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What is a Mother? 16 Real-Life Definitions from People of Different Backgrounds

It seems that we all have different opinions on what a mother is. To me, a mother is love. A mother is a person that’s always there for a shoulder to cry one, an ear to listen to, or the one that reads you bedtime stories.

She’s nurturing, loves you unconditionally, and is always there. We all have different definitions of what a mother is, though. Here are some other definitions of what a mother is. 

Mothers Are Role Models

I don’t think it was until I became a mom myself that I was able to truly understand just what being a mother means: sacrifice. You Sacrifice your body, your quality sleep, your time, and your lifestyle in exchange for the most amazing, wonderful, and hardest job in the world.

Moms are teachers, protectors, and friends. They are someone you can always turn to when you need help, no matter how much you drive her crazy. Mothers are role models, shoulders to cry on, and the biggest cheerleader for their little humans, and in so many ways, mothers are superheroes.

– Siobhan Alvarez, Mimosas & Motherhood

A Mother Is A Nurturer

According to me, a mother is a nurturer, a friend, a guide, a confidant, a counselor, your greatest ally and supporter, sometimes your biggest critic, but always the person that will fight for you the hardest. She is capable of loving and protecting you in spite of your faults.

– William Taylor, VelvetJobs

A Mother Is Safe

A Mother is a child’s safe space, their protector. A mother is a child’s biggest advocate and someone that nurtures and supports a child to allow them to become the best person they can be. A mother is full of love for her child and works every day to make sure their child has the knowledge and skills needed to succeed at life.

A mother is someone their child can always turn to and confide in and know they will receive love, acceptance, and constructive advice to work through whatever problem they need to get through. In the early years, a mother creates clear boundaries that allow their child to flourish without too much freedom. In the later years, a mother is there for their child with unconditional love and support.

– Heather Hoke, Embracing Chaos with Love

A Mother Is Caring

As a survivor of an orphanage, foster care & an abusive blended family with an alcoholic step-mother – I have to say that my ideal mom would be selfless, caring, and full of unconditional love for her offspring. Unfortunately, my bio-mom was NOT very good at those things. BUT- through the course of my life, I was blessed with many “moms” who gave me and my siblings all of those things and MORE – enduring caring.

Several of them kept in touch over the years, even though I was not a blood relative. I discovered that a REAL mom – just like a REAL HOME – makes you feel SAFE & LOVED at ALL TIMES.

– Danny Vann,

Mothers Have Unconditional Love

I’m extremely close with my mom and so are my siblings. She did all the things that moms are supposed to do, like take care of us when we were sick and feed us when we were hungry. But anyone can do those tasks. What makes her a mom is so much more. 

 A mother is someone who nurtures a child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth, imparting her values for the child to learn and share with others. She does this with unconditional love and (hopefully) patience. A mother tries her best every day.. Her failures are as spectacular as her successes. But she persists.

– Matt Satell, Little Bundle

A Mother Loves You More Than Herself

The instant I became a mom, I truly knew from that moment on what it is like to love someone more than you love yourself and to wish them ever more success, love, happiness, fortitude, and prosperity. Being a mom is seeing your children become a greater part of what you are.

– Vanessa Gordon, East End Taste Magazine 

A Mother Is Selfless

A mother is someone who gives her a share of the cake when there is not enough for the whole family. A mother is someone who spends sleepless nights to listen to her child’s nightmares or to console her heartbroken daughter. A mother is someone who wakes up in the wee hours of the morning to prepare the food and everything her family might need before they go on with the rest of their day.

A mother is someone who is selfless, and who would give pieces of herself, just so her family can be complete.

– Lewis Keegan, SkillScouter

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Mothers Protect

My definition of a mother is someone, who not only gave birth to a child but someone who makes sure to take care of their kid’s physical, emotional and mental needs; someone who will help the child become the best version of themselves, someone who will be a source of protection and comfort should a child needs it and lastly, a mother will always be the first and last ally of their child, no matter what.

