What’s It Mean When Baby Bends Over And Looks Through Legs

What's it Mean When Baby Bends Over and Looks Through Legs?

Babies make all kinds of motions and new movements as they grow and develop. Remember when your little one finally learned how to grab things? Or how about when they learned how to hop on one foot?

Some babies walk on their tiptoes simply because they think it’s fun. Sometimes also bend over and look between their legs. If you notice your baby bending over, it could be for a number of reasons. Most of them are reasonable.

A baby bending over could also be a sign that something else is going to happen soon.

Does It Mean Anything?

In many cultures, a baby bending over is a sign of something coming in the future. Some people blow these off as superstitions. Other people swear they have seen them come true.

Whether you believe them or not is up to you, there’s nothing wrong with taking precautions if you notice your baby bent over looking between their legs.

Another Baby Is On The Way

It’s said that if you see your baby bending over, it is a sign that another one will be on the way soon.

While some parents blow this off as a superstition, others swear that they took a pregnancy test after seeing their baby bending over and discovered that they were pregnant.

This could be true, but there are several other reasons that you might see your baby bending over.

baby girl bending over

Old Wives Tales About Toddlers Sensing Pregnancy

Like with most pregnancy superstitions, there isn’t usually much science to back them up. If common sense tells you it’s probably not true, then that’s usually a good bet that it’s false. You may or may not have heard about the old wives tale that says if a baby looks through their legs (or does the downward facing dog, for you yoga aficionados), they’re predicting a pregnancy or they are looking for or wanting another sibling.

Most experts say babies look through their legs to work on their depth perception and to experience a different “upside-down” view of the world. So my recommendation would be to not put too much stock into the wives tale. You never know what your future might hold, but in most cases, babies are looking to expand their world, not expand the family.

They’re Looking For Their Sibling

Some also believe that this is a sign that the baby is looking for their sibling. If a baby bending over already has a sibling, they could be trying to find them.

Babies bending over that don’t have a sibling is where the belief that this is a sign someone will be pregnant soon came from. Babies have a way of knowing if another baby is on the way or not because they are more in tune with their intuition than adults are.

Other Reasons Your See Your Baby Bending Over

There are quite a few other reasons that you might notice your baby bending over. As little ones grow and develop, they begin to move in new ways. Your baby bending over could be due to normal development.

A New World

When you see your baby bending over, they could have just figured out a new movement. They may have discovered that the world looks a little different from when they are right side up.

New things are always fascinating to babies, and an upside-down world is no exception.

Being Dizzy Is Funny

Some babies think it’s hilarious to feel a little dizzy. It’s a new sensation that they will feel if they are upside down and then right side up again. If you notice your baby bending over, and then laughing when they stand up, they think it’s funny to feel dizzy.

They Saw Another Baby Bending Over

If one baby does it, they all do it. You’ll see this in daycare settings and school settings a lot. If your little one saw another baby bending over, they might simply be copying them.

If this is the case, they’ll get bored with it and quit within a week or so unless they think it’s fun.

To Look Behind Them

Babies don’t always know the socially acceptable way to do things. Instead of turning around, your baby might be bending over so that they can see things that are going on behind him.

Once he or she does it one time, they might think this is how they see something happening behind them and continue to do it.

It’s A New Discovery

As babies grow older, your little one will learn how to catch things and kick things. They will also learn how to stretch and how to bend over. This is all a normal part of development. It’s also entirely normal for babies to practice new movements repeatedly.

They’re Stretching

Bend over to touch your toes, and you’ll notice that it stretches the muscles in your back very nicely. Sometimes, little ones have so much pent up energy that they need a nice long stretch too.

Bending over to stretch is great for the back and legs. If you notice your baby bending over when they would normally stretch, they just found a new way to stretch.

boy toddler bending over


Most people notice when they see a baby bending over, especially if they believe that this means someone is pregnant.

When little ones realize that they are getting more attention for something, they are likely to do it again. This is because they enjoy positive attention.

Children depend on their parents’ attention to everything, so it’s normal that they always want more. Children also enjoy the attention. If children are doing something for attention, ignore it.

It’s Calming

There is something about being upside down that is calming, especially to younger children. After a long day of learning and playing, children are bound to get tired. Sometimes, they need to do something to wind down.

That something could involve your baby bending over. If you only notice your little one doing this when they are winding down, exhausted, anxious, just got done with a fit, etc. it’s more than likely a self-soothing technique.

To help soothe your baby to sleep, why don’t you try giving them a toy that can help them sleep faster?

When To Call The Doctor

When you first see your little one do something new, it can be concerning. Most parents wonder why their little one has picked up a new behavior, and some parents wonder whether they should call the doctor.

A majority of the time, there is nothing to worry about. There are a few situations in which parents should call their doctor, though.

Spine Curvature

When your little one bends over, you will have a perfect view of their spine. It should appear nice and straight. If you notice that there is a curve or bump that looks odd, contact your doctor.

You might see your baby bending over because it is more comfortable for them.


If you notice that your little one is in pain, contact your pediatrician. This is especially so if they are in pain when they bend over or before they bend over. This could be something wrong with their back.

Little ones often can’t communicate well enough to tell us, “my back hurts.”

If You Are Concerned

You should contact your primary care provider at any time that you are concerned. It’s always better to give them a call. The adage “better to be safe than sorry” is always true when it comes to babies.

Your pediatrician will take a look at your baby, conduct a physical exam, and can let you know if this behavior is normal.

Little ones are known for doing plenty of things, including bending over. If you see your baby bending over, most likely, there’s nothing to worry about.

My daughter did this when she was a baby. I was pregnant soon after with my son, so maybe that belief is true. However, my son did the same thing, and there were no pregnancies around. I had the same response to both. I also taught them how to somersault.

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