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10 Best Baby Monitors That Work With iPhones

Baby monitors are an essential and extremely useful piece of parenting equipment and should definitely be on the shopping list of every mom-to-be.

Baby monitors can help you to keep a close check on your baby while you are in separate rooms; you don’t have to be popping your head around the nursery door every ten minutes if you have a baby monitor doing the work for you.

Modern baby monitors allow parents to not only hear their baby’s cries but to also see them happily sleeping in their crib or playing in their playpen too. Choosing the best baby monitor for your family circumstances may feel overwhelming.

Do you want a video baby monitor? Or a more old-fashioned sound-only device?  Or a smart baby monitor that is compatible with your iPhone?

There are pros and cons to all the options but if you have decided on the latter, you will be able to easily keep an eye on your baby just by looking at your iPhone.

10 Best Baby Monitors That Work With iPhones.

Rarely are our phones out of our sight and buying a baby monitor that works with an iPhone can give you the reassurance of checking in on your baby whenever and wherever you need to.

If you like the idea of a baby monitor that can connect to your smartphone, here is a list of the 10 best baby monitors that work with iPhones.

1. LeFun Wifi Baby Monitor 

Baby Monitor WiFi Smartphone, Lefun WiFi Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio, Pet Camera with Cloud Storage Two Way Audio Remote Viewing Pan Tilt Zoom Night Vision Motion Detect for Indoor HomeThe LeFun Wifi Baby Monitor with camera and audio allows you to easily watch and listen to your baby from your iPhone.

The LeFun baby monitor has a simple setup process and can be quickly connected to your iPhone using a 2.4GHz WiFi network. It is important to note that this baby monitor is not compatible with 5G. 

Multiple devices can be connected to the LeFun baby monitor so both parents (and even grandparents if you like!) can keep an eye on the baby using their iPhones.

The baby monitor offers excellent image quality at night and in low light due to its crisp and clear night vision technology. 

Using the iPhone app, parents are able to communicate with their baby via the two-way audio system. Baby’s cries and gurgles can be clearly heard and mom can reassure and soothe her baby simply by talking into her smartphone. 

The LeFun Baby Monitor is a small and stylish camera and is an effective solution for parents who want a secure and simple way to check in on their baby using their iPhone.

Pros of LeFun WiFi Baby Monitor 

  • Quick and easy setup and app installation.
  • Multiple devices can be connected.
  • High-quality video and night vision.
  • Two-way audio using the smartphone app.
  • Budget-friendly WiFi baby monitor.

Cons of LeFun Wifi baby monitor 

  • Not supported by 5G WiFi
  • Can not be mounted to the wall
  • No app alerts when baby cries
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2. Littlelf Indoor Security Camera 

[2021 Upgraded] Indoor Security Camera, Littlelf 1080P Home WiFi Wireless IP Camera for Pet/Baby Monitor with Motion Tracking, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision Cloud (Black)The Littlelf indoor security camera offers lots of great features for an iPhone-compatible video baby monitor. The baby monitor has a simple 4-step setup and once you have the app installed on your smartphone you can begin watching and recording your baby straight away.

The camera includes cloud storage for parents to store the recording of their baby in a safe and secure place.

The Littlelf baby monitor allows you to watch your baby live from your iPhone and also playback any precious moments caught on camera.

The camera has a 360-degree pan and tilt capability and motion sensors, ensuring your baby or toddler is visible wherever they may have crawled to in their room.

Parents will receive alarm notifications to the app whenever there is movement, helping them to easily keep track of whatever their little one is up to. 

This iPhone-compatible baby monitor also offers IR-LED night vision up to 33 feet so parents can have as clear a view of the baby at 3 am as they can during their afternoon nap. 

Pros of Littlelf security camera

  •  Simple 4-step setup.
  • 360 pan and tilt capability.
  • Alarm app notifications when movement is detected.
  • Powerful night vision technology.
  • An unlimited number of devices can view simultaneously.

Cons of Littlelf Security camera

  • Cannot be attached to a wall or ceiling.
  • Connection issues with 5G WiFi.
  • Designed for security/pet surveillance use and does not include many ‘baby monitor specific’ features.
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3. Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor 

NEW Safety 1st HD WiFi Streaming Baby Monitor Camera With Movement Detection Free Mobile App & Wireless HD Streaming

The Safety 1st HD Wifi baby monitor is an award-winning baby monitor, winning both the Family Choice and National Parenting Center Award in 2018 and the Cribsie Award in 2019. 

The Safety 1St baby monitor can be set up on an iPhone in less than 60 seconds. Users simply download the app, follow the four simple instructions, and then their baby monitor is connected to their iPhone and ready for use.

