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11 Best Reusable Sticker Books For Toddlers

Children love arts and crafts. It offers great open-ended play opportunities but as busy parents, we do not always have the time to deal with set up and clean up after messy art projects.

But there is a great solution that offers your toddlers the opportunity to be highly creative and to use their imagination while needing very little adult supervision and very little mess.

Reusable stickers are a great toy for toddlers and older children alike, they are portable and great for traveling.

A great bonus of these kinds of sticker books is that they are fully reusable as the stickers are usually made using a special cling technology that allows them to stick to any smooth surface but they can also be removed and repositioned just as easily.

We have taken a look at some of the best reusable sticker collections that are currently available. Here are some of our favorites.

Short On Time? Here Are Our Top 3 Choices

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What To Look For In Reusable Sticker Books

You want to be looking for products that are going to provide good value for money, plenty of opportunities for open-ended play, and that is truly reusable.

Age Rating

Many of the sticker books will state that they are rated for ages 3 and up. This should tell you that the activities and images within the books are suitable for toddlers. Older preschoolers may be able to play with the stickers with minimal parental supervision.

Open-ended play

Many of these sticker books encourage open-ended play through the creation of different scenes. Others just seem to have such an abundance of activities that they will keep your toddler occupied for a long time.

Ease of use

This is an important one because if your toddler can not peel these stickers off themselves or if they rip every time they do everyone is going to get super frustrated very very quickly.

So you want to be looking for stickers that are easy to peel and the good quality reusable ones tend to be a little thicker than normal stickers.

Really reusable

Many sticker books that market themselves as reusable are often not. After one or two uses the stickers lose their adhesive quality or they begin to tear and curl. But good quality reusable stickers will be able to truly be used reused multiple times.

Best Reusable Sticker Books For Toddlers

1. Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad Bundle

Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad Bundle - Fairy, Princess, Dress-Up and Play House

Melissa & Doug toys are renowned for being high quality, functional, and provide great play opportunities for children. Their sticker books are no different!

This pack provides your toddler with the opportunity to dress the characters in each of the 4 scenes using over 165 different stickers.

They can let their imaginations run wild. Mix and match different outfits to create a truly unique scene. Then they can use their imaginations to tell stories using the characters in each scene.

The scenes included are Fairy, Princess, Dress up, and Play House.

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2. Giggles & Pebbles Educational Magic Sticker Book

Giggles & Pebbles Educational Magic Sticker Pad Book for Kids,Toddlers, Boys and Girls - Reusable, Washable and Non-Adhesive Stickers with Farm, Zoo, Ocean Animals, for Storytelling, Games and Fun

This is an Amazon choice sticker book and comes with three scenes: zoo, farm, and ocean. The pages are really easy to turn as it comes with a spiral binding.

The stickers are extremely thick and durable and it also has neat little storage space for the stickers within the book. This great video gives you a quick look inside the Giggles & Pebbles world.

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3. Baby Shark Sticker Play Set

Baby Shark Sticker Play Set by Horizon Group USA Includes Over 100 Reusable Puffy Stickers & 1 Fold & Play Scene, Multicolored

Another Amazon Choice sticker book. This Baby Shark themed book will no doubt be a hit with any little ones. It comes with a fold-and-play scene.

There are over 100 reusable stickers that can be used to create a great narrative for Baby Sharks’ adventures.

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4. Peaceable Kingdom Funny Faces

Peaceable Kingdom Sticker Fun Funny Faces Reusable Sticker Tote


This collection comes with 4 faces, over 8- reusable vinyl stickers, and a sticker tote. It is a great toy for traveling as all the pieces can be packed back into the tote for safekeeping.

Toddlers can use their imagination to make a range of different faces by adding a range of different sticker accessories.

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5. I Spy Learn and Go

I Spy Learn and Go (My Little World)

The I Spy books are a fantastic collection of reusable sticker books for toddlers. The book is packed with activities to keep your toddler busy from hunting for hidden objects, colors, and shapes to wipe clean pages and reusable stickers.

It comes with an exciting town based scene that allows children to tell out a story and use their imagination.

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6. Jar Melo Reusuable Sticker Pads

Jar Melo Reusable Sticker Pads Set; Great Assorted: 2 Packs - Animal World; Space Exploration; Over 265 Stickers; Separated Scenes

This set comes with 10 themes and over 250 reusable stickers. The background picture boards are full color giving children the opportunity to use their imaginations to tell stories, and make characters.

The stickers can also be applied to any smooth surface such as glass, mirrors, cups, or refrigerators. the stickers are designed to be lifted and repositioned numerous times, they are waterproof and non-toxic.

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7. Play Again Reusable Sticker Scenes

OOLY, Play Again! Reusable Sticker Scenes: Mermaid Magic


Play Again provides a great foldable double-sided play board with around 60 reusable stickers. The stickers can also stick to other smooth surfaces using their cling technology.

The books come in a range of different themes such as Dragon Racetrack, Princess Garden, Mermaid Magic, and Space Critters.

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8. Mrs. Grossman’s Peal & Play Undersea

Mrs. Grossman's - Undersea - Peel & Play Kids Activity Set with Reusable Vinyl Stickers & Fold-Out Story Board - with Storage & Travel Handle - for Boys & Girls Ages 3 & Up

Mrs. Grossman’s Peel and Play activity sets are available in a range of different settings such as outer space, dinosaurs, barnyard, and under the sea. Your toddler will love moving the thick vinyl stickers around with ease.

The fold-out boards allow your little one to create wonderful works of art, lets them use their imagination to tell stories, and provides ample opportunity for open-ended play. They even come with built-in handles for easy portability.

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9. Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad Bundles

Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad Bundle - Jungle, Farm & Under The Sea & Reusable Sticker Bundle - Vehicles, Habitats and Prehistoric Themes

Melissa & Doug create a wide range of reusable sticker collections in a variety of themes. These are really truly open-ended toys, scenes are bright and colorful allowing children to tell stories over and over again.

The pads are slightly larger than other similar products so would not be ideal for traveling due to the extra room required. But you could always modify them in order for them to be more portable.

They come in a range of themes so you are sure to find something that sparks your little one’s interest whether it be dinosaurs, vehicles, or fairies and castles. They have a sticker collection to suit.

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10. Colorforms Picture Play Set

Colorforms Picture Play Set - Pets

Colorforms have been around for almost 70 years and are still a great choice for reusable stickers for toddlers. They offer a great range of themed vinyl sticker sets that can be used on the boards included or windows. 

Some of the sets available are:

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11. I Can Do That!

I Can Do That! Stickers: An At-home Super Simple (and Smart!) Sticker Activities Workbook

This simple reusable sticker book provides a lot of age-appropriate educational activities from counting, matching, following directions, and more. It comes with 64 game boards and 350 stickers meaning it should keep your toddler occupied for a long time.

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The Final Thought

Keeping toddlers entertained, while keeping mess to a minimum and finding an activity that is good value for money is super tough as a parent.

Reusable sticker books offer all of these things along with providing great opportunities for open-ended play, that also encourages children to use their imagination and be creative.

I hope that our favorites have given you some great options for your little ones.