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101 Unique Middle Names for Avery

Avery is a beautiful name that’s suitable for boys or girls. It can have a variety of middle names added to it to make it sound even more unique.

We’ve put together a list of middle names for Avery as a girl’s name and Avery as a boy’s name. Take a look and see if anything takes your fancy.

The Meaning of Avery

The name Avery was originally used as a boy’s name. It’s now more commonly used as a girl’s name.

It originated as an Old English surname that was itself derived from an Old French pronunciation of the name Alfred or the Ancient Germanic name Alberich.

Avery comes from the Old English and is made up of the words aelf meaning ‘elf’ and ric meaning ‘king/power.’ This is why Avery means ‘the ruler of the elves.’ 

Middle Names For Avery (Girl)

  1. Avery Caroline
  2. Avery Lila
  3. Avery Marian
  4. Avery Christine
  5. Avery Donna
  6. Avery Patricia
  7. Avery Megan
  8. Avery Miranda
  9. Avery Charlotte
  10. Avery Lois
  11. Avery Samantha
  12. Avery Susan
  13. Avery Heather
  14. Avery Robyn
  15. Avery Tabitha
  16. Avery Blossom
  17. Avery Tessa
  18. Avery Grace
  19. Avery Victoria
  20. Avery Robyn
  21. Avery Lydia
  22. Avery Noelle
  23. Avery Kate
  24. Avery Rachel
  25. Avery Rebecca
  26. Avery Peyton
  27. Avery Katani
  28. Avery Lana
  29. Avery Helena
  30. Avery Kendall
  31. Avery Blythe
  32. Avery Sophia
  33. Avery Elizabeth
  34. Avery Cheyanne
  35. Avery Elise
  36. Avery Elena
  37. Avery Lenora
  38. Avery Giselle
  39. Avery Lux
  40. Avery Margaux
  41. Avery Savannah
  42. Avery Serena
  43. Avery Pearl
  44. Avery Fern
  45. Avery Vivienne
  46. Avery Abigail
  47. Avery Anastasia
  48. Avery Celine
  49. Avery Eleanor
  50. Avery Delilah
  51. Avery Elouise

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Middle Names For Avery (Boy)

  1. Avery Michael
  2. Avery Sloan
  3. Avery Jackson
  4. Avery John
  5. Avery Jonathan
  6. Avery Kyle
  7. Avery William
  8. Avery Raymond
  9. Avery Micah
  10. Avery Grayson
  11. Avery Thomas
  12. Avery Ryan
  13. Avery James
  14. Avery Elias
  15. Avery Dean
  16. Avery Dallas
  17. Avery Graham
  18. Avery Nathaniel
  19. Avery Layton
  20. Avery William
  21. Avery Cole
  22. Avery Brandon
  23. Avery Evan
  24. Avery Liam
  25. Avery Jonah
  26. Avery Carter
  27. Avery Nicholas
  28. Avery Sutton
  29. Avery Emerson
  30. Avery Blake
  31. Avery Nathaniel
  32. Avery Ryland
  33. Avery Daniel
  34. Avery Xavier
  35. Avery Oliver
  36. Avery Jace
  37. Avery Zane
  38. Avery Quinn
  39. Avery Blaine
  40. Avery Callan
  41. Avery Drew
  42. Avery Dane
  43. Avery Finn
  44. Avery Harrison
  45. Avery Heath
  46. Avery Isaac
  47. Avery Layne
  48. Avery Orion
  49. Avery Parker
  50. Avery Clyde

Do You Really Need A Middle Name?

After spending weeks or even months deciding on the perfect first name, choosing a middle name may be well down on your list of priorities.

You may even feel that you can have a little more fun with a middle name, that you don’t need to worry so much about it. 

But a big question that many parents ask themselves is if they need to have a middle name for their children anyway? And the simple answer is no. There is no hard and fast rule with regard to having a middle name.

If you would prefer to stick to the perfect first name then that’s just fine. But a huge proportion of parents do choose middle names for their children. It comes down to personal choice at the end of the day it is entirely up to you.

How To Choose The Perfect Middle Name

If you’re looking to choose the perfect middle name, there are a few places that you can look for inspiration. Articles such as this are always a great place to start as they give you a variety of different options to think about.

Family Tradition

Many families have a tradition of using a certain middle name that has been passed on from one generation to the other.

Some people choose a name to honor a relative that has passed but had a big impact on their lives such as an uncle, aunt, or grandparent.

Memories Or Place Names With Significance

If you and your partner have a particular place or destination that has some sort of significance to your life, it may be a good option for a middle name. It’s not only the rich and famous that can use place names for their children.

Spelling Variations of Avery

Avery is one of those names that has variations in its spelling. Here are a few different ways that you can spell Avery.

  1. Avrie
  2. Avri
  3. Ayveri
  4. Ayverey
  5. Ayvry

The Final Thought

Now that you know the history behind the name Avery, it may give you some insight into which middle names are best. There are a million different choices for a middle name and we’ve only made a small dent in those that are available to you.

So let your imagination run wild and take a little risk with that middle name!