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10 Best Baby Wipe Warmers

If you’re a parent, you know what it’s like to have to change your baby using a cold, wet wipe. Baby’s will squirm away making changing very difficult. They could even begin crying!

It is for this reason that some very smart people invented something called the wipe warmer. Wipe warmers typically plug into a wall which provides the electricity that heats the warmer. They have a lid on the top and a sponge on the bottom that keeps the wipers moist and the heat comes in through holes in the lid.

All moms have to do is open their pack of wipes, insert them and, voila, a nice warm wipe for baby every time.

If you are looking for the best baby wipe warmer for your child, you should note that not every warmer is created equal. Here are some things you will want to look out for.

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Features to Look for in a Wipe Warmer

Night Light for 3 AM Changes

Night lights can be great for when you’re doing those 3 AM changes. Many wipe warmers have a soft, glowing light that provides the perfect illumination, not too bright, not to dull. To save energy, some warmer lights even have an automatic shut off features.

Room to Fit Lots of Wipes

The best baby wipe warmer should have the capacity to fit lots of wipes. On the other hand, if you are short on space, you may prefer a more compact version.

In any case, you should be careful not to overstuff your warmer as this could cause the wipes to dry out.

Keeps Moisture In

Some wipe warmers have features such as silicone seals that can help keep moisture in. This is great for preventing dry out.

Others spit out moisture every time you open the lid to keep lids moist.

Keeps Harmful Growth Out

Mold and mildew are likely to grow in wipe warmers. Some have features that prevent the growth of microorganisms to keep them away from your baby.

Saves Energy

Parents will want to look for a wipe warmer that is energy efficient. Warmers with lights that turn off automatically with be energy saving favorites.

Safe Plug

When babies get a bit older and start crawling around, they will be getting into everything. Playing with electronic equipment is a common hazard you will want to prevent. Therefore, you want to make sure that the plug on your wipe warmer is as tamper proof as possible. Low voltage plugs are recommended.

Safe Material

When babies are starting to crawl around, they put their mouths on everything, and that includes their wipe warmers. Make sure they don’t get anything harmful in their mouths by investing in a warmer that’s made of safe materials.

Peek-A-Boo Window

Many wipe warmers have windows in the front that allow parents to see exactly how many wipes they have left. This eliminates problems that can arise if you are in the middle of changing your baby and reach for a wipe only to find the warmer is empty.

Accommodates Most Wipes

Wipes come in a variety of sizes. At the very least, you will want your wipe warmer to have the ability to fit most standard wipes. Some warmers are universal and will accommodate every type of wipe.


Some wipe warmers go above and beyond easily converting into on the go wipe dispensers.

Heating System

Different wipe warmers work differently in how they warm the wipes. Some provide heat surround to warm all the wipes evenly while others are top warming, warming wipes on the top before hitting the ones on the bottom. The one you choose may be a matter of personal preference.

In addition to how the warmer heats the wipes, you will want to go with one that has been proven to heat wipes evenly and quickly and keep them warm. You will want to avoid warmers that don’t heat wipes well so that they are cold when you use them on your baby. You will also want to stay away from warmers that overheat to cause browning.

Easy Access

When you are changing a young baby, you know how easy it can be for them to roll off the changing table. That’s why the last thing you want to be doing is struggling for a wipe mid-change. A wipe warmer with a lid that provides easy access to the wipes will make for a safer, more efficient diaper changing experience.

Cute Design

Like it or not, your wipe warmer will be sitting in your child’s bedroom or your living room for a good two years or so. Therefore, you will want to get something with an attractive design. Fortunately, many warmers are available in an assortment of cute colors and feature sleek modern looks.

Ease of Use

Most wipe warmers do not require extra maintenance, but for some, you will have to add water on a regular basis. If you are a busy parent, it can be easy to forget to add water.  Yet, this can do permanent damage to the warmer.

