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5 Best Strollers With Adjustable Handles for Tall Parents in 2024

Are you or your partner of above-average height? Have you recently become new parents or are about to?

If you answered yes to both of these, you have more than likely also experienced the frustration and difficulties of trying to find a stroller that is suitable for your height.

Until recently, manufacturers did not even think to consider the comfort of the parent when it came to the design of their strollers. Nor did they remember that every parent is an individual as they are in every other aspect of their life.

So whether you are average height or well above average height, you should not have to compromise on backache or posture when pushing your baby from A to B in their stroller.

But finding the best strollers for tall parents is a struggle faced by many people every day. That means that the good news is you are not alone.

With this in mind, we are going to take a look at the five best strollers with adjustable handles, designed for tall parents to provide them with the comfort they desire and need.

Short On Time? Here Are Our Top Choices!

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We have carefully reviewed the best strollers on the market that come with adjustable handles perfect for those parents that are destined to play basketball.

Now I know what you are thinking, that to get the right stroller with the features designed for tall parents, you will need to pay out an obscene amount of money. That’s not true at all.

Many of today’s strollers have been carefully designed to adjust for the comfort and well being of not only their tiny passengers but also the poor exhausted parent pushing them.

No more backache (well, not from hunching over the stroller), no more kicking the back bar, or having to shorten your stride so that you don’t kick the bar.

You can take your baby for a stroll and both be comfortable and confident that you are not causing any damage to your back. So here are our top picks of the best strollers on the market for tall parents.

Best Strollers For Tall Parents

As your family grows, you may realize that your traditional stroller is not really fitting the bill anymore. 

1. Bugaboo Donkey 2 Mono Stroller

Bugaboo Donkey 2 Mono Baby Stroller, Foldable Stroller, Converts into Twin Side-by-Side Sibling Stroller, from Birth Baby Stroller, Infant Stroller, Multiple Seat Positions, Grey/Red


Bugaboo is a brand that has been designing strollers for over 20 years. Their philosophy is to design strollers that are innovative and make parents’ lives easier.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what I thought too until I owned one. It truly is the best stroller I have ever owned and I have owned a lot!


The best feature of this stroller is that it can easily be converted from a single stroller to a double side-by-side stroller. It has 17 possible seat configurations, and it will still fit through most standard doors, even when in double mode.

When in single mode, there is also a convenient basket that can be added to the side of the pram that provides even more storage for when you are out and about.

This stroller is suitable from newborn to toddler and comes with everything that you would need including a bassinet and toddler seat. The seat can be forward or parent facing and is fully reclinable. 

The seats have three easily adjustable recline settings, even with a sleeping child in the seat. The seats are very upright when they are sat forward but most children seem to love the view that they have.

The seats also come with a five-point harness that no child would be able to escape. They also have easily adjustable straps. No threading, just slide up and down.

Folding is simple as well with two options available to you, depending on the space available for storage. You can either use the one-piece fold which allows for you to leave the seat attached. In this mode, it will self stand too.

There is also the two-piece fold which means that you would need to remove the seat before folding the frame. This is great if there is a shortage of storage space in your car or home.

It comes with puncture-proof foam tires that provide a smooth and comfortable ride for your little ones, no matter what the terrain. It also has a two-wheel position so that you can easily ride through mud, snow, or even sand.

The handle is fully adjustable to suit the height of the parent or adult and has 11 different heights varying in height from its lowest height of 33 inches to its highest at 40.9 inches giving you plenty of variation.


One of the selling points of the Bugaboo is that it will fit through most standard doorways. It actually does fit through most standard doorways easily. So here are the dimensions:

  • Width (double pushchair mode) – 29 inches
  • Width (single pushchair mode) – 23.6 inches
  • Weight with seat – 33 pounds
  • One-piece fold – 35.8 x 29 x 36.6 inches
  • Compact Fold – 35.8 x 23.6 x 9.4
  • Front-wheel dimensions – 10 inches
  • Rear-wheel dimensions – 12 inches

Weight Limits

Each seat has a maximum weight of 48 pounds. The under-seat basket has a maximum capacity of 28 liters.


