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10 Best Baby Scales for Breastfeeding Babies

New parents have a lot of things on their minds when it comes to their babies. One of those things is their baby’s weight. Many moms may wonder if their babies are gaining enough weight, especially if they’re breastfeeding. Since you can’t go to the pediatrician’s office that frequently, many parents choose a baby scale to keep track of their baby’s weight at home.

Let’s take a closer look at how a baby scale can help parents as well as the features to look for and, of course, the best baby scales on the market.

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How Can a Baby Scale Help Parents?

Newborn Baby on a Scale

Weight can be a sign of whether your baby is getting the nutrients he needs and is growing at a steady rate. Weighing your baby after feedings can ensure they’re getting enough food. When babies don’t gain weight steadily, it can indicate health problems, but not always.

It is normal for babies to lose up to 10% of their birth weight during their first few days of life. After that, a baby should be gaining weight and growing regularly. A baby scale can help parents keep track of just how fast their babies are growing.

With a baby scale, you can make sure your baby is hitting certain growth markers and is staying within a good percentile for their age. When you don’t see steady growth, you can then contact their pediatrician and address any concerns.

Features to Look for in a Baby Scale

When you start your search for the best baby scale, there are certain features to look for. These include:


If you’ve never heard of this before, don’t worry you’re not alone. A tare-function is an allowance for weight. You can calculate the scale to ignore the weight of diapers, clothing, or a toy your baby may be holding to keep them calm while they’re being weighed. This allows you to get a true reading of your baby’s weight minus all the extras.


Most baby scales are battery-operated but double-check before you buy one. You don’t want to have cords around that your baby could pull or wrap around them.

No-slip grips

Any baby scale you buy should have grips on the bottom so it doesn’t move around when the baby is on it.

Hold button

The hold button will make sure the baby stays steady if he moves around a lot. If he moves around too much, you won’t get an accurate reading.

Infant Tray

When you’re trying to weigh your infant, having an infant tray can be helpful. This is helpful for when they’re too small to support themselves, which many babies are. Many trays are curved or have extra padding so it’s comfier for the baby. If the baby isn’t comfy, he isn’t going to sit still while you weigh him.

Measurement Units

To get accurate readings and stay consistent, you need to see if the scale measures in pounds, grams, or ounces.


Being on the scale may make your baby scared and could lead to them throwing up or having an accident. That’s why you want to have a baby scale that’s easy-to-clean and wipe down. Any scale with padding that doesn’t come off or one that has many indentations isn’t going to fly. It will be more difficult to clean and not worth it.

Large Display

When your baby is on the scale, you don’t want to have to squint to see the display. When you’re looking for the best baby scale, get one that has a large display. Trust us, it will make life a lot easier.

While these are all features you should look for in a baby scale, some scales also come with extras like a music player that can connect to an app. You just need to have Wi-Fi to make it work.

Different Types of Baby Scales

baby on scale

While not all baby scales have the same features, not all baby scales are made the same either. There are different types of baby scales to choose from based on your preference.

Mechanical Scales

These scales are like the ones you see in the doctor’s office. They have a slider that springs to measure weight. You slide the weight indicators on the top and bottom until one end is in the center perfectly. When it is, this is your baby’s weight.

As you can imagine, it can be hard to move the weight indicators while keeping your baby on the scale. That’s why these are mainly used in the doctor’s office.

Digital Scales

These are probably more of what you’re used to. When you put your baby on the scale, there are sensors inside that measure your baby. A digital reading then appears on a screen. Many parents prefer this type of scale because it’s easier to use with a baby.


Aquascales use a waterproof digital scale in a small baby bathtub to measure your baby. Babies are often relaxed in the tub, so it may be better to get an accurate reading.

Multi-purpose Scales

Multi-purpose scales grow with your child. They usually come with baby scales and different parts to hold larger toddlers. If you have more than one child, this type of scale could work for you because you can use it for more than one child.

Best Baby Scales for Breastfeeding Babies

  1. Baby Scale Multi-Purpose Scale by MOMMED
  2. Beurer Digital Baby Scale
  3. Baby Scale by Kazetec
  4. My Weigh Ultra Baby Precision Digital Baby Scale
  5. HOMEIMAGE Digital Baby Scale
  6. Salter Baby/Toddler Scale
  7. AFENDO Electronic Digital Smoothing Infant, Baby, and Toddler Scale
  8. Tanita 1584 Baby Scale
  9. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale
  10. Aquascale Digital Scale

#1. Baby Scale Multi-Purpose Scale by MOMMED

best baby scales

This baby scale is our favorite because it checks all the boxes when it comes to the features many parents look for. Not only does this scale measure a baby’s weight, but it can also be used for toddlers, as well as parents, and even baby pets. This multi-purpose scale is a great buy for the price. There are also height measurements inside the tray so you can check your baby’s height while you’re weighing him. Let’s just hope he stays still for a quick few minutes!

