall, make sure that you do not place the crib near any possible hazards. While outlets might not seem to pose a risk to newborn children, they do.

Electrical fires can happen if an outlet is faulty, and cords can spark. When your baby gets older they will be able to reach through the bars of the crib to get to cords and outlets. Instead, avoid placing the crib on a wall that has any outlets or cords. 

No Picture Frames With Glass

Although these are light, they can still fall off the wall. When the glass breaks it can injure your baby. Those injuries might be mild, or they could be severe. It’s best to place picture frames on walls that are not near the crib. 

Where Should You Place A Crib In A Nursery?

While there are some safety guidelines you need to follow, you still have plenty of options regarding where to place the crib at. Remember, no matter where you decide to put it, avoid the safety hazards mentioned above. 

Along A Wall

You can safely place a crib along any wall as long as it is not by a window, outlet, or cords. This can be tricky, but there’s usually a space in most rooms that will meet the above conditions.

If not, consider not using the outlet and picking up some safety products to guarantee that your little one is safe. 

In The Middle Of The Room

Personally, I love this look. It’s stylish and instantly makes your nursery look trendy. You also don’t have to worry about any of the safety hazards mentioned above.

Instead, you can decorate as much as you would like, including hanging shelves on the wall. Heavy curtains won’t be a problem, either. 

In Conclusion

It’s not a good idea to place a crib near a window, or an outlet. However, that doesn’t mean that decorating your nursery is going to be complicated.

Follow a few safety precautions to keep your baby safe, and you can still make your nursery Pinterest worthy. 

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