  • Really good quality parts
  • Easy to change parts if needed 
  • Can be changed from single to double easily
  • Grow with your family – as your needs change
  • Fits through most standard doors
  • Telescopic handle


  • Quite expensive
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2. UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller

UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller - Emmett (Green Melange/Silver/Saddle Leather)


The UPPAbaby Cruz is the lighter, smaller brother of the Vista but has some great features. The Cruz comes with a single toddler seat which you can use from 6 months old.

If you did want to use this from birth, you would need to purchase the additional bassinet. 

The seat is fully reversible and can be used forward or rear-facing right up to its maximum weight. It comes with a hood that offers protection up to 50+ UPF.

It also has a zip-out fabric extension which provides privacy for when the baby is napping. The seat has a five-point adjustable harness with padded shoulder straps. It also has an easy adjustment system to ensure that it is a perfect fit every time.

The Cruz does not come with a car seat but you can easily add one to make it into a great travel system. You can add the Mesa car seat and there is no need for any adaptors.

If you choose to use another brand of car seat then adaptors would be required, which need to be purchased separately.

The tires and wheels come with shock-absorbing, all wheel-suspension. Each wheel has independent shocks that ensure your baby has a smooth and comfortable ride no matter what the terrain is like.

The Cruz comes with a telescopic extending handle that has a range of 40.5 inches to 43 inches at its highest.


This is one of the important parts that many people forget to consider when purchasing a stroller. You really need to know what the dimensions of it are folded and upright so that you know it will fit in your vehicle trunk or that you have space to store it at home.

  • Unfolded – 37.5 L x 22.7 W x 39.7 H inches
  • Folded with seat attached – 16.5 L x 22.7 W x 32.9 H inches
  • Folded without seat attached – 12 L x 22.7 W x 30 H inches
  • The frame weighs – 20 pounds
  • The seat weighs – 6.6 pounds

Weight Limits

The seat has a maximum weight of 48 pounds which is around the standard for most new strollers.


  • Height adjustable handle
  • Super easy to push one-handed
  • Lightweight
  • The smaller folded size makes it easier to store
  • Full wheel suspension for a comfortable ride
  • 5 recline positions


  • Only suitable from 6 months or you would need to purchase additional items
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3. Mountain Buggy Terrain

Mountain Buggy 2019 Terrain Active Stroller


Mountain Buggy as a brand is fantastic for those parents that are above average height as most of their range feature adjustable handles.

The maximum handle height is 46 inches, about 3 inches taller than most other brands with this type of handle. This makes them perfect for taller parents.

This brand was originally designed to suit the outdoorsy parent and is designed to be suitable for most terrains. For this purpose, it has 16-inch rear wheels with the shock-absorbing suspension to ensure a smooth ride.

It also comes with a second set of smaller 12-inch wheels for about town. It comes with a 5-point harness that has easy height adjustment. The seat can be fully reclined making it suitable from birth.

The Mountain Buggy comes with one hand fast fold feature and a compact fold making it easy to store when not in use. Although you would need to remove the wheels for more compact storage.

It also comes with two brakes, a foot brake on each side, and there’s also a brake like you would get on a bike, on the handlebar. The seat is well-padded and is also reversible, making it great if there is a little accident while you are out and about.


The Mountain buggy is quite a large stroller but this is mainly due to wheels that are on it, but these can easily be removed for storage.

  • Folded – 36.6 H x 24.8 W x 15 L inches
  • Unfolded – 36.4 –  48.6 H x 24.8 W inches

Weight Limits

The weight limit is 55 pounds, about 5 pounds more than most other strollers in this pricepoint. Although, it does state that it is suitable from birth to 5 years. The basket has a weight limit of 22 pounds.


