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100+ Cute 4 Letter Girl Names

Finding that perfect name for your little girl will always be a challenge.

There are so many different names to explore and girls’ names tend to be a little more unique than boys as girls will often get away with that more exotic name than a boy would.

Here is our list of girls’ names with only four letters to inspire your imagination.


Abby – A beautiful name of Hebrew origin and means ‘father’s joy, give’s joy or God is joy.’

Adia – This is the Swahili word for a valuable gift.

Aiko – A combination of Japanese kanji that means ‘beloved child.’

Aine – A Gaelic name that is pronounced as AWN-ya and it means ‘radiance.’

Alia – This is the feminine version of the Arabic name Ali meaning ‘supreme or exalted.’

Alma – A name of Latin origin and it means ‘kind or nourishing.’ But in Spanish, it means ‘the soul.’

Alto – This is a musical term and it means ‘high.’

Alva – A name of Irish origin and it means ‘white.’

Anne – Of Hebrew origin and it means ‘grace.’

Asma – This is a very common name in the middle east and it means ‘supreme.’


Bebe – A name derived from Old English and it means ‘settlement.’

Beck – A name derived from the Old English word becc meaning ‘stream.’

Bess – A diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning ‘pledged to God.’

Beta – Of English origin but is believed to have been derived from Eastern Europe. Beta means ‘God of plenty’ or ‘my God is bountiful.’

baby girl lying down

Bria – This gorgeous name has Gaelic, Irish, and Celtic origin and it means ‘noble.’ Another popular version of this name is Brianna.

Brie – A French place name that is known for its production of cheese.

Bryn – This is a name of Welsh origin and it means ‘hill.’


Cali – A name of Greek origin and it means ‘most beautiful.’ The name also belonged to a character in Greek mythology.

Cara – The name is believed to have both Italian and Greek origins and it means ‘beloved one, pure, or cherished.’ It can also be short for Charlotte or Caroline.

Cher – Derived from the French word ‘cherie’ which means ‘darling.’

Cleo – This is the short form of the name Cleopatra and it means ‘glory or pride.’ It has Greek origins.

Cora – This name has Greek origins and it means ‘maiden.’ It became popular after it was used as a character in the book The Last of the Mohicans.


Dana – This name is believed to be a version of Daniel. Hebrew in origin and it means ‘God will judge.’

Dawn – Derived from an Old English name and it means ‘daybreak’ or ‘appearance of first light.’ It has also been used as an alternative name for the Greek goddess Eos.

Daya – It isn’t clear where this name originated from but it’s believed to have Hindi origin and it means ‘compassionate.’

Dell – An English name that means a ‘small valley,’ but these days it’s associated with the computer giant Dell.

Demi – A name of Greek origin and it means ‘half.’

Desi – A short form of the name Desiree and it means ‘desired.’

Dior – A name of French origin and it means ‘golden.’

Diya – Derived from either Sanskrit or Arabic and it means ‘light or glow.’

Dove – This name has American origin and it means ‘bird of peace.’

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Eden – A name of Hebrew origin and it means ‘delight.’ The variant of the name is Edith.

Edna – This name is more than likely derived from the Hebrew word ‘ednah’ which means ‘delight.’

Eira – This name has Welsh origins and it means ‘snow.’

Elia – A diminutive of the Hebrew name Elijah and it means ‘the Lord is God.’

Elin – This name is the Swedish variation of Helen meaning ‘bright and shining.’

Ella – This name is of Hebrew origin and it means ‘goddess or beautiful fairy.’

Elle – This name is derived from the French pronoun elle, which means ‘she.’ It is believed to be a modern take on Ella.

Elon – A name of Hebrew origin and it means ‘oak tree.’

Elsa – A German variation of the name Elizabeth. It means ‘noble’ or ‘joyful’ and was made famous by the popular Disney film Frozen.

Emme – A name of German origin and a variant of Erma. The name means strength and is short for Emmeline.

Enid – This name is derived from the welsh word ‘enaid’ which means ‘soul.’

Erin – An Irish name that means ‘from the island to the west.’

Esme – This name is derived from the Persian, French word ‘esme’ which means beloved or emerald.

Etta – Etta is the feminine suffix, used to turn masculine names into their feminine versions, such as Henrietta. On its own, it has no real meaning but it is very useful.

Evie – Derived from Hebrew and it means ‘life.’


Fawn – This is the name of a baby deer.

Faye – This name is derived from the Middle English ‘faie’ meaning fairy.

Fern – A nature name, a leafy green plant.

Fila – A diminutive of Filip, which is the Czech and Polish version of Philip. It means ‘lover of horses.’

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Gaia – This name comes from the Greek word ‘gaia’ which means ‘earth.’

Gigi – A French diminutive of almost any female G name such as Georgette or Gisele.

Gray – This is a color name but one of the very few such names that work for both genders.

Gwen – This is typically a diminutive of the welsh name Gwendolyn. The name comprises two parts ‘gwyn’ which means ‘white’ or ‘fair’ and ‘dolyn’ meaning either ring or eyebrows.


Hana – This name has ties with many cultures. It can be a spelling variation of the Hebrew name Hannah which means favor. In Arabic it means happiness. In Hawaiian it means work and in Japanese it means blossom.

Hedy – This name comes from the German element ‘hedu ‘ meaning ‘battle or war’.

Hope – An Old English name that means ‘hope’.


