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8 Best Baby Door Jumpers for 2024

Are you finding yourself with a baby that is in between the milestones of sitting and crawling? Are you looking for that extra special baby gadget that will help with development? 

Maybe a baby door bouncer is for you!

Door bouncers have been around for decades and are still popular with many parents. In a nutshell, the bouncer allows your baby to sit, stand and bounce while you can get on with any work or household chores.

It improves balance and coordination whilst enhancing your baby’s core stability – essential skills used when walking.

Not to mention it is FUN for your baby, it gives them the independence whilst being secure to explore their surroundings as well as let them burn off that excess energy and tire themselves out!

To save you some time, we have researched the best bits and not-so-best bits of the best baby door humpers around. 

8 Best Baby Door Jumpers

1. Graco Bumper Jumper 

Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper, Caravan


This attractive baby door bouncer will keep your little one giggling for hours! It is easy to transport so it allows you to take this little entertainer from room to room. It has a no-mark door frame clamp and the nylon seat is easily removed so you can throw it in the machine to make cleaning easier.

Pros of The Graco Bumper

  • Machine washable to get rid of pesky marks
  • All round bumper to protect those little fingers
  • No mark clamp – protects the paintwork on the walls and doors.
  • Toy tray – extra toys can be added for extra development and enjoyment.

Cons of The Graco Bumper

  • Straps cannot be shortened.
  • Suited to smaller babies
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2. Everflo Exersaucer

Evenflo Exersaucer Doorway Jumper, Star Power

This door bouncer delivers jump after jump of excitement for your little one. Enhance your baby’s development without taking up much space. It has an easy-to-use clamp. The straps can be adjusted to suit your baby meaning that it will grow with your little one perfectly. 

Pros of The Everflo Exersaucer

  • Framed seat allows for extra protection.
  • Adjustable height – bouncer grows with your baby.
  • Packs away for easy storage.
  • Range of designs.

Cons of The Everflo Exersaucer

  • Slightly more difficult to assemble.
  • Only fits certain doorframes – ensure to check guidance.
  • Spring can become squeaky after use.
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3. Bright Stars

Bright Starts Playful Parade Door JumperThe Bright Stars Playful Parade Door Jumper makes playtime even better! With guaranteed giggles, you can take this door bouncer to any room as it fits most standard door frames.

It has attached ‘taggies’ for that extra dose of entertainment. Watch as your little one grabs tug and plays with the colorful tags.

 Pros of The Bright Stars

  • Locking clip by the clamp allows for extra safety whilst your baby is bouncing.
  • Includes ‘Taggies’ for your little one to play with.
  • Machine washable.
  • Attractive colors.

Cons of The Bright Stars

  • Less padding in the seat than other brands.
  • Not much bounce to the spring.
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4. Outing Man Door Jumper

OUTING MAN Door Jumper Swing Bumper Jumper Exerciser Set with Door Clamp Adjustable Strap for Toddler Infant 6-24 MonthsThe Outing Man Door Jumper is the perfect accessory for providing exercise and playtime for your baby. Suitable for babies up to 33lbs this bouncer can grow with your baby as it comes with adjustable straps up to 78.7 inches.

Something that should be noted is that this product is for bouncing only and children should not swing in it.

Pros of The Outing Man Door Jumper

  • Sturdy door clamp.
  • Fits most standard door frames.
  • Easy to attach your own toys
  • Secure for the ‘chunkier’ baby.

Cons of The Outing Man Door Jumper

  • For square loading beam only.
  • Not as much bounce as other similar products.
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5. Infantino Go Gaga Up and Away Deluxe

Infantino Go GaGa Up, Up & Away Deluxe Doorway JumperBabies will go gaga for this doorway jumper. It is lightweight and easy to pack and store or take on the go. There is a selection of toys included from a whimsical hot air balloon mirror, monkey teether, crinkly elephant, and a ribbon tail giraffe.

Pros of The Infantino Go Gaga 

  • Adjustable straps – grows with your baby
  • Toys included entertain your baby while they bounce.
  • Colorful and fun.