While the baby scale can help you check all of the growth milestones, the toddler scale can ease your mind that your toddler is also growing well and getting enough food. This scale also has many of the key features parents look for in baby scales like a hold function for when your baby gets restless and a large digital display so there’s no mistaking how much your baby weighs. There’s also a swivel lock on the bottom so you don’t have to worry about the scale moving while your baby is on it.


  • Multi-purpose, can be used through adulthood
  • Height measurement inside the tray
  • Hold function
  • Great for the price


  • We honestly couldn’t find any! This is a winner all-around.
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#2. Beurer Digital Baby Scale

best baby scales

If you’re shopping for the best baby scale, this is another one to add to your list. We like this one as well because it has many of the features we were talking about above. Although you can’t weigh a toddler or an adult, this scale is still multi-functional because you could weigh small animals on it as well if you wanted. It measures up to 44 pounds.

There is a hold function to record your baby’s weight so you can get an accurate reading. It also has the tare function we mentioned. This lets you zero out the scale if your baby has her diaper on or is holding a toy. The weighing platform is also curved so it will be safe for your baby while providing comfort.

The Beurer scale also boasts itself as being highly accurate. So, if you’re using it to check your baby’s weight after breastfeeding, you should feel confident that you are getting a good reading.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Can be used as a pet scale too
  • Highly accurate
  • Has Tare Function


  • Only weighs children up to 44 pounds
  • Can not be used as the child gets older
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#3. Baby Scale by Kazetec

best baby scales

Here’s another multi-functional baby scale. It can weigh babies, adults, and even pets. Anything or anyone that weighs up to 220 pounds can be measured on this scale. It has a removable tray that can be taken off once the baby outgrows that portion.

This scale also has a hold function just in case your baby squirms a lot when he’s being weighed. As an added bonus, this scale comes with a free tape measure so you can check your child’s height.

You can measure your baby is either pounds, ounces, or kilograms because this scale can switch between all three of them. Since you can use this scale for more than just a baby, it is reasonably priced and comparable models. This scale also comes in a larger size if you were looking for that feature.


  • Can be multi-functional
  • Can weigh people up to 220 pounds
  • Removable tray for weighing


  • May not be wide enough for some babies
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#4. My Weigh Ultra Baby Precision Digital Baby Scale

best baby scales


Here’s another multi-purpose scale to add to your list. While you can’t weigh toddlers or adults, you can use this scale to weigh items that may need to be shipped. But, this is still a good scale for babies because it has a clear reading and the hold and tare function we’ve been talking about.

You can also see the display in either pounds, ounces, grams, or kilograms. Although it is a bit more expensive than other models, if you are going to use it in a home office as well, it may be worth your money. It comes with multiple attachments like a letter holder and tube holder. It only weighs up to 55 pounds, so keep that in mind if you want to weigh heavier objects.


  • Can also be used as a home office scale
  • Comes with the hold and tare function
  • Can weigh in pounds, kilograms, ounces, or grams


  • Can only weigh up to 55 pounds
  • More expensive than other models
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#5. HOMEIMAGE Digital Baby Scale


best baby scales


If you’re looking for a simple, straight-forward scale to weigh your baby after breastfeeding, this is a good choice. It has many of the features we like to see in baby scales like the hold function and extra-large LCD readout.

It’s lightweight so it’s easy to move from room to room if you need to. There aren’t many bells and whistles here, but if you just want to weigh your baby after breastfeeding, this could be a viable option for the price.


  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Comes with hold function
  • Reasonably priced


  • Only weighs babies up to 44 pounds
  • Can’t be used to weigh toddlers

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#6. Salter Baby/Toddler Scale

best baby scales

Here’s another simple baby scale we like that gets the job done at a minimal cost. It has many bells and whistles to make the whole weighing process easier. With the hold function, you can get an accurate weight even if your baby is a wiggler. The zero function allows you to subtract the weight of diapers and any extras your baby may have.

Since we know that not all babies are going to love the idea of lying on a scale, the plastic scoop platform is a bonus when it comes to comfort. You can also remove the tray to weigh your child, up to 44 pounds. It is also battery-operated so there are no worries about extra cords lying around.