– Julie Ann, Adaptable Mama

A Mother Always Loves

A mother is someone who wakes up early and goes to bed late so that they can be alone, without tiny hands grasping for attention. A mother is someone who pushes past the exhaustion to rock a baby back to sleep at 1 am…and again at 3 am… and again at 5 am.

A mother makes the best silly faces, gives the best hugs, and will always be the first person to call when something big happens in life. A mother is someone who loves, in both the hard and the easy times.

– Betsy Goodman, B Goods Lettering

A Mother’s Job Never Ends

A mother is a woman willing to play all roles. She puts the needs and wants of her children above her own and works diligently to raise functioning and kind members of society. A mother loves always, hugs tightly, kisses scraped knees, finds creative ways to sneak vegetables into meals, and teaches life skills. A mother’s job never ends.

– Kristy Speciale, A Speciale Life


A Mother Teaches You

A mother is not defined by blood. It is a person who loves you unconditionally. Nothing you say or do will ever change the love a mother feels. Mothers love their children on good days, and love and support them on the difficult ones.

A mother is your greatest advocate and cheerleader.  She guides and teaches you how to navigate the bumpy road of life so that you step out into the world as a self-sufficient and capable adult. No matter how old you are, a mother will always be there with open arms and an open heart.

– Randi Latzman, Surviving Mom Blog

Motherhood Is Instinctual

A mother offers unconditional love, a love that we as children take for granted and as husbands – can’t contend with. When a child is born, so too a mother is born, as raw and screaming as the tiny infant she holds. It is instinctual, motherhood, but filled with potholes of self-doubt and imposing suggestions. I firmly believe that a mother always knows what is best for her child, she needs to just listen to herself and not to be overwhelmed by all else out there.

– Andrew Taylor, Net Lawman

Motherhood Is Always With You

Motherhood is sacrificing your body and falling in love with someone you’ve never met. It’s being willing to have a small part of your heart – living, moving, and breathing outside of your body. It’s the most vulnerable, life-changing, soul alerting thing. Motherhood never leaves you where it finds you. And no matter how good you are at it, it always feels like you’re doing it wrong.

– Janey Strong, Mommy Academy

mother and child out

A Mother Is Someone Children Can Depend On

My personal and professional opinion, a mom is typically the one individual a child looks to for answers, acceptance, approval, empathy, and love. Mom is the constant. Mom is the safety and dependability needed to get through this thing called life. Holding the title of Mom is quite the role to be in. And guess what?

Children turn into teens who turn into adults who still have those needs for their mom. A mom is the most important role in any individual’s emotional development. The good news? The position of “Mom” is usually filled by someone who comes by all of this naturally. Mom somehow has the answers, accepts and approves of their child, shows empathy and love unconditionally, with little to no trouble at all. She’s a natural.

– Tessa Stuckey,

Every Mom Has Their Own Experience

I genuinely believe that the experience of motherhood means something different for everyone, and that’s what makes this almost universal experience so very powerful. At its core, motherhood has been the most formative experience of my life. I feel like this experience has truly enabled and empowered me to live my life to the fullest.

It wasn’t an easy transition and although I always wanted to be a mom and felt immediately grateful when each of my kids was born, the newborn stage was very hard for me each time. But eventually, I became a more creative, joyful, decisive, and clear-thinking version of myself that I’m incredibly proud of.

– Andrea Samacicia Mullan, Victory Public Relations

Being A Mom Means Sacrifice

The definition of motherhood is breaking down walls you didn’t even know were standing in your way. Motherhood opens into a world of selflessness and sacrifice. You love so deeply it feels like your heart may explode.

Raising children will test every nerve you have and bring every joy you could ever imagine and more into your life. Some days you will feel like you are drowning and failing, but the love you have for your children will pull you back up every time and give you the courage to keep going.

– Angela Carte, Mini Riches

In Conclusion

The definition of a mother is different for everyone. To some, it means selfless love. To others, it means making sacrifices. No matter what, everyone agrees that a mother provides a special type of love for her children.