Cons of The Infantino Go Gaga

  • Rigid spring – not as bouncy.
  • The seat is large and does not include any safety straps.
  • No bumper protection. 
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6. Jolly Jumper

Jolly Jumper The Original Baby ExerciserThe Jolly jumper door bouncer is sturdy and scientifically designed for use on appropriate door frames. It allows your baby complete freedom without the worry of them falling or bumping themselves. This door bouncer is brilliant as it promotes healthy exercise and easy natural breathing.

Pros of The Jolly Jumper

  • Comfortable for your baby.
  • Secured with Velcro fastenings – ease of getting baby in and out.
  • Good bounce in product spring.

Cons of The Jolly Jumper

  • It is higher priced than some.
  • Not adjustable – ensure you check product specifications.
  • Assembly can be fiddly. 
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7. Xiangtat Baby Door Jumper

Xiangtat Baby Door Jumper, Sea & Discover Door Jumper Door Clamp Adjustable Strap for Toddler Infant 6-24 MonthsThis baby bouncer will have your little one jumping for joy. The nautical-themed bouncer will add a splash of adventure to your baby’s entertainment. The ocean-themed add-on toys are easy to detach and reposition.

There is a  mirror for self-discovery, a starfish-shaped toy, a Baby Neptune rattle, and three crinkle fabric flash cards with real underwater imagery.

The bouncer comes with adjustable straps so will fit your baby’s height just right. The door jumper clamp features an additional secondary strap for added security.

Pros of The Xiangtat Baby Door Jumper

  • Lightweight so it can travel with you to grandma’s house.
  • Safety clamp – provides you with extra peace of mind.
  • Comes with extra developmental toys.

Cons of The Xiangtat Baby Door Jumper

  • Spring can be over bouncy.
  • The seat material is rough to the touch. 
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8. Creative Baby Door Jumper Set

Creative Baby Door Jumper Set - Adjustable Toddler Baby Bouncer Baby Toys Baby Walker Swing (Pink)The baby door jumper can not only exercise your baby’s ability to control their limbs, coordination, and balance, but it can also promote the development of the baby’s bones and muscles.

The door Jumper can help your baby learn to walk, practice jumping, and coordinated training. At the same time, it allows parents to have some hands-free time to get chores done or just enjoy a nice cup of coffee!

Pros of The Creative Baby Door Jumper

  • Easy assemble.
  • Sturdy frame.
  • Able to secure your baby in the seat for extra comfort and protection. 

Cons of The Creative Baby Door Jumper

  • Requires a larger door frame.
  • It can twist easily.
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Tips For Safe Use of A Baby Jumper

The main concern for any parent when buying anything for their baby will always be safety. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when using a door jumper with your baby in order to keep them safe:

  • Baby jumpers should only be used with children that have good control of their head. This is usually around six months of age but some babies can take longer.
  • Make sure the jumper is sturdy and is a good quality branded baby jumper.
  • Select a door frame that is strong enough to take the weight of the jumper and your baby.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • Ensure that you check the door jumper regularly for defects.
  • Limit the time that you allow your little one to be in the door jumper.

Always refer to the specific guidance of the item. Let’s face it no one is willing to compromise on the safety of their most precious possession. You need to ensure the best protection for the space you have and remember that not every bouncer will be the right one for your baby.

If you are still not convinced that a door jumper is right for you why not check out our other article that compares exersaucer vs jumperoo vs walker or bouncer vs rocker vs swing.


When should a baby stop using a door jumper?

This will be different for each door jumper as they all have different maximum weight limits. You would need to check the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Can baby jumpers cause brain damage?

Baby jumpers do not cause brain damage but they can increase the risk of your baby having a fall and bumping their heads. Severe head injuries can lead to brain damage.

The Final Thought 

Overall I can promise your little bundle will appreciate every minute they have in their new bouncer! Whether they sit and play with the toys or bounce until their little legs cannot bounce anymore you will have a very happy little one.