Iman – Derived from the Arabic word ‘amuna’ which means ‘faith.’

Indy – This name can be used as a stand-alone or can be used as the shortened version of names like Indiana, Indigo, or India.

Inez – The Spanish version of Agnes and it means ‘pure.’

Iris – The name comes from Greek mythology as Iris was the goddess of the rainbow.

Isla – A name of Scottish origin and comes Islay which is a Scottish island as well as the name of two Scottish rivers. It’s pronounced with a silent ‘s’ as on the island.

Ivey – A spelling variation of the English name Ivy which is the name of a climbing vine.

Ivy – Pronounced as IH-vee this name is a modern creation.


Jada – This name is derived from the word jade which means ‘precious stone.’ There are a few spelling variations such as Jayda and Jaida.

Jade – Named after the beautiful green stone that was once believed to cure stomach pain.

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Jane – This name has been around since the Tudor times and it has a French origin. The name means ‘Jehovah has been gracious.’

Java – A place name for an Indonesian island but it is also slang for coffee.

Jazz – This is a music-inspired name that is upbeat and funky.

Jess – With Hebrew roots and it means ‘gift.’

Joan – This is the English form of the Hebrew name Johanna which means ‘the Lord is gracious.’

Jojo – This name is most often seen as a diminutive of names like Joelle, Josie, and Johanna.

Jude – Derived from the Greek form of the Hebrew name Judah which means ‘praise.’

Judy – A diminutive of Judith which is a Hebrew name that means ‘woman from Judea.’

Juna – A derivative of the name June.

June – This is a popular name for a summer baby and it’s also said to mean ‘youth.’

Juno – This is the name of Roman origin and the meaning is unknown. Some say it is ‘youth’ or ‘heavenly queen.’


Kore – Derived from ancient Greek mythology and it means ‘maiden.’ The name is also an alternative for Persephone, the Greek goddess.


Lily – This name is taken from the plant and it’s derived from Latin.

Lulu – A name with origins in Tanzanian, Swahili, and Hawaiian origins. The name means ‘pearl.’


Maia – The name has Greek origins and it means ‘mother.’ To the Romans, she is the goddess of spring and the reincarnation of mother earth.

Mona – This name is believed to have origins in Greek and Italian and has various meanings. In Arabic countries, the name means ‘unreachable wishes.’


Nike – A name of Greek origin and is the name of the goddess of victory.

Nina – Italian in origin and is believed to be the short form for Giannina and Antonina. In Spanish, the name means ‘little girl.’

Nora – A name of Greek origin and it means ‘light.’ It is believed to be derived from Eleanor or Honora.

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Onyx – This is the name of a deep black gem that is said to have protective properties.

Opal – The word opal means gem and the Ancient Greeks believed that it bestowed the power of prophecy.

Orla – The Anglicized version of the Irish name Orfhlaith which means ‘golden princess.’


Park – A word name for a park.

Plum – This name is both a fruit and a color.

Poet – A poet is full of imagination, intellect, with a great gift for words.

Posy – An English word that describes a bunch of flowers.


Quill – This name refers to a pen made from a feather.


Rosa – The name has Latin, Italian, and Spanish origin and it means ‘rose’ or ‘flower.’

Ruth – The meaning of this name is friend or companion and has Hebrew origin.

Rysa – A name of Latin origin and it means ‘laughter.’


Sara – A variation of the name Sarah that has Hebrew origin and it means princess. It also has a biblical reference.

Shea – The name has an Irish origin and it means ‘dauntless one.’

Skye – With both English and Scottish origin and it means ‘adventurous.’ Other meanings include scholar and protection.

Suri – The Hebrew form of Sarah and has a Persian origin. In Persian, the name means ‘princess.’


Tess – Derived from the name Theresa which means ‘harvest’ or ‘to gather.’ The name is of Greek origin.

Thea – A name of Greek origin and it means ‘goddess.’ It is also the short form of Mathea, Althea, and Dorothea. The name also appears in Greek mythology and is the name of the Goddess of light, mother of the moon, sun, and dawn.

Tori – A name of Japanese origin and it means ‘bird.’

little girl walking


Vera – Believed to have both Latin and Russian origins. In Latin, it means ‘verity’ and in Russian, it means ‘faith.’

Vivi – This name is derived from the Latin word vivus and it means ‘alive.’


Will – This can be a diminutive of the name William which means ‘resolute protection.’

Wren – An English bird name that has turned to a girl’s name, a bit like Robin.

Wynn – Derived from the Welsh word ‘gwyn’ meaning ‘white or fair.’


Yael – This is a name of Hebrew origin and it means ‘mountain goat.’

Yara – A name of Brazilian origin and it means ‘bright lady’ or ‘water lady.’ According to Brazilian mythology, Yara was a goddess with bright green hair.


Zara – A name with Hebrew and Arabic origin that means ‘to blossom’ or ‘princess.’ It is also a form of the name Sarah.

Zena – A variation of the Greek ‘xenos’ meaning ‘guest.’

Zoey – A name of Greek origin and it means ‘life.’ The modern spelling is Zoe and is popular.

Zola – The roots of this name are not very clear. But it more than likely has African roots and it means ‘quiet and tranquil.’

Zuri – This name means beautiful in Swahili.

The Final Thought

Four letter baby names are short and sweet. They usually have a really charming meaning and are a wonderful choice for little girls. Our list of fantastic four-letter girl names has hopefully given you some great options.