  • Strong and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to push
  • Comes with an extra set of wheels
  • Great adjustable handle perfect for tall parents


  • Some issues with the wheel tracking when running
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4. Stokke Xplory

Stokke Xplory Black V5, Athleisure Grey


The comfort of your baby is well-taken care of with the Stokke Xplory with its height-adjustable and multi facing seat. Your baby is brought closer to you.

The three-seat comes with three recline options to keep baby comfortable, whether they are resting, sleeping, or taking in the world.

The seat is height adjustable allowing it to be used at restaurants and cafes for your baby to partake in a snack. The seat has a five-point harness that is quick and simple to use.

The height and angle of the handle can be adjusted for the best ergonomics for parents of varying height. It has lockable front wheels to make it easy to maneuver in small spaces.

The puncture-free wheels mean it is a low maintenance option. With its easy one-step foldable chassis, this stroller is all about convenience.

There is plenty of storage on this stroller with its large detachable shopping bag that is made of scratch-resistant and water-repellant material, which are super easy to wipe clean.


  • Folded with seat – 41.3 L x 18.7 H x 20.1 W inches
  • Unfolded with seat – 29.5 – 40.2 L x 35 – 48.8 H x 22.4 W inches

Weight Limits

The maximum weight is 33 pounds for the seat and 20 pounds for the bassinet. The shopping basket has a maximum weight of 20 pounds.


  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for city life
  • A good option for tall parents


  • Some issues with the durability of the material
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5. Britax B-Ready G3 Stroller

Britax B-Ready G3 Stroller, Haze


This stroller comes with multiple seating options that can grow and adapt as your family changes over time. You can use a second seat, a bassinet or infant car seat (sold separately) as part of these seating options.

It is suitable from birth but only with the purchase of the additional items listed above. The toddler seat is suitable from six months old and up to 55 pounds.

The seat has 4-position recline which can accommodate a sleeping baby or toddler. The top seat is fully reversible allowing for your child to be facing you or forward-facing.

An extra-large canopy protects your baby from the elements while the ventilation system allows for airflow. The G3 also comes with extra-large under-seat storage and can be accessed from all sides and allows you to fit all the essentials in one place.

The G3 comes with a quick-fold design meaning that you can easily fold the entire stroller with both seats attached. It also comes with an automatic frame lock that safely secures the closed stroller. This keeps it secure and compact for traveling and storage.

The tires are rubber-foam filled and they come with frame suspension ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for your baby, as well as avoiding the fuss of air-filled tires.

It comes complete with a braking system that has a red/green indicator and locks both rear wheels in a single movement.

An adjustable handle height allows for the best fit for all parents regardless of their height. It also has comfort grips that are kinder to your hands.


  • Unfolded – 44 L x 24 W x 43.25 H inches
  • Folded – 42 L x 24 W x 19 H inches

Weight Limits

The maximum weight limit is 55 pounds which should be enough to see the vast majority of children through their stroller journey.

If you do intend to use this with a child under six months, you would need to purchase a bassinet or second seat which are sold separately.


  • Compact for a double stroller
  • Easy assembly
  • Relatively lightweight
  • The second seat can be removed


  • Issues with wheels not turning 
  • Large turning circle
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The Final Verdict

All of these strollers offer some very unique features regardless of whether you are looking for a stroller that can accommodate an above-average height parent or not.

The best option for each person will come down to individual choice and what features are most important to you and your family.

Personally I would say that the winner is the Bugaboo Donkey as it offers such great versatility whether you are a new parent or a seasoned professional.

With the ability to swap and change from a single to a duo and still be able to get it through most doorways is a huge plus as any parent knows.

As long as you do not mind spending the money as it is not a cheap option but it should be the only stroller you will ever need.

It also offers a great height adjustable setting for parents of varying height so that you always have a comfortable experience while out and about with your little one.