If you’re just looking for a scale to weigh your baby after breastfeeding so you can keep track of growth, you’ll want to check this scale out. If you don’t mind that the scale only has a 44 pound- capacity and can’t be used as your child gets older, this is a good deal.


  • Comes with a plastic scoop platform for babies
  • Comes with hold function
  • Comes with zero function
  • Battery-operated
  • Reasonably priced


  • Only has a 44-pound capacity
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#7. AFENDO Electronic Digital Smoothing Infant, Baby, and Toddler Scale

best baby scale

When you’re looking for an infant scale that can also be used for toddlers, check this one out. One of the big selling points for the scale and why it’s one of the best baby scales is that it has a grooved-shaped bearing surface that helps to make it more comfortable when you’re weighing your baby. Anything that can make it more comfortable and reduce the restlessness is a bonus.

There is also the all-important hold function and Tare function that comes in handy as well. We also like the high strain gauge sensors that it comes with to help accurately weigh your baby.

Although you can only weigh your child up to 44 pounds, this scale is reasonably priced so it makes it worth the money. It also comes with a large LCD readout, reducing the change of error.


  • Comes with hold and TARE function
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Large LCD readout
  • Grooved-shaped bearing to make it more comfortable for your baby


  • Only weighs up to 44 pounds
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#8. Tanita 1584 Baby Scale

best baby scales

Parents may like this scale because it has a large and deep tray for easy weighing. There is also an easy-to-read LCD display. The scale is lightweight and portable which is great for babies.

There is a 44 pound capacity for this scale, so you can’t use this for toddlers or larger-sized children. The one thing to note about this scale is that it is much more expensive than other models. But, if you want a larger and deeper tray for weighing, this could be worth the money for you. It depends on your preferences and needs when it comes to finding the best baby scale.


  • Large, deep tray
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Simple and easy-to-use


  • Only has a 44-pound capacity
  • More expensive than other models
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#9. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

best baby scales

If you want to be able to keep track of your baby’s weight through an app, this scale from Hatch is worth looking into. Since this scale doubles as a changing pad, you put your baby down to change and get their weight at the same time. Many parents like this convenience because many times the baby doesn’t realize they’re being weighed, just changed.

You can not only track your baby’s weight between doctor visits but also sync your scale to an app on your phone so that you always have the information at your fingertips. Since there is an app, both parents can access the information as well as any caregivers you want to share it with. The app also lets you see how much breast milk your baby drinks with each feeding. The scale is soft, comfortable, and easy to clean.

This scale does cost much more than other baby scales, so keep that in mind while shopping around.


  • Doubles as a changing pad and scale
  • Sync with app to share information
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a belt to keep baby in place


  • More expensive than other baby scales
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#10. Aquascale Digital Scale

best baby scales

If you like the idea of weighing your baby while they’re comfortable in the bath, an Aquascale may be on your list of the best baby scales. Some people prefer this because babies tend to be more relaxed in the bath and won’t wiggle around as much.

This Aquascale has anti-slip pads so the scale won’t be moving around in the tub. It also has memory functions to store your baby’s previous weight in case you didn’t get a chance to jot it down. There is also a thermometer to keep track of the water temperature.

Since this is used in the bath, it is only meant for babies. You won’t be able to use it as your child grows. It is also more expensive than traditional scales because of the water feature. Also, it does not come with the hold function that many other scales have.

When deciding if an Aquascale is for you, you need to decide whether being able to weigh your baby in the bath is worth the cost.


  • Allows you to weigh the baby in the bath
  • Comes with a thermometer to read water temperature


  • More expensive than other baby scales
  • No hold function
  • Can only be used for babies
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The Bottom Line on the Best Baby Scales for Breastfeeding Babies

When it comes to finding the best baby scale for breastfeeding, you need to decide what features mean the most to you. Some parents like to be able to weigh their babies in water and have their babies weight information available in an app, while others want features like a hold button and Tare function.

We chose the Baby Scale Multi-Purpose Scale by MOMMED as our top pick because it not only has many of the features parents want, but it can also be used for toddlers, adults, and even pets. This multi-purpose function is worth it for the price. The height measurements inside the tray are also helpful if you want to keep track of your baby’s height as well to get a full picture of their growth. Because of all of these features, as well as the large display and swivel lock on the bottom, this baby scale is our favorite.

As you track your baby’s weight with your new baby scale, be sure to record all numbers and keep a log. When you visit your pediatrician, you can share this log to see if your baby is on the right track when it comes to growth. Your pediatrician will be able to address any of your concerns about your baby’s weight and growth.