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15 Best Shoes for Babies and Toddlers With Fat or Wide Feet in 2024

When it comes to buying baby and toddler shoes, comfort, and stability are very important factors. They need the support required to learn how to walk correctly.

You don’t want any portion of the shoe to be over or under pronounced, leading to developmental issues. Flat shoes are often best for babies learning to walk because it is the closest thing to barefoot possible.

There is also the factor of whether your child has wide or narrow feet. Narrow feet are easy to shop for. You simply buy whatever is in stock in kid’s shoes, but shopping for wide kid’s feet proves to be quite a lot harder for parents.

Short On Time? Here Are Our Top 5 Choices

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Below is a list of the very best wide-feet shoes for babies and toddlers in 2024. With so many options available for sale it can be quite confusing to find something suitable.

Best Shoes for Toddlers With Fat or Wide Feet

1. Saucony Jazz H&L-K Sneaker


Saucony Boy's Baby Jazz Hook & Loop Sneaker, grey/red, 10.5 Medium US Little Kid

Made by Saucony with the thought of little runners, or walkers on the move in mind. These are constructed with creativity for climbers, jumpers, and active kids. Saucony makes all shoes with high-quality man-made materials, built to last. 

Saucony Jazz Sneaker has a latch over velcro alternative closure, making it easy for toddlers to help out with putting on their shoes. Attuned with a fine leather-like textured feel. Available in a variety of colors and the best part is that they can match parent’s shoes!


  • Huge color variety
  • Offers a two-tone midsole
  • Great for kids who are hard on shoes
  • Very lightweight


  • Shoes are sized small
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2. New Balance 519 V1

New Balance Kid's 519 V1 Alternative Closure Running Shoe, Light Lapis Blue, 5 W US Toddler

New Balance’s alternative closure shoes are one of the best choices available for kids with wide feet. The soft upper mesh will adjust to the break-in period.

With a price point that’s more than affordable for anyone, it’s a high-quality kids shoe for an affordable price-point, containing a versatile upper for kids at play, including a lightweight IMEVA tool.

The no-sew overlay gives a sleek look, while the full outer rubber makes this kid’s shoe extra durable.


  • Can fit children with braces
  • The velcro straps are extra-long
  • Parent’s who have kids with thick feet love this brand
  • Great feet cushioning


  • The tongue moves around too 
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3. New Balance Kids 680 V6

New Balance Kid's 680 V6 Alternative Closure Running Shoe, Black/Team Red, 5.5 M US Toddler

Offered in the unisex shoe selection, this is perfect for the kids who love to be active. Parents who are looking out for their kid’s foot health over anything else, the 680s are built to give your child optimal feet function while in use.

It is built with a slim leather upper and mesh point and stitched down fox detailing. This shoe overall is super flexible and conformed to your kid’s foot.


  • You can wash them in the machine easily
  • A very sturdy shoe
  • Customers stick with New Balance long-term
  • Kids leave them on during car rides


  • Seams might tear too easily
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4. Stride Rite SRT

Stride Rite Boys' SRT Quinn Sneaker, Brown, 7.5 XW US Toddler

It is made with 100% leather, so you know you can’t go wrong. Stride Rite has long stood beside their high-quality make behind their kid’s shoes.

They choose materials that are built to last and reduce toxins from being introduced to children simultaneously.

The SRT’s are designed in a way that children can latch and close them from the very start. It has memory foam footbeds for ultimate comfort and agility.


  • Made with real leather
  • They fit true to size
  • Kids are very comfortable in these shoes
  • Kids can’t pull them off
  • Sturdy for learning to walk


  • Can be difficult to squeeze onto the foot
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5. Stride Rite Claire Mary Jane

Stride Rite Claire Mary Jane (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid),Navy,9 XW US Toddler

Ah, the long-known Mary Jane’s. Talk about bringing back memories. This style of shoe has been around since our parents were kids, and now we get to put our child’s feet into a pair.

Stride Rite made it possible to keep your mind at ease while your kid plays in comfort. It’s made from real leather, non-marking rubber, and a memory foam insole.