This camera baby monitor offers extra security and reassurance for parents with its physical encryption chip inside the camera as well as the industry-standard security offered by all baby monitors.

The extra security keeps all recordings and live-streaming safe behind a firewall between the camera and a family’s home internet connection. This means if you have not changed your router password, your privacy will still be protected. 

The Safety 1st HD WiFi baby monitor is on the more expensive end of the spectrum, offering all the features you would expect from an iPhone-compatible video baby monitor along with the added security and customizable motion sensitivity settings.

Pros of Safety 1st HD WiFi baby monitor 

  • Multi-award-winning baby monitor.
  • Physical encryption chip for extra security.
  • Customizable motion sensitivity settings.
  • 60-second setup.
  • Night vision.
  • Two-way audio.

Cons of Safety 1st HD WiFi baby monitor

  • Expensive.
  • The camera does not rotate and must be positioned on the preferred view manually.
  • Does not have a wall/ceiling mount.
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4. Nooie Baby Monitor

Nooie Baby Monitor, WiFi Pet Camera Indoor, 360-degree Wireless IP Nanny Camera, 1080P Home Security Camera, Motion Tracking, IR Night Vision, Works with Alexa, Two-Way Audio

The Nooie baby monitor is a small but highly efficient video baby monitor that can easily be connected to your iPhone. The Nooie allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices to your camera and has a quick and easy setup.  

The camera itself can be mounted to the wall of the nursery or can be left free-standing to allow for easy movement around the house.

The Nooie can pan and tilt over 360 degrees using motion tracking technology, helping parents to feel confident that their baby will always be in sight.

Like the other baby monitors that work on an iPhone, the Nooie includes two-way audio and the built-in night vision provides clear images up to 32feet in pitch black. 

The Nooie Baby Monitor 360 offers an HD resolution of 1080p and the camera moves vertically and horizontally to keep track of your baby’s movements. This is an affordable iPhone-compatible baby monitor that is stylish and packed full of useful and reassuring features.

Pros of Nooie Baby Monitor

  • Wall mount included.
  • 360-degree pan and tilt capabilities.
  • Clear night vision up to 32 feet.
  • Stylish and affordable.

Cons of Nooie Baby Monitor

  • No additional in-app features like sleep analysis, tips, and advice.
  • WiFi password must be changed if over 31 characters or including special characters in order to connect the camera.
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5.Wansview 1080p HD Baby Camera 

Baby Monitor Camera, Wansview 1080PHD Wireless Security Camera for Home, WiFi Pet Camera for Dog and Cat, 2 Way Audio, Night Vision, Works with Alexa Q6-W …This iPhone-compatible video baby monitor from Wansview is an affordable solution for parents wanting a camera that offers high image quality, real time motion detection, and two-way audio and night vision. 

The iPhone app can be used to remotely control the camera; users can adjust the angle and zoom in and out by using their smartphone as a control device.

There is also the option to save up to four preset positions, for instance, one saved position could be pointed at the baby’s crib and another preset could aim the camera at the playpen. 

The Wansview app also allows you to view four camera streams simultaneously, a useful feature for parents with more than one child they want to keep an eye on.

A wall bracket is included to secure the camera to a wall or ceiling but similar to the other monitors, the Wansview Baby Camera can stand anywhere around the home (however, it must be plugged into a power supply).

Pros of Wansview 1080p HD Baby Camera 

  • Affordable WiFi-enabled smart video baby monitor.
  • Can set up to four camera positions.
  • Wall bracket included mounting to wall or ceiling.
  • Real-time motion detection.
  • Two-way audio.
  • Can control remotely from a smartphone.

Cons of Wansview 1080p HD Baby Camera

  • Has to be continuously plugged into the main power supply.
  • No additional features in-app for sleep tracking, breathing monitoring, etc.
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6. Motorola Halo+ Video Baby Monitor  

Motorola Halo+ Video Baby Monitor - Infant Wi-Fi Camera with Overhead Crib Mount - 4.3-Inch Color Screen with Infrared Night Vision and Intercom - Compatible with Remote Viewing App and Sleep TrackerThe Motorola Halo+ is a video baby monitor that does so much more than provide parents with live video and audio streaming. The Halo+ can be securely fastened to a baby’s crib and offers a birds-eye view of your baby as they sleep.

The camera can also be disconnected from the crib mount and placed on any surface in the room., there are zoom controls to help parents achieve the best view possible.

The Halo+  video baby monitor works on an iPhone by downloading the Hubble app but a 4.3in color display parent device is also included for at-home viewing.

The Hubble app allows parents to check in on their baby when they are not at home but also offers many features to help parents keep track of their baby’s health.

Parents are getting more than just a baby video monitor with the Motorola Halo+, the Hubble app allows parents to track their baby’s sleep and also record the number of diaper changes and feedings they have throughout the night.

