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Britax B-Ready Stroller Review for 2024

The Britax B-Ready is one of the most popular strollers on the market, and for good reason. It offers convenience at an affordable price! This stroller was designed to meet your needs.

It does have downsides, though. Personally, I don’t think they are deal breakers for this stroller. However, you’ll need to make that decision for yourself. 

Pros Vs. Cons

The Britax B-Ready is one of the hottest strollers on the market. It’s packed with features to make it more convenient for parents that are on the go.

There are quite a few things that make it stand out from the competition, but there are a few that will make you wonder if another stroller is best for your family.

Make sure that you consider both the pros and cons of the Britax B-Ready before clicking the buy now button. 


Higher Weight Limit 

Most strollers can only hold up to fifty pounds. However, that isn’t the case with the Britax B-Ready stroller, which can hold children up to fifty-five pounds.

You can also use a bassinet for your little one, so this stroller will last until your baby hits the preschool years. 

Can Be Used As A Double Stroller

It’s relatively easy to use this stroller as a double stroller if you’re in a pinch. For example, if you just had a new baby and haven’t picked out another double stroller yet.

Personally, I don’t care for the design as a double, but it might work out well for your family!

Britax B Ready

Foam Filled Wheels

I love that newer strollers, including the Britax B-Ready, often offer foam-filled wheels. When wheels are filled with foam it makes the ride a little smoother for little ones.

The wheels can also handle slightly rougher terrain, so they are less likely to break, which can be a pain for parents. Those little extra bits of convenience make strollers like this one worth the higher price. 

Compatible With Other Car Seat Brands

The Britax travel system can be purchased separately to make sure that your car seat is compatible with your stroller. This is a great idea if you already have a car seat, but it’s a different brand. 

Narrow Double Stroller

While there are a few downsides to using this stroller as a double, you can’t help but notice that it fits through doorways perfectly.

The narrow design eliminates the need to only shop at certain stores or leave the stroller in the car while you’re window shopping. You also won’t have a problem taking it to crowded places, like the zoo. 

Adjustable Handle

The stroller is a little over four feet tall, which can make it difficult to push for some, which is why Britax made sure that the handle was adjustable. This was a huge bonus for me when looking at this stroller.

Your arms get so tired of pushing a stroller with a high handle that doesn’t adjust when you’re on the shorter side like I am. That’s not a concern with the Britax B-Ready. 

Stroller Board Available For Purchase

If you have older children that don’t fit in the seats anymore, a stroller board is ideal. Britax sells these separately at an affordable price. They clip into place so that you can push both of your children together. 

Multiple Seating Options

When it comes to seating, the Britax B-Ready has got you covered. You can use this stroller with a regular seat, a car seat, or a bassinet.

Some models are sold with the bassinet, but you can also purchase them separately. You can move the seat on top so that the child is facing you or is facing forward. The second seat can be either a regular seat or a car seat. 

Stands Up When Folded

When you collapse this stroller, it easily stands up by itself. It can make juggling a stroller and an infant or toddler much easier than having to deal with a stroller that you need to lay down. 


The Weight Limit Is Unrealistic If You Plan To Use It As A Double

While the weight limit is appealing in the beginning, you’ll also need to keep that in mind if you plan to use this stroller as a double. There are no extensions, so you still have a limited weight limit.

The weight limit for the second seat is a mere thirty-five pounds. It’s important to keep that in mind. Most children reach twenty pounds by their first birthday. So, using this stroller for a 1 1/2-year-old and a new baby might not work out. 

The Second Seat For Double Stroller Is Inconvenient

When using the Britax B-Ready stroller as a double, one car seat sits on top and one on the bottom. You use the storage rack underneath as a seat. This is inconvenient in multiple ways. 

First, the car seat uses your storage space. While you can hang a diaper back over your shoulder, this isn’t the ideal situation for moms or dads that are planning on running errands all day long. 

Second, it’s hard to get to the child that is on the bottom. Because the car seat is facing forward, and away from you, and the top seat is blocking access, it can take a minute to get to your baby.

You can push down the canopy so that you can see them, but you have to remove the car seat from the stroller to comfortably get the child out.

This makes diaper changes a complete hassle. It can also be unsettling for parents that would like to be able to see their child. 

Although there are twelve different seating options, every option has the child on the bottom facing away from you and partially blocked by the other seat or the front of the stroller. 

When Using As A Double, The Storage Bin Is Foot Space

This is another problem with this design. Not only is the storage bin useless when this stroller is a double, but it’s also used as foot space for children.

You won’t have a problem when your children are younger and in a car seat, but it can be quite a hassle when they are older and their shoes are covered in dirt. 

It’s Heavy

When this stroller is folded up, it weighs twenty-eight pounds if being used as a single stroller. It can also be bulky.

That means if you have a tiny trunk or live up a few flights of stairs, you’re going to hate having to carry it inside. While this might not be a deal-breaker for everyone, it’s definitely a factor that you need to keep in mind. 

The Second Seat Can Get In Your Way

If you plan on using this as a double stroller, it’s important to know that the reclining seat will be directly in front of your feet and legs.

For people that take wider steps, it can be on your way even if it’s not reclining. This can make walking with the stroller uncomfortable for both you and the little one on the bottom. 

Accessories Sold Separately

While the price is a huge advantage of this stroller, you also have to buy accessories separately. It comes as a single stroller and you will receive a bumper bar.

You’ll need to order accessories like the bassinet, a second seat, car seat adaptors, etc. separately.

While it’s nice that you can customize it so that you only wind up with accessories that you want, it would also be nice if it came with more accessories than just a bumper bar. 

Who Should Use The Britax B-Ready Stroller?

In my personal opinion, this is a great option for a single stroller if you have the trunk space and don’t have to carry it up several flights upstairs. The convenience that it offers at an affordable price is hard to find elsewhere. 

I’m not a fan of this stroller as a double. I couldn’t see myself trying to use it for two toddlers due to the seating arrangement.

However, if you find yourself pregnant and need to upgrade to a double while the littlest is in a car seat, it could work out while you browse through other options.