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How To Use a SwaddleMe – Complete Guide

Swaddling is a traditional practice of wrapping a baby up in a light, breathable blanket to help them feel calm and sleep. Only their body should be wrapped, leaving their neck and head open and free to move around.

This practice is usually done using a lightweight blanket or muslin, but there are other swaddling options available to parents.

One of these options is a product called SwaddleMe. Here is our guide to show you precisely what you are getting with this product.

Startle Reflex

Many new parents often wonder why you need to swaddle a baby, especially a newborn, as they don’t move around a great deal.

Here’s the thing, like us grown-ups, babies have something called a “startle reflex” or “Moro reflex.” This startle reflex occurs when your baby is startled by a loud noise, a sudden movement, or a feeling that they are falling.

They respond by jerking their body or arching their back and extending their arms and legs and then curling back up. But this response can often wake a young baby from their sleep and often scares them, making them cry.

This reflex continues until they are around five months of age and peaks at around the age range of two months. This startle reflex is no different to when adults dream that they are falling and jerk their body to wake themselves up.

You might be thinking, what does this have to do with swaddling a baby? Swaddling a baby prevents this startle reflex by keeping the baby’s arms tight to their body and stops them from extending and disturbing themselves.

swaddled baby boy

About SwaddleMe

SwaddleMe is designed by a company called Summerinfant. They have been producing baby products for over 30 years. They also develop and provide other infant and toddler items from bed rails and safety gates to baths and potties.

There are three different versions of the SwaddleMe available. Each has its unique features and benefits. Your choices are the SwaddleMe POD, the SwaddleMe Original, and the SwaddleMe Luxe.

1. SwaddleMe POD

The SwaddleMe POD is designed for newborns and is even suitable for premature babies. It recreates a womb-like environment and helps to prevent your baby from startling themselves awake by making them feel safe and cozy.

It has a simple one zip closing system that makes swaddling your baby super simple. The pod is made from a cotton blend that stretches with your baby’s movements, providing a comfortable and soft experience.

The SwaddleMe POD comes in a variety of colors and patterns to suit all tastes. It is suitable for babies weighing from 5-11 pounds, and the age range is 0 – 2 months.

It does have a tog rating of 0.5, which may not seem very high, but you need to keep in mind when dressing your baby for bed, especially in the warmer months.

2. SwaddleMe Original

The SwaddleMe Original is an award-winning product of 2017 and is designed to make swaddling your baby more straightforward and uncomplicated for parents. The Original swaddle recreates the snugness of the womb the same as the POD does.

It helps to prevent babies from waking themselves through their startle reflex and helps them to feel cozy and safe. This is not as simple as the one zip system of the POD, but it is still easy to use, even for a complete beginner.

You layout the SwaddleMe Original flat and place your baby on their back on the SwaddleMe. Place both their legs inside the pocket at the bottom of SwaddleMe, pulling the material to your baby’s chest.

Ensure that your baby’s right arm is tucked in by their side and pull the wing across their body, fastening it at their chest with hook and loop fastening. Don’t forget to tuck the end under your baby.

Also, ensure your baby’s left arm is tucked in by their side before bringing the wing from the left side across their body, fastening at their chest with hook and loop fastening. Now, your baby is cozy in their SwaddleMe.

For further instructions, please check out the video below:

It is made from 100% cotton and is suitable for babies from 0-3 months. The recommended weight is 7-14 pounds. The leg pouch at the bottom opens for easy diaper changes, meaning that there is no need to remove your baby from the SwaddleMe altogether.

It is completely machine washable. It is recommended that you wash on a cold cycle and tumble dry on low heat. The SwaddleMe Original comes in a variety of prints and colors to suit the pickiest of babies!

It has a tog rating of 0.3 tog. Again it may not seem like much but needs to be taken into consideration when dressing a baby for bed especially in warmer climates.

3. SwaddleMe LUXE

The SwaddleMe LUXE has been designed with convenience for both baby and parent in mind. It has the same features as the Original but with one key addition, the easy change zipper.

This zipper makes nighttime diaper changes easy to do while disturbing your baby as little as possible. The Luxe still recreates that womb-like environment and helps to lessen the effect of the startle reflex on your baby in the same way as the SwaddleMe Original.

You swaddle your baby using the same technique as the SwaddleMe Original. There is absolutely no difference in the way that you swaddle.

Another great feature of the Luxe is that it comes with harness slots, meaning that it can be used with most 5 point restraints on car seats and strollers.

The Luxe is made from 100% cotton and is suitable for babies aged 0 -3 months weighing 7-14 pounds. The tog rating for the Luxe is 0.3 tog.

Safety Precautions When Swaddling

Although swaddling is a traditional practice that has been used for generations, there are some safety precautions that you would need to take to ensure your baby’s safety at all times.

  • Do not wrap the SwaddleMe too loose or too tight around your baby. If it is too loose, your baby may be able to wriggle free and run the material’s risk to be a suffocation hazard. If it is too tight, you may impede your baby’s ability to breathe comfortably.
  • Make sure that your baby has room for hip and leg movements.
  • Ensure that no part of their face is covered to avoid suffocation.
  • Swaddling is only suitable until your baby can roll over – once they can roll back to front, it is no longer safe to swaddle them in this manner.
  • Babies should only be laid on their backs to sleep to avoid the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. This is certainly the case when your baby is swaddled

What Are Parents Saying About SwaddleMe?

For the most part, parents love the SwaddleMe range. They are saying that it is versatile and soft and that the zipper is a game-changer for nighttime diaper changes.

“These have been our favorite swaddles! The velcro makes them easy to use, and the zipper along the bottom is a game-changer for the middle of the night diaper changes! So nice to not have to unswaddle and reswaddle the baby every time.” Natalie, shopper

“Absolutely amazing product! I can change my little man in the middle of the night with minimal effort, and he usually sleeps right through it thanks to these swaddles and a wipe warmer. Definitely one of the best things I purchased for my newborn.” Brooke Applegate, shopper

“These are much easier to use than traditional swaddles and keeps my son nice and calm for sleep. He is seven weeks old, and he had been using these since week 1.” Beandale, shopper.

swaddled baby girl

FAQ – How to Use a SwaddleMe

My baby will be born in the winter – will the SwaddleMe fit over a onesie for added warmth?

It will definitely fit over a thicker onesie with the SwaddleMe over the top. The SwaddleMe does come with hook and loop fastening, which gives you some added flexibility through the top half of the body.

Is the SwaddleMe certified organic, and who certified it?

The SwaddleMe Original Organic is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard or GOTS.

Does the SwaddleMe offer the option to have your baby’s arms out?

The Original SwaddleMe is designed to have both of your baby’s arms tucked inside the fabric. There are larger Swaddle sacks that enable you to swaddle while still leaving your baby’s arms free.

The Final Word

Swaddling is the perfect way to recreate the womb-like environment that your baby is missing once they are born. It helps lessen the effect of the startle reflex on your baby and hopefully prevent them from awakening. It has been practiced for many years.

When done correctly and following safety guidelines and information, it can be the perfect way to soothe your baby.

Just remember that, like many other practices, your baby may not enjoy swaddling. If this is the case, then the positive effects will be lost. So watch for your baby if they are uncomfortable or not keen on swaddling and choose an option that suits them the best!