If you think you are likely to forget to add water to your warmer, you may be better off going with another model.

Temperature Control

Wipe warmers are becoming more high tech and some now feature temperature displays and controls. This could be useful to parents who want to make sure the wipes they are using are not too hot or cold before they use them on their babies.


Most wipers run quietly but others are loud and emit noises due to the way they function. This could be disastrous to new mothers who have just gotten their babies to go to sleep. Avoid waking your baby by going with a warmer that’s quiet.

Trusted Name

New companies can have high quality products but a trusted name can make one product more desirable to consumers than another. If nothing else, a brand that’s established is more likely to provide you with an easy return and a good warranty policy if anything goes wrong.


Of course, price is something to consider when buying any product. You want to go with something that works within your budget but beware of warmers that seem suspiciously inexpensive. Remember, you get what you pay for!

baby wipe warmer changing table

10 Best Wipe Warmers

Now that we know a bit about what to look for in a wipe warmer, let’s find out about some recommendations for the best baby wipe warmer on the market.

#1. Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer

Prince Lionheart is a brand that has become synonymous with baby products. More than that, they are responsible for making the first wipe warmer back in 1996.

This wipe warmer has a patented ever fresh pillow system that keeps wipes from drying out. It also has a soft night light for those middle of the night changes.

The warmer features a safe design and it contains no Phthalates, PVC or any other harmful materials. It holds 80-100 wipes. It also has anti-microbial properties to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. It has a pop up dispenser that makes it easy to use.


  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Easy to use
  • Nightlight
  • Holds a good amount of wipes
  • Keeps wipes moist


  • Sponge at the bottom must be moistened once a week
  • Lid does not work well
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#2. Hiccapop Wipe Warmer

Hiccapop claims to have sold over a million units of this warmer making it a product you can trust. It has an innovative design with a silicone seal that locks in moisture and heat. Its heating design keeps the wipes at the top warmest.

The warmer has a soft light that provides illumination during late night changes and shuts off after five minutes. It holds a week’s worth of wipes and it has a universal shape that fits any kind of wipe. It has an interchangeable viewing lens so you can stay on top of how many wipes you have and never run out.

Its low voltage power adapter provides added safety and it comes in a beautiful box.


  • Designed to retain heat and moisture
  • Nightlight with automatic shut off
  • Large capacity
  • Viewing lens
  • Safe, low voltage adapter.


  • Wipes become cold as soon as they leave the warmer
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#3. Munchkin Glow Wipe Warmer

Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

Another contender for best baby wipe warmer, this energy efficient warmer has a flip top lid that makes accessing wipes easy. It has a soft nightlight that shuts off after five minutes. It holds up to 100 standard baby wipes.

The warmer has a top warming system to minimize browning and a view window so you can see how many wipes you have left.

When filling the warmer, you must pour up to half a cup of water over the wipes to provide moisture.


  • Energy efficient
  • Top warming system
  • Easily accessible flip top
  • Nightlight with automatic shut off
  • View window


  • Parents must add water after each use
  • Product is more energy efficient if unplugged between uses

#4. Growns  Wipe Warmer

This high tech wipe warmer provides temperature control to keep the interior heated to 45-55 degrees Celsius. There is an LCD display which doubles as a night light and keeps parents informed of current temperature as well as the time. The precise temperature control allows parents to adjust according to their baby’s preference.

The warmer has a top heating board that warms wipes from top to bottom to keep bottom wipes from drying out. There is also a strap on the bottom for further insulation. That way, the heat the warmer provides is evenly distributed.

The warmer is large and can hold up to 150 wipes. It is made of food grade PP safety material.


  • Large
  • Precise temperature control
  • LCD lighting
  • Heats well and evenly
  • Has a time and temperature display
  • Safe material


  • Temperature control beeps intermittently which can get annoying and even wake you up in the middle of the night
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#5. Baby Wipe Warmer

This warmer has an easy on/off button that sets it apart. Parents to not need to plug and unplug the warmer to save energy.

