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Mutsy EVO Stroller Review For 2024

The Mutsy Evo Stroller has quickly become one of the most popular strollers among both fashion and mom bloggers alike. It’s got the style that everyone loves with the convenience that you need in a stroller. It’s packed with customizable features that every mom will enjoy.

There are quite a few things you’re going to instantly love about this stroller! However, there are a few disadvantages you’ll need to keep in mind before picking up the Mutsy EVO stroller. 

Mutsy EVO Stroller

As with everything, there are always good and bad things. You’ll need to keep both of these in mind when deciding if this is the right stroller for you and your family. 


Available In Neutral Colors

This stroller was designed with everyone in mind. You won’t have to worry about it only being available in boy or girl colors. Instead, you can automatically pick one up in neutral colors. 

Mutsy Bassinet Available

This stroller is designed to last your little one from the time that they are born up until they are off to preschool. You can pick up a bassinet for a couple of hundred dollars. 


While it is customizable, it’s important to keep in mind that you can only customize your stroller with neutral colors. Parents can customize the color of the metal frame, the carrycot, and the seat. You can check out all of your options here. 

Seat Reclines Back Really Far

Most seats recline back rather far. However, they usually still leave your little one sitting in an upright position. The seat on the Mutsy EVO stroller will recline back so far that your little one is almost laying down.

This is a great idea for toddlers that tend to get tired on those afternoon walks! The backrest recline is also independent of the seat. That means that you don’t have to move the entire seat for your toddler to recline. 

Convenient Carry Handle When Folded Up

Folding up this stroller requires a few different steps. However, once you do it two or three times, you’ll easily be able to fold this stroller in under a minute flat. Once the stroller is folded up, it has a handle that makes it easier to carry. 

Stroller Seat Can Be Rear Facing Or Forward Facing

You can easily turn the seat around to suit your preference. Little ones that get scared and want to see you will love the rear-facing position. Those that are curious about the world will instantly smile when they get to see the world around them. 

Adjustable Footrest

Every aspect of this stroller was designed for both comfort and convenience. That includes minor details, like the footrest. It’s adjustable to accommodate your little one, regardless of whether they are on the taller or shorter side. 

Foam Filled Tires

If you haven’t purchased a stroller in a while, you need to know that foam-filled tires are specially designed to hold up better. They don’t break as easily as plastic tires. They can also handle a few bumps in the sidewalk without the stroller tipping over. 

The tires on the Mutsy EVO stroller are filled with durable yet flexible foam. Not only that, the size of the tires themselves shows you that this stroller is nice and sturdy. 


Cannot Be Used As A Double Stroller

While this might be one of the hottest strollers on the market, you can only use it for one child. If your family is still growing, or you want a stroller that can grow with your family, this is something that you’ll need to keep in mind. 

Mutsy Evo Stroller Bassinet Is Not Included

If you would like to use the bassinet with this stroller, you’ll have to keep in mind that you need to buy it separately. That means that you’ll need to spend the money for the stroller as well as an extra 200 for the bassinet. 

Heavy When Folded Up

While this stroller is easy to fold up, it weighs in at 26 pounds when folded. If you have to carry it up flights of stairs once you get home, you might want to look for a stroller that is a bit more lightweight. 

Storage Basket Has Weight Limit Of 11 Pounds

The storage basket is convenient, but you’ll need to keep an eye on how much stuff you put in there. It has a weight limit of a mere 11 pounds. To put this into perspective, consider how much a watermelon weighs. The average watermelon can weigh 15-22 pounds. It’s already too heavy for your basket. 

No Suspension

While the tires are impressive, this stroller is not ideal for rough terrain. It looks a bit bigger, but that can be misleading. That is because there is no suspension on the stroller.

It won’t absorb the bumps. Instead, your little one will feel every tiny bump when you try to go hiking. You’ll also have a hard time pushing this one over rough terrain. 

The Verdict

The Mutsy EVO is a great stroller. However, I simply could not see myself paying well over $500 for the stroller and bassinet combo. That alone is simply not going to happen. 

However, I could see myself picking up the stroller and a car seat attachment for a baby. I have an SUV so I know that it would fit in my trunk. I also wouldn’t have to carry it up several flights of stairs and don’t see myself needing a double stroller anytime soon. 

This stroller is not for anyone that plans on having another baby soon. Instead, check out strollers like this one that easily converts into a double stroller.