This style of shoes is for those with sensitive feet needing extra cushion and adjustable strap closure.


  • Great for kids to wear to school 
  • The soles are extra durable
  • Parents keep buying these for their kids
  • They don’t wear down easily


  • They scuff easily
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6. New Balance 990 V5

New Balance Kid's Made 990 V5 Lace-Up Sneaker, Navy, 6 M US Toddler

Made from durable leather and textile, these might be the only pair of infant shoes on our list with tie-up laces, making them look and feel like they’re meant to last.

Customers speak highly of the durable nature that New Balance equipped this pair of sneakers with. They offer a well-balanced blend of cushion, durability, and breathability.

The midsole technology is comfort-focused, giving your child a classic iconic running shoe.


  • They run slightly big which is great for wide feet
  • Kids enjoy wearing them
  • Doesn’t pinch toes in the front
  • Since they run a half size big – kids have room to grow


  • The color is darker than appears online
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7. Sperry Haylard 

Sperry Haylard 

Moving into a fabric-based shoe, the Sperry is the first ankle-high on our list that looks like it belongs for the beach trip. Hit all your greatest adventures as a small kid with wide feet in these stylish sneakers.

Salt-wash brown doesn’t pick up on stains easily, and the hook-loop closure makes it possible for kids to slip on their own shoes. They are extra flexible, due to the vulcanized bottoms.


  • Great arch support
  • Easy to maneuver on and off antsy toddlers
  • They make the perfect gift
  • Kids don’t complain of them being too tight


  • The color is more grey than brown

8. K-Swiss Classic

K-Swiss Kid's Classic VN Sneaker, White/White, 10 M US Toddler

Isn’t it wonderful that K-Swiss introduces shoes as small as an infant and a toddler? As a kid growing up, I wore my first pair of K-Swiss in elementary school, and now they’re ready to be your child’s first walkers.

The shoes are designed for ease of wear, cleaning, and comfort all in one. Built-in the classic aspect of durable, K-Swiss are great shoes to pass along to younger brother or sister because they uphold quality even after long-term wear.

Order your pair in white to sparkly pink the options for color choice won’t leave you disappointed.


  • There are a ton of colors to choose from
  • Very sturdy on the outside
  • Perfect for teaching your child how to tie shoes
  • Customers are so happy with the first purchase they go back for another color


  • The color might alter with cleaning
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9. Crocs Classic Clogs

Crocs Kids' Classic Tie Dye Clog | Slip On Shoes for Boys and Girls , Pastel, 4 US Toddler

Your kid can be suited up in the most comfortable slip-ons possible. Crocs have an outstanding reputation for comfort and quality in one place.

It seems that Crocs just keep surprising everyone. Now parents of small kids can get in on the action that these adorable slip-on have to offer.

Being one of the lightest shoes, your child will get a natural feel for his own walking capabilities, making these great shoes to learn to walk in.

It also contains an extra breathable upper, waterproof design, and a strap that can swing to the back or secure on the front.


  • Very durable
  • The bright colors capture everyone’s attention
  • Perfect for water play
  • Clean easily


  • If you don’t apply a sealant the color mite fade
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10. New Balance 680 V5

New Balance Kid's 680 V5 Alternative Closure Running Shoe, Lead, 4 W US Toddler

New Balance provides a sturdy shoe with both laces and a secure latch at the top of the foot. The laces are built to give as needed for play.

These are truly a step-up from other kid’s shoes, the 680 V5’s are engineered with Imeva midsoles and crash pads cushions for kids who play hard. 

Extra tight stitching makes it possible to feel confident your kid’s shoes don’t break down early. New Balance dedicates funds to research, ensuring little athletes are successful.