Parents can also receive reports on their baby’s sleep patterns to see exactly what may be waking their baby during the night and to recognize common patterns. 

Pros of Motorola Halo+ video baby monitor

  • Attaches to crib for an overhead view of the sleeping baby.
  • Includes smartphone app and separate handheld parent device.
  • Hubble app includes several features such as sleep and feed tracking.

Cons of Motorola Halo+ video baby monitor

  • Not budget-friendly.
  • Extra subscription fee to unlock all Hubble app features.
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7. Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor 

Nanit Plus - Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount: Camera with HD Video & Audio - Sleep Tracking - Night Vision - Temperature & Humidity Sensors and Two-Way Audio The Nanit Plus is a multi-award-winning smart baby monitor. The Nanit Plus can easily be connected to an iPhone and as well as offering two-way audio.

Users are also able to listen to the baby while using other apps on their phone – meaning the baby’s cries will never go unheard.

A wall mount is included with the Nanit Plus and as well as recording sound and audio, this smart baby monitor keeps track of the temperature and humidity of the baby’s nursery. 

For extra peace at bedtime, the Nanit Plus has built-in nature sounds and white noise to soothe the baby to sleep. The app allows parents to watch a time-lapse video of their baby’s sleep each morning, you can see everything your baby got up to overnight in just a few seconds.

The app features sleep analysis that gives parents an insight into when their baby wakes each night and can help them form an accurate picture of their little ones waking and sleeping patterns. 

Special milestones and precious moments can easily be recorded and stored by the Nanit Plus camera, the videos can be stored as a digital scrapbook in the app and easily shared with friends and family. 

For parents wanting to keep track of their baby’s breathing for extra reassurance during naptimes and throughout the night, the Nanit Plus camera is compatible with ‘breathing wear’.

The Nanit  Plus camera can read the customizable breathing patterns on the fabric but it is important to note that ‘breathing wear’ is not included with the baby monitor.

Similar to many of the other iPhone compatible baby monitors, the Nanit Plus has two-way audio, sound, and alert motion sensors and ike the Halo+ offers a birdseye view as well.

Check out our comparison of the Nanit vs Miku monitor here.

Pros of Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor 

  • Multi-award-winning baby monitor.
  • Can listen to the baby while using other iPhone apps.
  • Compatible with ‘breathing wear’ to monitor babies breathing.
  • Store and share precious moments easily in the Nanit app.
  • Built-in sleep sounds and white noise.
  • Wall mount included.

Cons of Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

  • Not budget-friendly.
  • Bright red light when night vision is active.
  • Some users experience connection issues such as screen freezing and device going offline.
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8. Miku Smart Baby Monitor 

Miku Smart Baby Monitor - Breathing & Movement Monitor - HSA/FSA Approved - Real-Time Breathing & Sleep Tracking - HD Video & Audio, Night Vision, Two-Way Talk, Sound, Humidity & Temperature

If you are looking for a smart baby monitor that does it all then the Miku Smart Baby Monitor is great, be it slightly pricey, choice.

This baby monitor offers all the features you may have come to expect from a video monitor that works with a smartphone: two-way audio, night vision, HD picture display, and an iPhone app that records sleep patterns and notifies you in real-time when the baby makes a sound or moves.

This all in one baby monitor also includes lullabies and sounds to help baby to fall and stay asleep without the need for an extra device to play their favorite soothing songs,

What stands the Miku Smart Baby Monitor apart from others is its ability to track a baby’s breathing without the need for extra wearable equipment or wires.

The camera works with your smartphone app to monitor the baby’s breathing along with the nursery temperature and humidity, offering parents all the reassurance they need that baby is sleeping safe and sound in their crib. 

The Miku Smart Baby Monitor has won several awards, including the What To Expect – Best Baby Monitor Award 2020.

The Miku Smart video baby monitor may be on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to the cost but it includes everything a parent could possibly want from a baby monitor.

The monitor itself may be expensive but the subscription to the app is free, allowing parents to make the most of the sleep tracking and other useful features at no extra cost.

Pros of Miku Smart Baby Monitor

  • Wire and wearable free-breathing monitoring.
  • Monitors temperature and air humidity.
  • Multi-award-winning.

Cons of Miku Smart Baby Monitor

  • Not budget-friendly.
  • Cannot pan or tilt the camera remotely using the app.
  • The camera can heat up giving inaccurate temperature readings.
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9. Arlo Baby Monitor 

Arlo Baby Monitor | Smart Wi-Fi Baby Camera with Table/Wall Stand | 1080P HD with 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, Air Sensors, Lullaby Player, Night Light, Compatible with Alexa, HomeKit | ABK1000, White

The Arlo Baby Monitor is a powerful piece of technology but it looks like a cute little robot bunny! Don’t let its sweet design fool you though, the Arlo Baby Monitor can do all the things similar smart baby monitors can do and includes some unique features too.

