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Ten Little Shoes Review For 2024

Ten Little Shoes is a new brand of shoe that is so popular I had to check them out when my littlest needed new shoes. The website was impressive, and they’re nice shoes. They are considered healthy footwear for children, are vegan, and are wonderful if you’re a minimalist.

What’s In The Box?

ten little

Inside the package, you’ll find your pair of shoes. You will also get the stickers. We automatically got the classic stickers because we did not order additional stickers.

(The classic stickers are the only ones with unicorns.) There is also a little note telling you how to send in your old shoes so that they can be donated. 

Comprehensive Ten Little Shoes Review 

ten little

Before writing this review, I had the littlest wear them for one week to make sure that I got her honest opinion on them. There are quite a few pros and cons that you’ll need to consider before buying these shoes to make sure that they are right for your little one. 

Ten Little Shoes Pros

When it comes to great things about these shoes, there are plenty of them. There were several things that both myself and the little one enjoyed about these shoes. 

Different Colors Available

I opted for white so that they would match a variety of outfits. However, you can also get pink, purple, blue, or any other color that your child likes. There is a wide selection available to make sure that you pick a color that your little one loves. 

Wide Toe Box

This was another area that I was initially happy about. The little one loves to be barefoot, but this has led to us ordering shoes a size bigger than what she really needs to accommodate the extra width of her foot.

They just don’t always make wide-width children’s shoes in every brand. Unfortunately, this is good for her feet either.

The wide toe box that all Ten Little shoes have was the perfect compromise. They fit her, and they aren’t too big. If your child is picky about wearing leather shoes, they are a great idea. 


She was really focused on making them adorable!

My daughter loved that she could decorate them with stickers. She absolutely adores stickers, would like to make everything unique, and she had a blast with this.

The stickers were not included in the box with the shoes and fell out of the package at first. She refused to even try them on until we located the stickers and she was able to properly decorate them. 


The shoes are very flexible. You can bend them or twist them and they go right back to their original shape. The littlest is extremely active, so this was another necessity in finding her new shoes. Thankfully, Ten Little shoes seemed to meet most of the requirements!


The price of the Everyday Original was only $39. Shipping and returns are free in the 48 contiguous United States. Normally, I’m stuck sale shopping to find prices this low! 


ten little shoes

The littlest was behind on her fine motor skills for quite a while, so she’s still learning how to tie shoes. However, we also encourage her to be as independent as possible.

This makes shoes that Velcro into place ideal. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of those that we like. Thankfully, she still likes these!

Easy To Clean

I’ve never owned a pair of vegan shoes before, so I was very curious about the cleaning process. You can simply wipe them clean as you would any other shoe. The stickers do not come off easily as you wipe them clean, either. 

Ten Little Shoes Cons

Although we both loved the shoes, there are a few downsides. You’ll want to keep these in mind before ordering a pair as well. 

Not Waterproof

Although these shoes are made from vegan leather, they are not waterproof. This was a bit of a disappointment for me, but they did hold up okay in the rain. They are not so great for accidentally stepping in a puddle, but most sneakers aren’t. 

Sizing Is A Pain

They help you find your child’s size on the website, which is great. However, it’s more complicated than it should be. You can print off a size chart, but you have to enter your email address for that unless you choose to have it mailed to you.

They also ask you for your child’s name and favorite color to give you a more personalized experience. I didn’t need all of that. I simply wanted to make sure that I got the right size. 

Another option lets you measure your child’s foot. Again, you have to enter the email address, which signs you up for their newsletter, to get the size. The third way to determine your child’s size is to input information about your child’s current shoe brand and the size of that brand.

Unfortunately, this is followed by the same questions about their name, birthdate, favorite color, and then you give out your email. That is not necessary. 

The only benefit is that you only have to deal with this the first time. There is a sizing chart in the box that you can use for future reference after you order a pair. 

They Send You A Reminder When You Need A New Pair

I am not a fan of this. I understand that it’s designed to make things convenient for busy moms (like myself) but it’s actually not. It’s another spam message that is going to get ignored along with the ones about when Children’s Place is having a sale.

I know when my children outgrow things. On top of that, my seven-year-old grows at an astonishing rate. So, I am relatively confident I will not get the text message/email when I actually need to. Instead, I’ll stick with checking her shoes every few months as normal. 

It’s Only Been One Week And Some Of The Stickers Are Peeling Off

On the one hand, I can order another sheet for five dollars. However, I don’t feel like they should be wearing off so soon. If she continues to love these shoes, I’m going to have to buy new stickers every week.

I am not looking forward to that. I have considered supergluing them to the shoe. This is a major downside for me because it was one of the major appeals for my daughter. It’s simply inconvenient. 

If you do pick up a pair of these, consider picking up a cheap tube of superglue in case you go through the same thing. 

About The Brand

Ten Little Shoes are guaranteed to fit. They are durable, customizable, and, according to the website, recommended by both podiatrists and pediatricians. They sound like a dream come true!

This brand is still a little new to the world, but they definitely have potential. It was started by two moms who had problems finding shoes for their own children.

They wanted something simple, but also something good for their children. Because of that, they sought medical advice to make sure that these shoes were ideal for supporting healthy development. 


The brand prides itself on using sustainable materials. They use recyclable materials or recycled materials wherever they can in their products. Even the rubber sole is made from recycled rubber! 


Ten Little shoes are not made from using animals or animal ingredients. They are certified vegan through PETA. The leather that is used to make the shoe is vegan leather that does not have PVC in it. The rubber on the outer soles is also naturally sourced from a vegan source: the Hevea tree. 

Soles4souls Participant

You can receive a free shipping label to send in your child’s shoes when they outgrow them.

Then, they will donate your old shoes to this organization for you. It’s the easiest way you will find to help a needy child that needs shoes! I love that they go out of their way to help both the planet and people in need. 

Shoes are unisex, meaning that there is no difference between girls and boys. Instead, you get a plain colored shoe.

It can then be decorated with stickers if you would like. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of character shoes, etc. so this was a huge part of the appeal for me. 

Ten Little Shoes Available

There are only a few different styles available. You can pick from Everyday Originals, Everyday Sandals, Everyday High Tops, and Everyday Baby Booties. The styles are the only styles available, but they do come in a wide range of colors. 

Additional Sticker Packs Available

While you do get stickers with the shoes, you can also order additional stickers for your shoes if your little one has a particular fascination at the moment. We went with the ones that came with the shoes but could have ordered space-themed stickers, etc.

Other options currently include: 

  • Nasa
  • Nature
  • Dino
  • Wheels (cars)
  • Farm 
  • Safari
  • Sea
  • Party
  • ABC
  • Book

My daughter loves unicorns, hearts, etc., and the only package available that offered any of that was the classic stickers. She was happy with those, though. 

In Conclusion

I’m a huge fan of this company. I love that they put research into their product to ensure that it’s great for children and that they’re vegan. The shoes seem durable, and they work perfectly for my daughter. While there are a few downsides, I would order them again if they sold them in the next size up. 

*Please note that I did not receive a free product from Ten Little Shoes in exchange for this review. They were actually purchased, and we enjoyed them.