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Britax Boulevard vs Marathon Clicktight Car Seat – What’s the Difference?

Car seats are a minefield for almost all parents. The laws are always changing and the seats get more and more complicated with every new design. But the first question you need to ask yourself is if you are looking for an infant carrier or a car seat that could potentially last you the next 10 years. If it is the latter then you will be looking for a convertible car seat that will grow with your child. We are going to look at the Britax Boulevard vs Marathon car seat.

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The Main Differences Between The Britax Boulevard vs Marathon


To be honest, there is only one difference between these car seats, and that is that the Boulevard has two layers of side impact protection, whereas the Marathon only has one. The only other difference is, of course, the price, the boulevard is slightly more expensive than the Marathon.


Britax Boulevard Clicktight

The Britax Boulevard has the patented ClickTight installation system, which is unique to Britax car seats. This ClickTight system ensures that the car seat is installed correctly each and every time. This seat also has a 5 star safety rating and has been listed in many top car seat lists for 2019.

It is one of the top rated convertible car seats, meaning that this car seat can grow with your child. It is suitable for babies 5-40 pounds rear-facing and 20-65 pounds forward-facing. It also has many safety features to keep your little one safe and secure. These include an extra layer of side impact protection, steel frame, and SafeCell technology.

This car seat has been designed to help parents ensure that their car seats and children are secured correctly each and every time. The seat has 14 positions, the harness is a quick adjust one so there is no need for rethreading when your little one has that growth spurt!

To top all the great features it also has a 10 year expiration.


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Safety Features

From the minute that you strap this car seat in the safety features begin. With its ClickTight installation system that, this system is as simple as buckling a seat belt. It also offers a safe installation each and every time without the limits of the LATCH system. Along with the ClickTight system, the seat also comes with Auto level indicators that show you that the seat is installed at the correct angle for your vehicle.

It also comes with SafeCell technology, this is basically crumble zones within the seat base. The purpose of these zones is to absorb the impact in the event that you are in a car accident. They then divert the energy from a collision away from your baby. It comes with a V-shaped tether which minimizes seat rotation and slows forward movement in a crash.

The Boulevard comes with a solid steel frame that offers fantastic strength. The strength is at the connection point to the vehicle, where you need it most.

The Boulevard just keeps on giving with regard to safety features as it also has 2 layers of side impact protection. Its purpose is to keep your little one safe in a collision by having an energy absorbing shell and foam lined head rest.

Boulevard Pros

  • Plush material
  • Well padded and comfortable
  • Fantastic safety features
  • So easy to install
  • Easy to adjust harness height without rethreading


Boulevard Cons

  • Short crotch buckle
  • Short leg space when rear facing
  • Poorly positioned release button
  • No cup holder
  • On the expensive side


Britax Marathon ClickTight

The Britax Marathon is a fantastic car seat with a huge array of safety features that are designed to keep your little one safe while in your vehicle. It has a 5 star safety rating and has also been listed in many top car seat lists.

It has many safety features including SafeCell technology and ClickTight installation system. It also has the quick adjust harness which means there is no threading to accommodate growing toddlers.

This car seat can accommodate a child 5-40 pounds rear facing and 20-65 pounds forward facing. It also comes with 14 positions to ensure that your child is at the perfect angle for them, this helps to protect their head and kneck.

The Marathon also has a 10 year expiration.


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Safety Features

The Marathon also comes with the ClickTight installation which is virtually impossible to get wrong. It is basically the same as putting on a seat belt and again does not have any of the limitations that the LATCH system has. It also has the indicators to ensure that the seat is at the correct angle for your vehicle.

It comes with one layer of side impact protection and has an energy absorbing shell which directs the force of a crash away from your baby in the event of a collision.

The Marathon also features SafeCell technology and an impact absorbing base which when involved in an impact the base compresses to reduce the force and diverts the energy away from your baby. These are similar to the crumble zones you see in many car designs.

Along with its steel frame that offers superior strength where you need it most, at the connection point with the vehicle.


Marathon Pros

  • Super easy to install thanks to ClickTight technology
  • It is a comfortable seat
  • Really easy to adjust straps and height
  • Safety features puts parents mind at ease
  • More affordable

Marathon Cons

  • Can not recline seat while child is in it or while it is anchored in vehicle
  • The cover is not machine washable and does not come off easily
  • Uninstalling from vehicle is very difficult

What is your car seat budget?

This is a very important decision that you need to make before you start shopping for your car seat. The budget has to be comfortable for you and your family, while ensuring that you get the best value for your dollar.

If you are set on a particular seat that is just out of your budget you could always wait for a sale and pick up a bargain. This way you have the seat you want but you have not put any financial strain on the family budget.

Will my child get plenty of use out of the seat?

If like me you spend an awful lot of time on the road running errands, school run or after school activities then your child will get good use out of their seat. But you do need to check the height and weight limits on a seat before purchasing, especially if your child is bigger than average.

FAQ about Britax Boulevard and Marathon Car seats

Does the Britax Boulevard come with latch connectors, or is it only the ClickTight system?

The Britax Boulevard does come with latch connectors. However, Britax recommends that you simply install the car seat using the ClickTight system that the seat has as this is the easiest and most convenient way.

Should the Britax Marathon come with a tether connector?

Britax discontinued the ability to rear face tether at the beginning of 2015 due to vehicle compatibility.

Does the maximum weight for the Britax Boulevard include the seat weight?

The weight capacity listed for the Boulevard is that of the child only and does not include the weight of the seat itself.

What specific flame retardent was used to manufacture the Marathon?

The car seat is treated with flame retardants. All Britax products comply with and very often exceed the government regulations. As of January 1st 2013 Britax eliminated certain chemical flame retardants containing bromine, chlorine or other halogens.

Britax Boulevard vs Marathon the Verdict.

Both of these seats are fantastic, they both have safety features that are almost unparalleled. So which one is just that tiny bit better, well it depends on what you are looking for.

In my opinion there are almost no differences between these seats except for the price tag and the one extra layer of side impact protection on the Boulevard. With this in mind, I think that personally I would go with the Britax Boulevard. This seat offers everything that you could possibly want in a car seat from easy installation to first class safety features. It will grow with your child and with its 10 year expiration date, for most people it should see you through your car seat days. It is a little expensive but I think that you get what you pay for and when it comes to car seats and safety I am all in!

If this car seat is out of your budget do not panic because the Marathon is an equally fantastic car seat with almost identical spec and safety features, except for that one less layer of side impact protection.

My advice would be if you can afford it the Britax Boulevard is the superior car seat. But if it is just out of your price range then the Marathon is a very worthy substitute for it.