  • New Balance is keen to wide feet needs
  • Kids will say how comfortable they are
  • Great for high-instep feet
  • They are so comfortable it relieves feet pain for kids


  • The velcro isn’t the most sturdy
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11. Ikiki Squeaky Shoes

ikiki Dragon Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers w/Adjustable Squeaker, Green Girl or Boy Shoes (Size 12, Leo Longfire)

When was the last time you saw a truly unique and comfortable kids shoes? Ikiki Squeaky Shoes are just that. It’s built with high-quality materials and very unique designs. From frogs to panda bears, these shoes have all the animal designs. 

It’s made from high-quality materials, fitting true to size, and a strap that is perfect for wide or narrow feet. The squeaker can be turned off if parents aren’t feeling like tracking their toddlers.


  • Undersole encourages heel-to-toe walking
  • Great customer service
  • Work well with braces
  • Kids love how they look


  • Price point doesn’t match the materials
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12. See Kai Run 

See Kai Run, Tanner Sneakers for Kids, Black Space, 4

Watching your kids run is exactly what you’ll want to do in these stylish sneakers. See Kai Run, outdoes eye-appeal, from the forward-thinking rubber undersole to the adorable car tag on the outside of the foot.

These are the shoes that make your kid believe he’s fast in them. The front rubber caps provide more protection during falls, while the herringbone design underneath provides traction during play.


  • Extra breathable
  • They grow with your child
  • Great for kids with flat feet
  • They last a really long time


  • The velcro strip wears away faster than other components
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13. Pediped Unisex First Walkers

pediped Girls' Gehrig First Walker Shoe, Pink Berry, 19 Child EU Toddler (4-4.5 US)

Serving your kid’s needs as a dress and play shoe in one. Pediped unisex shoes provide comfort and style in a thoughtful design. It utilizes the best materials such as; breathable mesh, rubber, and textile that are durable. 

It’s ready to make an impact on your family’s shoe life, enabling babies to feel the ground beneath them as they learn to walk.


  • Chubby feet fit nicely
  • Babies run well in them
  • Give extra room for wide kids feet
  • The mesh outer is extra breathable


  • Sizing runs a little big
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14. Nike Kids Revolution

Nike Girls Revolution 4 (TDV) Sneaker, Black/White - Anthracite - Hyper Punch, 2C Toddler US Toddler

Of course, Nike made our list. Some of the best running shoes are made by Nike. The Revolutions are minimal design, and extra breathable for those kids on the move.

It’s built from single layer-mesh and extra soft foam beneath the foot. The Revolutions have no-sew overlays that parents love on their children.


  • Make a great gift
  • Perfect for sports and running
  • Truly unisex design
  • The colors truly pop


  • Might be sized small
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15. Stride Rite Ace

Stride Rite Baby Ace Boy's and Girl's Premium Leather Sneaker, Navy, 4 M US Toddler

These daily runners are built for rough play, but nice enough to take to wear formerly. It features a mesh upper made from suede. A hook and loop closure makes it possible for kids to lace up their shoes on their own and remain extra adjustable. 

They are lightweight making it possible for athletic kids to feel their own weight while playing. It’s also fully equipped with aegis and antimicrobial treatment that reduces stink.


  • Extra supportive for feet that need it
  • Kids who can remove their braces find solid support by Aces
  • Great for kids who need correction walking
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • The velcro might wear down early
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A Tip For Parents When It Comes to Baby and Toddler Feet

Don’t measure your kid’s feet right when they wake up. Generally, feet swell during the day. It’s best to get a proper measurement once your kid has been active for a little bit.

Your child will not be comfortable with shoes that are too small and tight. It’s not healthy for feet to be forced into improperly fitted shoes, that goes for adults too.

If their shoes are too small – blisters and calluses can form – if they are too small then twisted ankles are a risk. If your child says their feet hurt, it’s best to return their shoes and adjust the size as needed, rather than having them tough it out.


Your kid deserves to have the best first walkers, to his late toddler years. When it comes to kids’ shoes, this generally means three thing’s comfort, longevity, and that they are breathable to avoid smothering smelly feet.

This list has been constructed with kids who play rough, to first walkers in mind. Through customer experience and the top reviewed products, this list has the best infant and toddler shoes on the market today.