Parents can play lullabies and sleep sounds to their baby and also use the Arlo Baby Monitor as a nightlight; the monitor can do the job of three separate baby gadgets.

The night light provides ambient lighting for the baby’s nursery and has a dim feature, allowing parents to set the perfect brightness for their baby’s preference. 

This video baby monitor is small but it still offers excellent video quality, recording in 1080p HD and high-quality night vision in the dark.

The Arlo Baby Monitor runs off a rechargeable battery, where others need to be plugged into a mains power socket or are powered by single-use batteries. The Arlo can record your baby anywhere around the home for up to six hours before the battery will need to be recharged. 

The Arlo Baby Monitor works with an iPhone and parents are able to easily communicate with their baby using the 2-way talk feature and will receive smart alerts when the baby moves or cries.  

Pros of Arlo Baby Monitor

  • Cute design.
  • Small and compact with no compromise on video quality.
  • Built-in lullabies and sleep sounds.
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery.
  • Smart alerts to app when baby cries or moves

Cons of Arlo Baby Monitor

  • No live stream if the camera is recording.
  • Cannot adjust the volume of lullabies.
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10. Cubo AI Plus Smart Baby Monitor 

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor: Sleep Safety Alerts for Covered Face, Danger Zone & Sleep Analytics - 1080p HD Night Vision Camera, 2-Way Audio, Cry & Temperature Detection (Incl. 3-Stand Options)

At almost $300, the Cubo AI Plus Smart Baby Monitor is the most expensive device on this list.

However, this smart baby monitor features a pediatrician-created safety system, making it the baby monitor that can offer parents the utmost reassurance and confidence when leaving their baby to sleep in a different room. 

The Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor alerts parents when the baby has rolled over or has something covering their face.

There will be no more worrying if your baby has pulled their comforter over their face or is lying face down into their crib mattress as the Cubo AI Plus is able to detect when baby’s mouth and nose are covered, immediately alerting parents via the app if baby needs immediate attention. 

The Co-founder of Cubo was inspired to create this safety system when she found her young son sleeping with his bib over his face and was unable to sleep soundly for months after the incident.

As well as giving parents peace of mind that their baby is sleeping safely, the Cubo can also detect ‘danger zones’ and will alert parents when their baby or toddler has crawled or toddled into an area where they are not safe. 

There is a built-in night light and lullaby feature included in the Cubo AI and unlike other video baby monitors, there is no blinking red light when the camera is turned on.

The iPhone app also allows parents to track their baby’s sleep patterns in detail and the smart AI sound technology is able to distinguish baby’s cries from other household noise. 

Pros of Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor 

  • Pediatrician-designed safety system.
  • Alerts when mouth and nose and covered.
  • Alerts when baby is face down.
  • Detects ‘danger zones’.
  • No red light.
  • Multi award-winning.

Cons of Cubo AI Plus Baby Monitor

  • Not budget friendly 
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There are many video baby monitors that work with your iPhone. We hope this list has helped you to review all the different options and given you the confidence to purchase the best baby monitor for your family’s needs.

If you are looking for a monitor that has 2 cameras check out our 10 best baby monitors with 2 cameras here.

What are the benefits of a baby monitor that works with your iPhone?

When it comes to buying a baby monitor that works with your iPhone there are many different options.

Price and features vary between devices and it is always a good idea when buying anything for your baby to weigh up the pros and cons in advance. So, what exactly are the benefits of an iPhone-compatible baby monitor?

  • You can see and hear your baby wherever you are because your phone will always be with you.
  • Many of the smart baby monitors offer features you would not have with a traditional style baby monitor – sleep tracking, digital scrapbooks, and streaming to multiple smartphones.
  • They offer easy two-way communication with your baby. Some older ‘walkie-talkie’ style baby monitors do allow parents to communicate with their baby from another room but the apps that are installed with many of the smart WiFi baby monitors make soothing your baby from another room easier than ever. 
  • Extra reassurance is offered to parents through real-time smart alerts, nursery temperature, and humidity monitoring. Your baby will never be crying without your knowledge and as your phone is most likely in your hand anyway, you can check in on them whenever you want. 

The Final Thought

Whether you decide to opt for a baby monitor that is all singing and dancing or just a simple monitor that does the essentials, they will offer you peace of mind.

As a parent, knowing that even when you are not in the same room as your little one you can still check on their safety and well-being is worth everything. 

If like many parents you have concerns about whether your baby monitor can be hacked, then read our article here.