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Little Unicorns Swaddle vs Aden and Anais

Swaddling is a tradition that goes back many years but is still widely used to this day. Swaddling is the practice of wrapping a baby up in a light, breathable blanket. The swaddling effect is said to help them feel calm and so sleep better. It is supposed to mimic how they felt inside the womb. They should only be wrapped around their body and not their head or neck.

There are many swaddling blankets available on the market but we are going to look at Little unicorn vs Aden and Anais.

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The differences between Little Unicorn vs Aden Anais

To be honest these products are very similar with few if any differences between their products. The only differences that I have found are the price, Little Unicorns are slightly less expensive than the Aden Anais for a pack of similar size.

The Little Unicorn is only available in 100% cotton while the Aden Anais is available in a variety of materials from 100% cotton to 100% viscose to snuggle knit fabric. This makes them far more versatile. They are able to be used throughout the year even during the cooler months without the need for extra blankets.

Little Unicorn

These swaddle blankets are made from 100% cotton muslin, which is great for ensuring your baby is cool and comfortable even in warmer months. Each individual blanket measures 47 inches x 47 inches making it a versatile piece to have in your baby equipment. It also gives the option of being able to swaddle your baby until they are older due to its size.

They come in some fantastic patterns from bison, dinosaurs, dogs, and many many more. New prints are released quite often so that you can keep your swaddling wardrobe up to date.


They are versatile in that they can be used for a variety of different situations. They could be used as a cover-up while breastfeeding, an emergency changing mat, a blanket in a stroller or car seat, or even for a spot of tummy time on the floor.

They are available to purchase as a single item or in multi-packs.

Little Unicorn Pros

  • Lovely prints
  • Large size
  • Soft material – 100% cotton
  • Light enough for summer use
  • Affordable

Little Unicorn Cons

  • Only available in cotton
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Aden and Anais

Aden and Anais swaddle blanket comes in a huge variety of prints to suit all tastes. They are made from a 100% viscose which is made from bamboo, this produces a muslin that is silky soft against your baby’s delicate skin.

They measure 47 inches x 47 inches making them super versatile and providing parents with the option to swaddle their baby as long as they want to, with no fear of them outgrowing their blanket. They are thin and breathable which makes them suitable to use even in warmer months as they will keep your baby cool and comfortable.


These swaddle blankets are also versatile and can be used for a variety of different purposes. From burp cloth, changing mat to a baby blanket. Aden and Anais swaddle blanket is also available in a variety of materials from 100% cotton to a snuggly knit fabric which would be ideal for those cooler months.


Aden and Anais Pros

  • Multifunctional
  • Great variety of prints available
  • Longevity – still being used after years of use
  • Breathable
  • The large size gives you the option to swaddle baby for longer
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight

Aden and Anais Cons

  • Muslin is not high quality
  • On the expensive side
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FAQ Little Unicorn vs Aden Anais

Swaddling Baby Blankets


What are the benefits of swaddling?

There are a few benefits to swaddling your baby, many people say that it seems to calm a baby, which in turn helps them to settle more easily and sleep for longer periods of time.

It is also thought that swaddling prevents unnecessary wake-ups caused by a baby’s startle reflex. This is simply due to the fact that their arms and legs will be wrapped gently in a blanket, so they are less likely to startle themselves awake.

What are the risks of swaddling my baby?

There are some risks to swaddling your baby if it is not done correctly. There is also a risk of overheating if your baby is wrapped in too many blankets, if blankets are too heavy or if they are wrapped too tightly.

It is not advised to wrap a baby while they are breastfeeding as they naturally get hot quickly while feeding and they may overheat. It can also affect your baby’s natural latch and positioning on the breast if they are restricted.

Another piece of information that needs to be considered is that routine swaddling might suppress the baby’s voice. Research has shown that swaddled babies feed less frequently, suckle less effectively, and because their arm movements are restricted this affects their arousal pathways.

Is there a risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) from swaddling?

The effects of swaddling on SIDS is still unclear. In recent years there has been a decline in deaths associated with SIDS but many think that this is due to increased awareness that it is safer for babies to sleep on their backs.

Swaddling may prevent babies from rolling on to their fronts and thus protect them from SIDS but once they can roll over it may be the case that swaddling can put them in a dangerous position as they will not be able to use their arms and legs to return to their back position or to lift their heads.

Best Swaddling blanket – Little Unicorn vs Aden Anais

Swaddling is a beautiful way to soothe your baby and make them feel more comfortable. It has great benefits for both baby and parent. There is a huge variety of swaddling blankets on the market, they come in a variety of styles, patterns, and materials. It is a tough choice out of Little Unicorns vs Aden Anais as both are very similar products. Little Unicorn comes in a variety of patterns and is slightly more affordable than the Aden Anais version. However, Aden Anais have all the great benefits as Little Unicorn but the extra plus is that they are available in a variety of materials to suit the climate and time of year.

Taking all this into consideration I would say that my winner would be the Aden and Anais swaddle blanket, even though it is slightly more expensive, it does come in some lovely patterns and also the added feature of coming in different materials making it even more versatile in my opinion.