It has an attractive color combination and a silicone seal made to keep moisture in. Its flip top lid provides easy access. It can also be unplugged to turn into a portable dispenser.

The warmer holds 100 wipes. It is energy efficient and its 100-240V plug provides safety and can be used anywhere in the world.


  • Silicone seal to lock in moisture
  • Converts into portable holder
  • Attractive and convenient design
  • Energy efficient
  • Carries a good amount of wipes


  • Wipes cool quickly after being removed from the warmer
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#6. Eccomum Wipe Warmer

This wipe warmer has a heating surround system that the company claims is better than top or bottom warming. It heats evenly and minimizes browning.

The warmer fits up to 100 wipes and its universal design makes it suited to fit all types of wipes.

The lid has a gasket that keeps the wipes fresh and moist and also protects against contamination. It has a soft night light, it’s energy efficient and it is whisper quiet.


  • Heat surround system to heat evenly
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet
  • Gasket to lock in moisture and prevent contamination
  • Universal design
  • Holds a good amount of wipes


  • Heating surround system is not effective as advertised and wipes dry and turn brown

#7. Goloho Wipe Warmer

This wipe warmer has a heating surround system that warms wipes evenly. The wipes are guaranteed to stay warm and moist.

The warmer holds up to 100 wipes and holds most standard wipes.

It comes with a low voltage power adapter that provides safety. Let’s look at whether it shapes up to be the best baby wipe warmer.


  • Heat surround system warms wipes evenly
  • Keeps wipes warm and moist
  • Holds up to 100 wipes
  • Low voltage power adapter for added safety


  • Wipes take a long time to warm up and do not warm up evenly
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#8. Kekele Baby Wipe Warmer

This company has 13 years of experience in the baby product industry. Their wipe warmers have a silicone seal that keeps wipes moist and fresh and protects from contamination. It has a top heating system that keeps wipes near the top of the dispenser warmer.

The warmer holds a week’s worth of wipes and the universal container holds any type of wipe. It can also convert into a convenient carrying case.

Parents must fill the warmer with water to keep wipes moist and protect the product from damage.


  • Silicone seal to keep wipes moist and protect from contamination
  • Top warming system to keep wipes near the top warm
  • Holds a week’s worth of wipes
  • Attractive container
  • Converts into carrying case


  • No nightlight
  • Must add water

#9. Moony MEMI Wipe Warmer

This product is advertised as the only temperature control wipe warmer as it lets you adjust it to the perfect temperature for your baby. It has a top to bottom warming system and it warms wipes quickly.

The warmer has an adorable design and it is easy to set up and use. You do not need to fill it with water and it is very energy efficient. It can fit an entire package of wipes.


  • Energy efficient
  • Temperature adjust
  • Top to bottom warming system
  • Attractive design
  • Heats wipes quickly


  • Cheaply designed product, does not work as well as it should

#10. Munchkin Mist Wipe Warmer

This product has a misting system that works to keep diapers moist. It automatically moistens every time the lid closes and you can also add moisture by pressing a button.

The warmer has a top to bottom warming system to prevent browning and discoloration and its lid works to seal in moisture. It holds up to 100 standard wipes.

To use the product, parents need to fill the reservoir with water.


  • Unique misting system
  • Lid keeps wipes moist
  • Top to bottom warming system
  • Holds a good amount of wipes


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And the Winner Is….

A lot of these wipe warmers are strong contenders as the best baby wipe warmer but if we had to pick just one, we would go with Growns Wipe Warmers. It has the largest capacity of any of the warmers and we love the fact that it has a reading for temperature and time. It has a heating system that warms wipes evenly and it is made of baby-safe materials.

No one likes their baby to have a bad experience when they are being changed. Wipe warmers can make the diaper changing experience more pleasant, but only if they have the high quality features you are looking for. Which one do you prefer?