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30 Reasons Why the Tooth Fairy Forgot To Come Last Night

As parents we have the duties of feeding our children, keeping them clean, making sure they have done their homework and brushing their teeth, etc. The list goes on and on.

As our little ones grow we are also expected to join in with little stories that go with certain times of the year.

We are told we have to keep the magic alive! From Santa Claus to the Easter Bunny we have to have our whit’s about us, preparing for the holidays is a pretty big event! 

But what happens when it’s a smaller event? What happens when we are unexpectedly graced with our kids holding what you can see are a tooth and a lovely gummy mouth?

A visit from the tooth fairy!

Now we have been adults for a long time and juggling everything in our lives has become hectic. So it is not our fault when the precious tooth fairy forgets right? 

Ok so if you have been in this situation you know that your kiddo is probably beside themselves crying feeling as the tooth fairy has rejected them, and you are sitting there consumed with guilt asking yourself the main questions over and over.

“Why did I do laundry? Why didn’t I do the tooth straight away?”

The answer to your questions guys is quite obvious – YOU ARE HUMAN!

Give yourself a break, so you forgot the tooth fairy was supposed to visit?!

Smart Reasons Why The Tooth Fairy Forgot To Come

The fairies can’t travel

In the past year or so we have all been hit by the global pandemic and maybe our fairy has been told they have to work from home! We have to decorate an envelope and send the tooth to the post. We will get money sent to us when they receive our tooth!

The art of distraction

This is where you try to distract your child and then at lightning speed you can dash to leave that extra special coin. Your child will feel as if they simply missed it or the tooth fairy came while they were eating their breakfast. 

No treats for late sleepers

You can explain that she did come but saw they were still awake and not to be late she carried on with the other teeth collecting she had to do. She will come again tonight. This is a win-win as far as parenting can go. You will appreciate the fact your child will want to get to bed early!

The dog

If you have an animal the tooth fairy may have been startled by them. Maybe they got scared? Reassure your child that the animal won’t be near their room tonight. 


If you are in the midst of bad weather this can always be the excuse for a late tooth pick-up. everyone knows that fairy wings don’t work when they become wet!

She couldn’t reach it

Leave a note for the tooth fairy and explain that the tooth is on the counter so she can reach it! This is also a great reminder for you because you are more likely to see it and not forget. Or you could invest in a tooth fairy pillow to help you remember for next time!                                                                                       

Her tooth bag was full

Sometimes the tooth fairy has to visit a lot of houses in one night but as soon as her bag is full she has to take them back to the castle. She hasn’t forgotten!

Lost coins

The tiny little fairy has a lot of responsibility, carrying teeth and coins, some fairies are clumsy and drop things, if your fairy has dropped her coins then she will be back tonight to pick up and drop off.

Sleep talking

You were sleep talking/singing. This will get a grin out of them! They can leave a note explaining that they are not awake just happy in their dreams. 

Fairy Dust Shortage

There has been a problem in the fairy castle and the tooth fairy forgot to bring enough fairy dust! Rest assured the problem is solved and it is business as usual from tonight!

Important meeting

The tooth fairy had to meet with the Easter Bunny and it ran over! They are trying to find a chocolate that’s good for our teeth! She sends her apologies and will be back out asap tonight.

Santa Emergency

Rudolph needed a special visit instead last night he hurt his tooth and only the tooth fairy can fix it.

Feeling poorly

The thermometer was left out and the medicine out of the cabinet. Maybe she was feeling ill?

Fairy Friends

She flew into a long-lost friend that she hasn’t seen in years so they went out for ice cream. 

Messy Bedroom

If your kid’s room is in a mess then obviously the fairy cannot visit untidy rooms. You may find your child will want their room to be spick and span in no time before bed that evening!

Visited mom

The tooth fairy may have been confused and visited your bedroom. That would explain the glitter you saw late last night. 


There was an injured animal on her way so she had to stop and help. Fairies have healing powers too!

Leave a note

The tooth fairy could leave an apology note and explain that she had to dash when the sun came up. 

Fairy Flu

The fairies are working so hard every night that sometimes they get sick! When they are they need to stay tucked up in bed.

Wing Trouble

The fairy may have had wing troubles, just like when your kid has small issues with his/her bike. She had to visit the workshop to get it fixed.

Mix up

All the fairies were given the wrong routes last night so there was a huge mix-up. Our fairy is coming tonight.

Fairy Vacation

Our fairy was on vacation last night. They all need a break sometimes.

Money gets lost

You can save yourself here. Pull apart the mattress and covers. As you lift the mattress have a coin in your fist and let it fall onto the floor. This is risky but your child will be so thrilled that they weren’t forgotten.

Tooth boom

When there is a tooth boom it means that there are too many teeth for the fairies to collect. If you are a lucky one to have to wait it means you get ‘interest’ or more money delivered. This can sweeten the deal when they have to wait!

The tooth came out too late

If your child’s tooth came out after 5 pm you can explain because it was in the afternoon they are on the list for the next evening.

Raindrop troubles

It started raining last night and she got caught by a huge raindrop. She had to go home to dry out her wings.


She came in but saw you haven’t completed your chores! Just like Santa, she will only deliver the coins if the children have been good and listened. 

Arguing with siblings

She heard you arguing with your brother/sister so she decided to make you wait so you can think about saying sorry?

Late night snack

The tooth fairy can get really hungry at night so she may have gone home for a snack.

Naughty Elves

Those naughty elves that visit us at Christmas played a trick on her and messed up all her routes. She has it sorted now and will be with us tonight!

The Final Thought

These reasons will get you off the hook probably once maybe twice.

Ultimately you don’t want to forget too many times because your kids will stop believing in the magic. We all have off days and that is ok but make a note of these handy tips and you will always be the mom on top of their game!